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  1. No less than 4 times have I unsubscribed from your emails, Artcraft. All four times your site has indicated that my address was successfully removed from your mailing list, yet I am still getting spammed by you about you game. Stop emailing me. In fact, delete my account entirely. I would do it myself, but it appears to be impossible. Thanks.
  2. Alright, I'm out. Shoot me an email in a few years when there is something I might be interested in.
  3. If all we get is the the dregs by 2017, I can safely say that uh... yeah, by the time they get to making something I might find entertaining I will long since lost interest in their project. I'm not impatient, but I was under the impression that EK and the multiple rule sets were part of the KS.
  4. The troubles with making the crafting process "active" are production volume, repetition, and potentially alienating your target audience by hiding what they like behind something they don't like (to the point they can't be bothered to do any of it). SWG had factories to run off sub components and basic items in bulk, without human interaction. Truly unique and special items, such as enhanced weapons and armor (in both the pre-cu and 2011 crafting systems) required looted items that could not be used to make bulk runs of gear. The items varied by era and use, but the principal remained the same for the life of the game. And that was, for the really special things, the lead up to that "final combine" was a multifaceted process of, essentially, fun mini games. To make RIS armor you had to do some quests and collect some rare items. To make certain weapons, you had to obtain their limited use schematics. Sure, the final combination process was not mu h more than clicking combine, but the rest of the stuff you needed to accomplish could have taken you weeks, months, or even years. An active "crafting combat" system could be a fun complimentary addition to the SWG style crafting / resource / component / loot design, but it's not something that I would want to do every time I crafted an item. Having that kind of activity as an "in the moment" repair ability and as part of a narrative would be nice though. Incidentally, making Madalorian armor in SWG completing a dungeon, bringing loved components, completing a quest, and (I am pretty sure) completing the craft in a limited amount of time. That's on top of all the other stuff people had to do for the sub components, resources, etc. There was a lot more to SWG than what most people understand, especially those who weren't around post 2008 or so when folks like Mr. Blair really ramped up the content and quality of the game. Sad that by the time it shut down it was finally pretty much the game it should have been at launch...
  5. I would call it more PwoP, "Play with other People ". Some of those people will be on your side, others won't be, but ultimately the bulk of you play time will involve interacting with other people in some manner.
  6. It's a shame that I never gave VG a fair shake after I was thoroughly disgusted by what I got for my launch day game box purchase... I farted around in it for a few minutes after it went f2p, but was content to do other things. So, I didn't experience the VG crafting process. Mini games are great, when they are fun and varied. I am mostly into games for the crafting, shop building, exploration, and the like, but I have spent a lot time in games like WoW running dungeons (healing preferred) and Planetside 2 blowing stuff up. So I am not against mini games, it's more that I am an intelligent adult who sees through simple systems and finds them to be shallow monotony. Some thoughts on the crafting process in different games I have played... Aion - hit combine and watch some bars move randomly for way too long. Boring and pointless waste of my time. If it's going to RNG, just get it over with. Time is money, friend! WoW and EQ - hit combine, wait, done. No RNG. Meh, it's a crafting process. The good part is that it respects my limited time on Earth lol... EQ2 - whack-a-mole mini game that is random, yet manages to be almost exactly the same each time. Takes far too much time for what it produces and has no depth once the basic concept is understood. SWG Beast Master - totally over the top system that involves many varied activities. The process of making the pet itself could take up to 3 days, but each session requiring humanity intervention only took a few seconds. The real challenge was learning what to use and how things work, not attending to some whack-a-mole process. Very fun, Extremely rewarding. SWG Reverse Engineering - tedium and lots of it, but the process was pretty much just hitting combine and dragging and dropping things. Hilarious part? I once suggested an alternative method to doing this that was based on the game Simon! Late I played EQ2 and changed how I felt about that kind of system lol... SWG Normal Crafting - As I noted above, but it was not without issues. Tools only had one stat and only mattered as a % chance to not fail an experimentation roll, so once you had a good tool you never thought about it again. The process was a basic combine model with a stop after for stat adjustment and object naming. It was quick but variable and if you needed to AFK in the middle of it that was not an issue. Guild Wars 2 - I like this crafting process a lot, save for how the end items are all the same. Another combine and wait process, it manages to be interesting by surrounding itself with the discovery aspect and a healthy amount of sub components. Crafting multiple items respects my limited time as a human being as well. While mini games can be fun, when it comes to the crafting process I believe mini games should be occasional content, more like doing quests and less like swinging a hammer. So you can make items quickly moat of the time, but sometimes you can do something special to make something special.
  7. The crafting mini game in EQ2 is crazy boring tedium. Thanks, I would much rather have the SWG crafting process. In SWG the skill you applied was acquiring the right resources and best tools for the job. The process of slapping the stuff together allowed for further customization and had a small random element, but it was pretty quick and enjoyable. It was a fun system that didn't have or need some kind of wack-a-mole tedium. The EQ2 process is a shallow whack-a-mole system where the icons and "skill" names are different per profession, but the process is mechanically identical. It quickly became a boring chore, where as SWG crafting is still fun 12 years later (SWGEmu).
  8. Numbers on stats, basically. If the customization of gear is largely changing the stats on the gear, then the more and the higher the stats, the better or "more worthy" the gear is. If the delta between the stat numbers of common gear and great gear is too large, balance becomes harder, if you intend the combat to based on player skill rather than who has the biggest numbers. Balancing a rewarding crafting system with a level agnostic combat system is not an easy task.
  9. They're also putting in a hell of a lot of effort into making many different rule sets to appeal to many different kinds of people; while the game may not be for everyone, it is most certainly intended for more people than just you and people like you. There's making a niche game and then there's making a game so niche that it goes out of business, because it isn't sustainable. We already know games like Shadowbane and Warhammer Online were financial failures, so no point in going that route again.
  10. Wow, that percent chance thing on export is a show stopper for me. OP is totally correct, the crafting system is wasted if that's how it's going to work. Honestly, I am not interested in Crowfall if EK crafting is going to be so limited (especially by RNG!). RNG even after months of effort AND winning? Yeah, not what I had in mind when I pledged my support and if that is what the game is about, I was wrong to think it was something I was interested in.
  11. Do you know what made WWI and WWII possible? A whole lot of people toiling over "crafts" 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, for many years even before shots were fired in said wars. There is more to "PvP combat and strategy" than beating people over the head. I strongly urge you to grasp "the bigger picture".
  12. Give him a lightsaber and you have a win in my books. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPUFreiAdRA
  13. A Canadian who says such a thing to another Canadian is looking at up to 10 years of jail time. We have laws to protect people from that sort of harassment now and the RCMP has no problem putting forth the effort to track people down when the process is followed. Given our extradition treaties with many countries around the world, these laws could potentially be apply to people who are not Canadian citizens. Rather than test one's luck, perhaps one should consider not engaging in such activity, no matter where they live. "Gawd... why so srsbsns???!!!!1 " The circumstances that lead to the creation of this legislation are sad and unacceptable. There are lines that cannot be crossed.
  14. Sociopaths can't handle competition, good spirited rivalries, fair play, or any other situation that challenges the perception of their superiority over others. Planet Earth doesn't need sociopaths, neither does Crowfall.
  15. lol indeed! Their wording on these things is inconsistent. A kingdom comprises all the land within the realm, not just the part of the land that the king chooses to build on. Like the United Kingdom is a lot bigger than London, right?
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