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  1. I would say Amber and hope to upgrade soon ;-;
  2. I really do like the thought as crafting is something I have always been good at in games, gives me self-satisfaction and having "By..(whatever name I choose)" will make me feel a tad bit more proud.
  3. Of course a druid is the way to go for me looking forward to being one!
  4. I am at the Silver status and would pledge to Amber if I had more money lol
  5. I really like the whole G.O.T. theme the game is going for. I really will be watching my enemy watch his back. (Backception)
  6. I had to back this game up, I was a huge Wizard101 fan and knew J. Todd could pull this off. I totally believe this will strive upwards!
  7. I am really looking forward to experiencing something quite unique sounding than the usual MMO. In my eyes it even sounds a bit like the anime "Log Horizon" in some aspects which also has me just constantly thinking of this game now.
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