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  1. krevra

    Sustain nerf

    I feel most classes should only have 1 ult and it cost 750, having 2 ults that break stuns and give 80% damage reduction and is pretty spammable is kinda op. 750 should be the norm. cept frosty, that ult needs a buff or frosty needs more to stay alive cause they are pretty easy targets. If this is the case a slight increase in stam regen would not be terrible to make up for the lack of another breakstun.
  2. A recent fight of Flawed Assembly contesting the Dead Mire Hot Zone vs Executioners and some Moons
  3. Hate all you want and try your ad hominem i could not careless to discuss a thing with you since you do not code for this game, any information i put out is my own feedback and criticism for the systems just like all players are allowed to post, The EK fights is only the most recent proof, nice job winning hunger dome oh wait. Most pvp games ive seen and played have 5 man parties and there is no need for 2 healers per party.
  4. I disagree fully, in many games ive played ive experienced it and seen it multiple times, zergs dont always win fights, and crushed by what? Score at the end of a campaign or just in fights? Cause not everyone cares about score, i could not care less about it. I care for fights. and ive seen larger groups lose plenty of times. The devs mentioned concern for zergs before and alliances and I hope they have something in store sooner rather than later. But thats a whole diff topic, only interest i have atm is group sizes which i argue for fixing the need to have so many healers. Also if a healer is getting trained on one thing players can do is something called peeling which almost never happens in these EK fights, instead everyone stays balled up smashing keys and with tunnel vision on their target. Larger groups just decrease the need for skill and so does needing multiple healers per party. The reoccurring theme here and argument for increased party size is guilds want more flexibility in their parties and dont want 40% of it to be healers and i fully agree with that half of the statement, i just dont think increasing party size is the right solution to that problem, decreasing the need for more healers is. They need balance and have a second look at their kits.
  5. There is like no consideration for smaller groups xD, alot of the arguments here for 6-8 man groups is for larger guilds running 20+ essentially. I can understand the need and want for a raid party(and yes the games does need a raid window), but the standard party i dont think should increase to 6+, it will make healers even stronger than before, and currently the right healer setup can carry some very bad players and not punish those who constantly decide to sit in aoe which i witnessed way too much in these EK fights. But i can see how switching it up per campaign could be a thing as Tiggs has stated(assuming player pop allows for it, last thing we need is dead campaigns that become free farms). I think the bigger issue here is decreasing the need for more healers through other game mechanics rather than Band-Aid by increasing party size. The argument that its not a small group game is bs, i think a small group could do very well, while they might not be owning 5 keeps at a time they certain can make a impact in several ways, if devs ignore and push away solos and small groups and you will make this a niche game which requires zergs but will be about as dead as it was before. Alienating more players cause they prefer a diff style of play than zerging is not a very good solution quite frankly.
  6. Idk why everyone assumes there would never be a 3 healer meta even in a 6 man party. Another problem I see is its a even bigger disadvantage for a smaller group who struggled to even put out 5 at times now its 6 man roam teams, this favors larger groups more than it benefits a smaller one.
  7. The level boost should take you straight to 30, no idea why it only takes you to 25
  8. not my meme but hilarious meme non the less
  9. Yeah i dont think the zoom is needed at all, it just throws me off for a sec and is not fun gameplay, otherwise archer is fun.
  10. I really dislike the leveling and crafting I need to spam to progress, I rather disciplines level up through all activities i do in the game(which was my original feedback for active progression when passive system was removed). I dont want to spend anytime mass producing cheap items just to get a rng chance to get a discipline. That is a grind that isnt fun for anyone i think, nor is 1-30 fun. The game begins at 30, 1-30 is just a tutorial, great for new players but uneeded for any vet. Most things you do ingame already give you xp, devs should have it so that xp is applied to disciplines and they just level up. Active progression that you can speedup by "grinding" but it also just levels up as you do any harvest craft or mob kill etc. I know devs wont do this but i dont even think that progression is needed, i think the game has enough to do, like prepping for siege, pvp, capping outpost and harvesting mats to make gear that grinding to level up harvesting/crafting is kinda pointless to me. I think leveling is a pretty outdated concept and only serves as a tutorial. Note im not saying crafting or harvesting is pointless just the progression, same with 1-30. I rather play what i consider the actual game. This is what crowfall to me was originally about. Otherwise i think the game has gone through very positive changes and the roadmap is adding alot of what i would like to see.
  11. I actually like that you have to go to diff areas and invade to get certain mats it makes people need to go out and deal with pvp and not just free farm. I also am glad of the xp boost to 25, though as other pointed out the gold value for it should be dropped significantly. If everyone who buys the game really does have vip as someone stated i dont see any other issues, but there should be a warning that they are skipping valuable information by skipping the NPE. in regards to leveling in general, i would actually prefer the game have no leveling as the original vision dictated, there just isnt a need for it at all. CF experience doesn't even start till 30 for the most part. And there is already so much to do once you hit 30, farming crafting pvp territory control sieges etc. Id use the NPE as a tutorial or just make it so you can skip it all together which now you can for the most part. Id rather see the focus of quest go to pvp quest or harvesting/crafting ones you can do daily/weekly/monthly/seasons and long term. If keeping 1-30 just use it as a tutorial for noobs and make dregs 30+ and increase the level boost to 30. Far as crafting goes i still rather see you progress through crafting with leveling your disciplines. You should gain xp from doing anything including crafting, and once you get enough xp your disc levels up to the next tier. The current method of mass producing in general useless items just to rng drop a disc just doesnt feel good. This allows for more active/passive progression that doesnt force you to craft for hours on end in hope to rng get disc. Speaking of crafting i still think lower tiers of crafting need more loving and be a bit more competitive vs the higher tier, 1 way to do this is remove the stat lock that purple+ has cause other tiers cant even get access to those stats. naturally the lower tiers roll less anyway, there isnt a need to hide stats behind purple+ Healing needs to be nerfed, fights are super engaging and fun but healers make fights last way longer than need be and it really caters to mass zerging more than it helps smaller groups, id argue a smaller group who focuses their damage and has good synergy should be rewarded against mass zergs by making their hits more impactful, likewise a zerg is still strong because they retain numbers and can still nuke someone down if they focus fire. Healing should require more skill and timing and shouldn't just carry the fight everytime.
  12. It really doesnt help that when you retaliate you pretty much CC yourself for X amount of time, that needs to be removed completely, if you stun break you should be free from all CC, and not forced into an animation that is pretty much a CC in itself.
  13. Sounds like a good solution, it also should not matter if EK is online or offline as well, once venders are installed all items in them should be searchable and buyable at all times. That would solve alot of the current EK vendor issues, where EK's are often offline and are out of luck if you wanted to buy something Another nice benefit is players can see all sorts of items and compare them to each other and actually be able to tell whats junk and what isnt and what is a good deal for them.
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