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  1. What a joke ACE, absolutely clueless and out of touch.
  2. I only see like 20-30 players on each side max in shadows in sieges and generally one side dies quickly due to making terrible decisions like bum rushing or pushing deep into a keep and getting wiped by guards or better yet everyone wants to be a hero so 1 by 1 they try to kill someone inside the keep and die instead. The only fun i have in this game is the very few organic fights that happen in the open world while we are doing slave labor to barely progress in our crafting and trying to get enchants thats never drop. Game doesnt even have commander icons or any real way to tell where the commander is telling the pugs or guildies where to go, "large scale" just plays so bad.
  3. Thats the devs job to figure out how to make a game. Players can only leave feedback which has been done since day 1, even before the game was out for the first time when the devs wanted the future players to rampant speculate. They have failed to deliver on that and it reflects in the current playerbase. We arnt getting paid to test the game for them. Players can come and go as they please and surely many have left/not came at all because of the state of the game. Actions surely speak louder than words. Crowfall can maintain politics but without putting up boundaries on mechanics or curbing player behaviors players will just consume themselves, which is why every hardcore mmorpg with pvp is a dead game. Albion figured out how to balance these issues and is doing much better than any "hardcore pvp" game. Devs said they needed 50k subs to maintain crowfall indefinitely. they barely got 3k and many prob wont even renew their sub. They need to figure out whats wrong and come up with a solution. The feedback has always been here.
  4. Current game mechanics are all about the playerbase killing itself if the grind doesnt get you first.
  5. Im down for all of this. At the very least removing aoe caps and shrinking the insane gear disparity would help a ton, tho i reckon they need to make going to the next rarity tier when upgrading disc needs to be way less painful, in particular for crafting. I still really prefer to see a level up system that rewards players with xp towards their disc by just playing the game in any meaningful way, that be capping outpost farming mobs or mats etc. The best part about the old passive system is we didnt have to grind out garbage to upgrade our disc, and what players asked for was active progression that didnt include this crazy grind but instead helped speed up that passive system, in other words we wanted to upgrade our crafts faster with out it being a chore, cause right now farming junk to craft junk to upgrade your disc is a full time job and its insane for small groups. We are at all legendries disc and working on purple belts now and its been a terrible experience for us. We dont mind farming but we wanna play the actual game and pvp and do outpost and not feel stuck trying to actively avoid pvp just to progress as fast as we can in disc which still takes ages. Also most players dont want to feel this huge gear disparity between vets who have game knowledge already and on top of that can cast a single skill or 2 and insta you, meanwhile you gotta do 5 rotations to get em to half. In particular i would like to see all the restrictions removed from lower quality tier gear which doesnt even get access to certain stats. Alliance sizes need to be reduced significantly 500 players is still pretty insane considering the only ones that can reach that cap are the zergs so it doesnt help a single small guild out. Alliances should largely benefit smaller groups. We need better grouping options as well, new players should be able to find a commander on the map and join them if they would like, it would add direction and interactions between players. Being thrown into the world and not having a clue where to go or what to do in faction campaigns really sucks. GW2 has a commander icon which lets you see on the map and on your screen over the characters head where this commander is. This feature in general would help out every guild of all sizes. if allied, in same guild or in same faction you should be able to see where the commanders are. Speaking of grouping it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when our own faction/alliance steals mobs or loot from each other, there really needs to be a better option, I would teamkill if i could at that point cause man thats frustrating, we are on the same team! Owning multiple keeps should have exponentially more upkeep cost as well, so if a large group wants to own multiple keeps its going to cost them. This will allow more groups a chance at owning at least a single keep. We really need more individual player rewards as well that can help with personal progression or even some cool skins would be amazing. I would love to see a pvp leaderboard where each player has a rank and killing a higher rank player rewards more rank xp and your rank should be dynamic and not permanent, if you lose too much or overall the playerbase is more active your rank should go down, meanwhile if you are a killing machine it should continue to go up, ranks should also have minimal requirements before you progress to the next tier, at least for the higher ranks. Like kill 50 Officer ranked players as a example so people cant just go and noob stomp. After a death you should not be worth any xp for a good while to whoever killed/assisted in killing you to prevent abuse. Of course there should be some sort of reward for reaching ranks, like a emote or mount. ranks should be on a per campaign basis, and hopefully we can get to the point where we have 30 day campaigns, which will be alot more fun if we can prevent uncle bob from owning the board. The events tab should be removed, its good enough that on the map it shows when something lights up. It should not be free scouting intel, that should be left for a scout type of discipline instead.
  6. All the problems have been stated on my end many times, game just isnt accessible and forces you to zerg to experience the game and thus rejecting a large portion of the playerbase which didnt want to just join some poorly made dergse zerg and instead rather play with friends. Whoever thought the gear grind was okay needs be the one laid off.
  7. Best way to play factions is to stack one faction and get all the rewards, why bother playing on a losing faction cept for some convoluted moral compass
  8. This game is terrible lol, only reason i play is cause unfortunately not much in the way of pvp mmos that are new and friends are still playing. Game is already bleeding tons of players, the company just had a round of layoffs and are working on a new game and on top of that nw is soon to release which will take even more players away. Its a game made for zergs period. Its uncle bob taking over and this game did exactly the opposite of what my signature says which was the original manifesto for this game.
  9. No worries they just gonna revert it back to 7.000, also that banner is hilarious
  10. Dislike: I cant believe we still have rng crafting and the current upgrade system, when alot of players asked for removal of the passive system it wasnt to introduce this painful and unfun rng grind. It was ment to be a quality of life change where we can more directly affect our progress and see it progressing in a meaningful way. Why do we need to equip disc to harvest and craft? We never had to do that before you could just do it on all characters, harvesting and crafting progression should be account bound. It was mentioned before something about a level up system, which i think would be great if we could actively progress our harvesting and crafting through any activity that gives xp, and it should not be a painful and super time consuming process. This is going to burn out alot of players if they havnt quit already. Its not impossible to win vs a very geared player but its more than likely they will win. How many guilds havnt already left the game and i have heard it so many times how useless they felt fighting vs a geared player(or they thought maybe their class was useless when indeed it was that they have no gear). How is this power gap good for the playerbase as a whole? Im not saying its impossible for a smaller guild to get full legendary disc, just that its not fun at all or rewarding and feels like a second job. Many players and guilds quit before they even get to a pvp viable state. I know many of the vets and even some newer guilds feel they are at a viable spot but i dont think that applies to the playerbase at large considering the declining numbers. You got a generally complex game specially for a new player they got new mechanics to learn and figure out whats even what and how to play the class and on top of all that they are heavily outgeared. Also its not fun at all to have to look for your disc and guess which character has them and then bring them back to temple to take them off and then login to the right character probly in gods reach equip it and then log out and go to a campaign and login it. Talk about tedium. Also the UI chat and map need a major overhaul, its 2021 come on man!
  11. 500 not enough if you actually intend to help smaller guilds, a step in the right direction but 500 wont do a thing to help smaller guilds that have 20-50 man rosters, 500 just trims the fat from players largely that dont even play anymore who can just get a new guild invite if they come back. Guild management has always been a thing. If devs want alliances to benefit a larger section of the population that number needs to come down from 500. Those that reach the new limit will be at that limit and it will be alot more competitive. Turn the knob harder! Imo 150-300 is a solid number Should also just turn on friendly fire vs all guilds regardless of alliance or not, should be able to hit any guild including allies.
  12. Healein

    Sustain nerf

    I feel most classes should only have 1 ult and it cost 750, having 2 ults that break stuns and give 80% damage reduction and is pretty spammable is kinda op. 750 should be the norm. cept frosty, that ult needs a buff or frosty needs more to stay alive cause they are pretty easy targets. If this is the case a slight increase in stam regen would not be terrible to make up for the lack of another breakstun.
  13. A recent fight of Flawed Assembly contesting the Dead Mire Hot Zone vs Executioners and some Moons
  14. Hate all you want and try your ad hominem i could not careless to discuss a thing with you since you do not code for this game, any information i put out is my own feedback and criticism for the systems just like all players are allowed to post, The EK fights is only the most recent proof, nice job winning hunger dome oh wait. Most pvp games ive seen and played have 5 man parties and there is no need for 2 healers per party.
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