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  1. Thats some huge UI with a picture of the very thing we are fighting? Far as UI goes in PvP we need better ways to see debuffs and buffs, right now only while directly aiming at their character do we get but a glimps of what buffs or debuffs they may or may not have, and most the time in the heat of battle its just not really possible to really tell.
  2. Move along, nothing to see here.
  3. All i gotta say after todays stream with Mark Jacobs, and the recent PvP news with New World is i appreciate CF so much more. Really hope CF gets the amount of polish it deserves, I think that will be key in attracting and keeping new players.
  4. Will we be seeing some kind of dodge bar or timer, so its more obvious when the dodge power will be up again?
  5. The tray is definitely looking alot cleaner, and im glad the survival tray has been removed, the Survival tray just made everything feel so much more clunky. A suggestion which i think will make the tray swap feel even smoother is using a single keybind for weapon swap instead of the current 2 keys required, by default U and Z. A example i can use is GW2 and how it uses a single keybind to weapon swap (~) and a weapon sheath button(X). Also something needs to be figured out for stealth classes.
  6. Coolwaters was always really helpful and willing to assist any time i had a question, real nice of him to help me out. Very sad news indeed. Thanks for your help bro and thoughtfulness and thanks for helping shape CF.
  7. If they fixed this games combat it would truely be amazing. But as it stands lol parry is awful and cause health lost on block wtf and its just pure run in and swing and take turns jousting each other.
  8. Time is ticking and game still utterly broken, its clear summer soft launch wont be a thing and i still doubt the end of the year will see a stable and polished enough game worthy of a soft launch. They are the ones who put forward these time lines and saying they gonna start just dumping out content and features which still really havnt yet, so expectations are to be had.
  9. Its been said multiple times and its clearly a issue when its brought up so often, VIP SKILLS TRAINING CRAFTING, but its just ignored and it was just stated that while these topics are great and all basically they gonna stick with what they doing. This is going to be in issue now and long from now period. Some will agree some will disagree but it wont be changed.
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