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  1. The troubles with making the crafting process "active" are production volume, repetition, and potentially alienating your target audience by hiding what they like behind something they don't like (to the point they can't be bothered to do any of it). SWG had factories to run off sub components and basic items in bulk, without human interaction. Truly unique and special items, such as enhanced weapons and armor (in both the pre-cu and 2011 crafting systems) required looted items that could not be used to make bulk runs of gear. The items varied by era and use, but the principal remained th
  2. It's a shame that I never gave VG a fair shake after I was thoroughly disgusted by what I got for my launch day game box purchase... I farted around in it for a few minutes after it went f2p, but was content to do other things. So, I didn't experience the VG crafting process. Mini games are great, when they are fun and varied. I am mostly into games for the crafting, shop building, exploration, and the like, but I have spent a lot time in games like WoW running dungeons (healing preferred) and Planetside 2 blowing stuff up. So I am not against mini games, it's more that I am an intelligen
  3. The crafting mini game in EQ2 is crazy boring tedium. Thanks, I would much rather have the SWG crafting process. In SWG the skill you applied was acquiring the right resources and best tools for the job. The process of slapping the stuff together allowed for further customization and had a small random element, but it was pretty quick and enjoyable. It was a fun system that didn't have or need some kind of wack-a-mole tedium. The EQ2 process is a shallow whack-a-mole system where the icons and "skill" names are different per profession, but the process is mechanically identical. It q
  4. Numbers on stats, basically. If the customization of gear is largely changing the stats on the gear, then the more and the higher the stats, the better or "more worthy" the gear is. If the delta between the stat numbers of common gear and great gear is too large, balance becomes harder, if you intend the combat to based on player skill rather than who has the biggest numbers. Balancing a rewarding crafting system with a level agnostic combat system is not an easy task.
  5. Do you know what made WWI and WWII possible? A whole lot of people toiling over "crafts" 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, for many years even before shots were fired in said wars. There is more to "PvP combat and strategy" than beating people over the head. I strongly urge you to grasp "the bigger picture".
  6. Give him a lightsaber and you have a win in my books. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPUFreiAdRA
  7. A Canadian who says such a thing to another Canadian is looking at up to 10 years of jail time. We have laws to protect people from that sort of harassment now and the RCMP has no problem putting forth the effort to track people down when the process is followed. Given our extradition treaties with many countries around the world, these laws could potentially be apply to people who are not Canadian citizens. Rather than test one's luck, perhaps one should consider not engaging in such activity, no matter where they live. "Gawd... why so srsbsns???!!!!1 " The circumstances that lea
  8. Sociopaths can't handle competition, good spirited rivalries, fair play, or any other situation that challenges the perception of their superiority over others. Planet Earth doesn't need sociopaths, neither does Crowfall.
  9. lol indeed! Their wording on these things is inconsistent. A kingdom comprises all the land within the realm, not just the part of the land that the king chooses to build on. Like the United Kingdom is a lot bigger than London, right?
  10. Well more than half the goal in one day. Yeah, I think this project will be OK lol...
  11. Any combat where "my numbers are bigger than yours, so I win no matter what you do" isn't worth taking part in. If Crowfall makes the mistake of having this type of combat, it will pretty much ruin the game.
  12. The "parcel" is a 3x3 grid of 1 acre squares. The math stands man. The default width of an Eternal Kingdom will be less than 200m. I can leisurely stroll 200m in less than one minute.
  13. At the risk of being a "buzz kill", I have to say that good old pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons has been doing the "Eternal Heroes, Dying Worlds" thing since the 1970s. Totally nothing new or revolutionary in that concept, it's how D&D campaigns have always worked: you make your characters and use them in many different worlds, with rules laid out by the Dungeon Master.
  14. I think they confused Crowfall with Landmark.
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