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  1. Slightly ironic how this thread is a mess too
  2. I am for telegraphs, as I think that It's a lot more enjoyable than other combat systems and casual play isn't too difficult to switch to. My mouse can only handle so much sweat
  3. Seems a good idea, its more welcoming to new recruits
  4. I agree, really im just posting this so we get on the first page
  5. As a community, are we gonna call ourselves crows? It makes us sound like a bad prostitution agency Welcome to the crows brothel! I trust we can meet your needs! I kinda like it now
  6. Thank you for donating your organs! I mean welcome!
  7. Loin Cloths, only loin cloths in fact scrap armour, just different loin cloths
  8. It depends on the amount of customisation/ differentiation
  9. sorry Khron but these sound cooler
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