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    I play boardgames and go to many conventions;
    BGG Con, Dice Tower and more...

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    I also own a tuxedo store, married and one child who is old now =P
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  1. I can't seem to get logged in... I can log into the patcher, but I can't log into the game. The 2nd screen after the patcher is looking for a user name not an email. I thought I had one for the website but it does not work. If that is not it, how can I get a user name for the log in? Thank you for the help
  2. Iphone 6 plus w/ 1 password I don't see a proper place to manually type it in.
  3. No, I'm trying to set it up and following the instructions given by the Crowfall folks it does not set up. The app, just freezes and does nothing.
  4. I need some help here, I tried to set up 2FA....using 1 password and scanning the QR code. Nothing happens and 1PW just sits there.
  5. Yea, that's what I'm hoping... this way everyone needs to work to balance it. Will make things like meat and skins (animal products) more valuable. Farming and Husbandry will be come very important jobs.
  6. I just came across this unique game on Kickstarter... I backed it and I hope it makes it. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1037798999/eco-global-survival-game
  7. I'm not sure what that is... I'm using the forum badge, the gifting tab shows I have (KS Sapphire Patron, QTY 1 adv. for gifting) I would assume I've not done anything to hurt the $500 value as of yet. Could you provide more info on "Unbunbling"? Thank you
  8. I'm sure I will get trolled or flamed for asking these Due to an upcoming change in the structure of my family, I will not be able to put the time into the game that I was hoping, thus the "Sapphire" pledge of $500 will go to waste. 1. I know that I can gift the pledge, but is it against TOS for someone to pay for it? 2. Is the pledge worth more then its bought value? 3. Has anyone heard of this being done? My primary intention is to cover my cost, if not... I'll keep it even if I'm only able to sign on a hour or two each month. I don't want to give it up, but sometimes life sends you changes that require a re-evaluation of priorities.
  9. Thank you, I was wondering how to get it to update.
  10. I would have liked to see more realistic graphics, the cartoonish look was a disappointment. I enjoyed EQ2 and SWG's look quite a bit also PE looks nice with max graphics settings. I recently upgraded my CPU to take advantage of Star Citizen's graphics so I'm ready!
  11. After already seeing griefing in the forums, this will be a big issue in game. Customer support would be the way to go, self policing is not viable in a population who does not see griefing as a problem. Wish I could give a better suggestion, but I did want to post my opinion on what I feel to be one of the only workable options.
  12. Wow, very nice...will direct people there for well put together info about the game all in one place!
  13. BTW, I just noticed the forum takes the word T R O L L and changed it to "player" That is a tad lame LOL
  14. I joined this forum to learn more about Crowfall and to stay up on development. I felt it would be in my best interest to do so after backing the game on KS. I quickly learned that there are more trolls in this forum there there is information about the game. I don't proclaim to be a community leader or run around with a self imposed forum police badge, but I do want to say I have not seen trolling like this since the sad excuse for Runescape forums years ago or MMORPG.com's. The biggest type of trolling I've noticed is when someone posts a topic that is similar to another topic that was posted...perhaps weeks ago. I'll be honest, I'm not going to go back to day one and read every post ever made to catch up. I would think most will not do that as well. The biggest problem for trolling in these forums is that if someone is looking for information on the game and they come here, they may get ran off by the trolling or they will give up trying to find information about the game because they have to dig threw all the troll garbage to find it. I have no doubt this post will be uber trolled, and I expect that. So to help start out I'll troll myself; 1. My spelling sucks 2. I type face in all bold 3. My grammar sucks 4. I sound like a wuss that should go away So what are you...? Troll = someone who does not contribute to a conversation in a constructive manner. May use slights and call people names. Guide = Someone who is happy to provide a constructive answer and in most cases explain the answer. They want people to learn more about the game. Defender = Someone who may or may not provide constructive feedback, but DOES take it upon themselves to fight back with the trolls. This in most cases creates a useless flame war on the posting between trolls and defenders, where in the topic of the post is lost. Member = Someone who visits the forums for info, may post from time to time but mostly avoids falling into a specific type listed above. We all may vary between all of these from time to time, however each of us is predominantly one or the other regularly. Enjoy
  15. Navaji


    (Please forgive spelling and grammar...I also bold everything cause I'm old now and have a harder time reading text on screen) Hello, I'm Stephen from Florida (the butt of jokes for the entire US) I've been around since EQ and was fortunate enough to be in alpha and beta for SWG. I worked for EB back in the day and got to play a lot of great MMORPGs that no longer exist. Not sure if anyone remembers Motor City Online... Loved that game and if someone wants to make a car racing MMORPG as good or better, I will throw cash at it Everquest (Late 1999 to 2005) Bristlebain server Enchanter Lvl 65 EQ2 (Release to 2009) Don't remember server Shadow Knight (also don't remember last lvl somewhere in the 60s) Star War Gal. (Pre-release / still play EMU) Eclipse Master Droid Eng. / Jedi unlock during holocron use. Others; Conan Shadowbain Sims Online Motor City Online EQ Landmark (current) Archeage (recently quit) and many many more.... I do mostly crafting and enjoy the freedom of being able to level via hunting solo or in group play. I do not like quests! In EQ I made it to level 65 and the only quest I ever did was the "Crushbone orc belt trade in" I would rather go out and hunt/farm solo or with a group, then to run around doing quests. I'm looking forward and hoping this game rekindles my love of MMORPGs...ever since SOE ruined SWG, I have been lost, looking for a game to fill that hole. I keep playing new ones as they come out looking for that special combination and after 2 months...nothing . So I quit... I back this game with the hopes it comes threw! I may post more later, but have to run RL calls
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