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  1. For some reason Monte Python was the first thing I thought of when I saw the cover photo. I decided I would form a community around it because let's get real who doesn't love Monte Python?!
  2. Churches! Churches! Info going out! Look forward to hearing from you all soon!
  3. The time is nigh! I got 180 days worth of espresso in today and I'm crazy wired. I am trying to get an idea of just how many we're looking at playing together during the beta. This is by no means a commitment. I will be setting up a ts3 channel or some other voip in order for us to begin to get to know each because I feel that's the important part of enjoying the community of people you are playing with. So if you are thinking our goals for Crowfall could possibly align then please send me a private conversation and we'll get set up on voip. Look forward to hearing from you all. Quack. What also floats in water?
  4. I felt creepy because I passed by the offices last weekend.. I want to go inside and meet people!!!
  5. Character Creator Teaser!! Get Psyched!
  6. Good deal! I'll be sure to reach out to you as things progress!
  7. Oh wow. That's insane. haha But yes the idea behind this is too meet and get to know people with nothing but vision and hopefulness. A community is for sure a place that you get what you put in and I'm tired of working really hard at trying to build up a community only to have it destroyed by bad attitudes and unrealistic expectations. I'm not looking to be server first anything. I'm looking to find an enjoyable group of people that a) have similar goals want to enjoy the game and all it's aspects and c) non hooligan-ish fun people! It probably seems lame, but seriously it's a game. It's not a job. As a school teacher I deal with petty children issues all day. The last thing I need is having to deal with that while I relax and do my own thing at my own pace. If that sounds like something you're looking for also then by all means plant your flag. Hell lead the thing. Cheers! If anyone has any ideas or concerns just let me know. I'm willing to do whatever in order to start to form a little community. I know as far as the actual game goes we have very little to go on, which is the exciting part. Cheers!
  8. Ah!1 But can you not also build bridges out of stone.
  9. I'm definitely looking for some "other than battle" experience.
  10. @shadowlark You're right! Many of the threads seems pretty exclusive already or worse zerg guilds, or even worse still stuck up zerg guilds. That's just the kind of mentality I'm looking to avoid this time around. Been gaming a long time and I feel more concerned with enjoying those I'm playing with rather than he game itself often times.
  11. All I'm simply doing is trying to get not boring people to potentially see what Crowfall has to offer. Everything is up in the air right now! The name, the leader, the server( considering we don't know any), etc. We will all be learning and moving through this process together. If the developers think we need friends to truly be successful and enjoy all aspects of the game then... Well... I better make some friends. This is my cry out for friendship and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to enjoy the game with others. Any ideas? Feel free to bounce them using this forum and perhaps we can grab a little more attention!
  12. A lot of the time I see guild recruit spamming forums that might as well say “INSERT TEMPLATE RECRUITMENT POST HERE” for all the originality that they give. It’s always something along the lines of: ​ <Knights of Templar> is now recruiting! Casual, fun guild looking for helpful people who hate drama so much that they kill theater majors on sight. Must be a warm body to bolster our numbers, conversation and participation optional. To entice you, we have the same exact guild features — bank, hall, cloak/tabard/shield/standard/hat/fanny pack — that everyone else does! PST to join! And really, how could you not want <Knights of Templar> sullying your character’s name by floating like a vulgar statement right below it? How could you not want to join this elite order of obviously casual AND fun folks who aspire to the knightly code of combat? In all seriousness, about 95% of recruitment messages on forums get views because they already have a following or get lucky that internet users open their thread enough times to have "HOT" next to their title. Most are as forgettable as the guilds they advertise. There may be lots of different flavors of guilds, but there are only two categories: casual and hardcore. And the hardcore folks don’t use just forums to pull in their recruits — you have to hunt them down, sign up to their website, submit and application and blood sample, undergo a lengthy interrogation and a 14-month probation period before being allowed into their hallowed company. In comparison, most casual guilds don’t care about quality, they want quantity. They have a churn rate of departing guildies that have to be offset with incoming ones, and for your basic level casual guild, the only meaningful aspect to them is that they have a critical mass of bodies to keep chat alive enough so that it doesn’t appear dead (and thus lose even more folks). Now, there are exceptions in the casual guild market where these groups are not only picky about quality but sometimes go just as far as hardcore guilds in their application process. They might not be above using the chat channel for recruitment messages, but they’re going to try to offer you a reason why they’re better than the others, and to give you a reason to notice them (as you should do in kind when it comes to throwing your name into their hat). I always respect guilds that take the time to (a) have a decent, interesting guild name, (b ) come up with a captivating/funny/different recruitment message, and (c ) have some standards of quality during the application process to weed out players who are leechers, malcontents, immature or non-participatory. Consider this write up my opportunity to complete a, b, and c. If I have your attention thus far send me a pm or reply to this thread and we can see if we can grab enough interest from the "Oran Thull" (lol) or the "Original" Knights of Templar to get this show on the road. I leave you with this quote from some guys pretty invested in Crowfall. Thanks!
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