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  1. Does anyone know if paysafe will be allowed as a payment method
  2. Yea but now its asys that i has 1h and 50 something minutes left
  3. yea i checked that now and you are right i just saw the nuber of the day and i might of had thought another number cause i was in a hurry kinda
  4. well from what it seems another guild will take but if it does not i promise loyalty to the dragon blood order
  5. Well its been over 1 week and 2 days from the previous release but still no a new announcment
  6. i wanna join to and my 7 years expirience in MMORPG says to me that the dragon blood order will be intresting can i join??
  7. Well hello i want to join this guid if posible
  8. Hi i wanna join this guild looks fun
  9. Well indeed a very intresting guild to say the least.I can wait to join you when the game comes out
  10. Ok hi guys, I have a question th game will be free to download or it will be a game that we can buy??
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