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  1. Unfortunately this is a niche game for sure, pretty much any game that PVP is the core and has what the average gamer considers severe penalties will always be a niche game. Kids dont like losing their pixels. If you played SB then you know that game was never mainstream, never had that many playing the game and except for the ones you told about it to give it a shot, you never heard anyone talking about it in the real world. Of coarse I never cared if nobody else heard of it or played it as I liked it and thought it was close to perfect in concept, if you dont count the bugs and crap that wa
  2. Lot of assumtions , but its all we got... Leaning Stalker right now, only because it says straight up ranged DPS, but so many others dont tell enough...I like the Duelist, Ranger and Confessor as well with only seeing a picture and hoping they are what they appear to be....
  3. Personally I hate leveling, its a big factor in why I quit games for sure. Shadowbane was just enough leveling to learn your toon and be ready to go in a week at most. I work, have a wife and kids and the last thing i want to is to work on the game just to be able to do anything worth while for hours on end. I want to jump on and go kill some folks and be in the mix as soon as possible. Getting PLed by a druid is a waste of time. If I log in for an hour I want to be able to fight, pillage etc right away and enjoy my time. Of Coarse its a race to the end in PVP games, otherwise your going t
  4. I agree, I hope that was a general statement and not a set in stone race/class combo only. People are not going to like that. Plus it kills the mystery a bit, is that a fairy (insert class here) or another class. If you see a fairy its an assasin period just isnt as exciting...I can see some class restrictions of coarse.
  5. Ok Im here, so you can start beta now.... Yo Kal where ya at?
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