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  1. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    Coolwaters was always really helpful and willing to assist any time i had a question, real nice of him to help me out. Very sad news indeed. Thanks for your help bro and thoughtfulness and thanks for helping shape CF.
  2. Life is Feudal MMO

    If they fixed this games combat it would truely be amazing. But as it stands lol parry is awful and cause health lost on block wtf and its just pure run in and swing and take turns jousting each other.
  3. All i have to say at this point haha
  4. Time is ticking and game still utterly broken, its clear summer soft launch wont be a thing and i still doubt the end of the year will see a stable and polished enough game worthy of a soft launch. They are the ones who put forward these time lines and saying they gonna start just dumping out content and features which still really havnt yet, so expectations are to be had.
  5. Amen. And this is one of my big issues.
  6. Just want the game to not be total poop.
  7. Soft launch by end of year, they still havnt taken a stance other than this isnt a democracy which is fair enough its not but its also a bad game design imo and alot of others minds as well. They still got tons of stuff they need to push out thats lagging behind due to bugs. I dont see any major changes occurring at this point with the primary issues the game has got. Yes they changed combat and that put them way behind, lets not forget they arnt here for the long haul this game is going to get sold.
  8. Its been said multiple times and its clearly a issue when its brought up so often, VIP SKILLS TRAINING CRAFTING, but its just ignored and it was just stated that while these topics are great and all basically they gonna stick with what they doing. This is going to be in issue now and long from now period. Some will agree some will disagree but it wont be changed.
  9. Thats honestly really sad to hear of all people Coolwaters agree with such a model. Just comes to prove people who think just because they dumped money into the game feel entitled to automatically be better or stronger and than anyone not putting forth the same amount. So much for balance and retaining a good and healthy game.
  10. Cant really blame the player here sorry, we arnt all scouts honor. The current system makes you need VIP and alt accounts, and its very clear many people here that are vocal have alt accounts. Its a issue the devs need to address, and ill say it again, its going to be another archeage if it continues its current path. And as it was started before the people arguing against this know it was be in there favor to have multiple accounts and have VIP and will do whatever for that advantage.
  11. Only going to get worse via launch. Said it from the start VIP needs a overhaul and non VIP benefits need to be extended. We already bought the damn game.
  12. They haven't followed up on plenty of things that they said they wanted done at certain times. Idk why they continue to announce things they cant deliver on. One thing is to have bugs etc and go an fix em another is to say you can deliver and continue to fail at it, thats my issue. If one looks objectively at many games they get criticized for it harshly here we just tell people to ignore it and move on.
  13. So what do people seriously want this game be what Archeage is where you cant do shi with out subbing? This is pay to win period at this point, i would argue its pay to win as is, its not just leveling alts, its having diversity for diff situations where others can only work on 1 at a time and if he likes another archetype it will be weak.
  14. A CC Revolution could start here

    Good ideas i suppose but lets be real most of the ideas getting put on the forums arnt gonna happen lol. Seems they stopped listening to the community a while ago. Even more so for important systems like cc or the skill tree thats ALWAYS brought up.