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  1. It happens, sure, but it'd just be an extra element to give the gameplay some spice. There's more positive reasons to not have names over the head rather than the mindless name tag.
  2. How do you get the tax free parcels outside the tiers? Will they be available in the store?
  3. Heard/read there's food in the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbxMi74MNJI#t=3m57s
  4. Will play on any realm that enforce first person view.
  5. Can't wait to buy some add-ons, if there's interesting stuff for reasonable prices.
  6. Immersive interiors (of all buildings?) confirmed?
  7. Would like it but do not expect it until maybe somewhere between the $5m and $10m milestone.
  8. Hope the price is no more than $1 - $0.5 and gets cheaper if you buy them in bulk.
  9. Maximum size is 169 parcels (everything may be changed in the future but this has been said to be the current maximum).
  10. Unreal Engine 4 is free now, but that 5% thing I'm not sure how they'd handle as a crowdfunded game.
  11. Wonder if the new Unity 5's 64-bit support was the reason they chose it and if they will go exclusively for 64-bit as to avoid 32-bit limitations.
  12. Our characters will be the gods' Crows while we are the Crowlers.
  13. I'd like to see some flying mounts if the realms are unprecedentedly large for a mmorpg and I mean really large. Since the realms are made procedurally it should be possible to make them extremely large. (64-bit and double-precision floating-point needed I'd guess) Could make each realm larger than Earth if they wanted to, but then it might be hard to find other players.
  14. I think cosmetics are essential for immersion, if anything it's immersion-breaking when everyone look alike without any variation. If it's a guild you can look alike for sure but you should still be able to look different even if you wear the same clothes. I imagine ArtCraft will add recipes for purchase which makes you able to craft different looking things even if they have the same stats as the normal ones. Just look at the Arcane Weapon Recipe set, this is a smart move and I hope for more of this, a lot more. Expecting recipes for everything craftable(for different looks), buildings, tax-free parcels and character slots. (as it's been mentioned that everything will be available except for the Kickstarter exclusive Arcane Weapon Recipe set and the Kickstarter exclusive strongholds/castles) I also somewhat expect us to be able, at least for a time, to upgrade our Kickstarter exclusive strongholds/castles through the homepage's upcoming store. Maybe we'll also see alternative "no gear" states we can purchase since having no gear won't be uncommon. Hopefully everything will be reasonably priced.
  15. A visual presentation on the character could be used to determine someone's health/status. Would be cool, but won't expect it.
  16. Makes you wonder how people were able to figure all this out for thousands of years in real life.
  17. A form of teleportation seems to be in the works. I was just reading the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS | Strategy:
  18. The maximum size of your Kingdom is 13x13. Don't know if you have to put your parcels in a perfect 13x13 square or if there's enough space to go beyond 13 squares in one direction.
  19. If skills may be learned just like in EVE, which I don't think has been mentioned and probably won't be a thing: Maybe a legendary skill you may find that will also be hard to use and level up.
  20. If it's like they have on the Star Citizen forum you'll be able to choose. The more you donate the more badges to choose from. Would be nice if it could be confirmed and whether or not it'd be possible with the avatar frame as well.
  21. A mage not bound by light, dark, elemental and nature magic.
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