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  1. My points been made, I dont want to argue over semantics about how you view yourself in your own groups which is pretty funny tbh. If you want to discuss any of the points i made or contribute to the conversation id be happy to carry forth. Otherwise the derail is unnecessary and counter productive. Devs actually listening to good feedback again.
  2. Many of them are right here using this and that pretext to justify the old system, if anyone feels im talking about their group than i prob am. Also this is just the first of tweaks and iterations that will follow, alot is likely placeholder and the game certainly needs a economy pass as well to make things more viable. The game needs more than 150 players to do well enough to be sustainable and it has proven it cant hold its own with the old systems. Listening to newer players and why they are leaving im sure is driving alot of the changes as well as seeing how they can retain the old ones an
  3. There is nothing at all fun about the passive crafting system and it turned off alot of people since all they made was subpar stuff that others would just make instead since it was wasted effort, it also required a ton of accounts for a smaller group to do anything crafting related. Im glad its gone been asking for that change since day 1 of the passive systems. Reward players for actively playing the game not just pooling points and then getting 1 pip every day or 2. Most of the people i see complaining are the same old zerg heads who want to control everything and want no competition special
  4. Yeah try to solo defend a fort against an actual guild attack that isnt some random player or 2. Its not fun at all. Im really feeling a war deceleration system that allows defenders to pick siege hour and give them 24 hours OR SO to prepare, it puts sieges in control of the player and can even have a cooldown after a war a peace period of 3 days or so.
  5. Play a stealth class and gank players harvesting or alone, go gathering on your main account with combat and mining and try trade or sell ore and get crafted gear somehow, otherwise you prob want to have sadly another account just to maintain yourself with crafting. Ideally make friends who can gather and craft to fill in the gaps and sell the goods you gank.
  6. The siege timers just is a bad idea all around imo, there indeed should be instead war declarations(with a cost to the ones declaring) and allow the defending guild to preset a siege hour so it works for the defenders prime time with cooldowns between wars (2-3 days as a example). Could even add victory cards for kills in wars etc. Could even make it so if a much larger alliance attacks a smaller one the expenses is much higher for them to prevent just free zerging of all the smaller guilds. there should also be a maintenance cost for owning so many keeps which go up dramatically the more a pa
  7. Please allow vassals and nobles to launch EK, it would make EK alot more viable and would just be a huge quality of life overall for everyone that uses it.
  8. bank screen goes white if you click on any of the tabs on the left or the sort by function
  9. Another thread on the same topic was already posted and discussion was already underway in that one.
  10. This is the only way animation cancelling should work, would be terrible for this game to go down the ESO route of just skipping animations and you cant even react to what players are doing because its insta canceled plus they get the full effect of the skill off.
  11. Yeah this looks much better, the grass can use some work tho lol. I also enjoy the more simple ui as well, tho the health stam and mana bar need to still be centered. The video that plays on the crowfall website showcases the world i want to see, with epic keeps and forts and a handcrafted world, i get the reasons behind rng parcels but the world is still so boring and alot often times still doesnt make sense like random roads and copy pasta keeps and forts and other locations. Id rather see a more well thought out perma or semi perma map that is handcrafted and looks like that crowfall intro
  12. TTK is way too high for proper zergbust to be viable, if a group has 20+ vs 5-10, the 5-10 really have no chance because everyone is a tank in this game and it only gets worse since you can cap out with gear and passives 75% mitigation on a few classes and easily reach the cap on many others.There isnt really a ton of aoe in this game thats super viable from what ive seen and experienced, if everyone wasnt so tanky and ttk so high a group of 5-10 could come around a corner and nuke a group of enemies instantly from that 20 man guild giving them a chance, but atm there is no real mechanic to d
  13. There is way too huge of a list to point out for what is needed before launch, this game barely being held together and the world feels dead af. Been following CF since its manifesto page and while leaps and bounds keeps getting mentioned by vets and others the fact of the matter is the game is still nowhere even remotely near ready, optimization is still piss poor, the world is dead af. I roam the map and its so boring and sparse of anything meaningful whatsoever. as a small group all we can mostly do is flip some guard towers and outpost which take ages to cap between them. and grant us noth
  14. Can just add guards that aggro on anyone initiating combat while on the gate, make them very strong and tanky, so if a guild wants to be a hooligan they gotta deal with essentially a raid boss that can wipe out a guild group if needed
  15. Debuffs really need to be more visible during combat, looking at the far right hand of the screen just isnt a good place for debuffs, under my character would be much nicer or just above the tray. Also i honestly feel the chicken ticker just doesn't add any real value to the game and should be removed, food buffs are great but having a penalty for not eating apples or meat just doesn't make for any sort of engaging gameplay and just adds tedium to it. pls revisit stealth classes in particular the brigand and assassin and i would also recommend making a single key for tray swapping be
  16. Thats some huge UI with a picture of the very thing we are fighting? Far as UI goes in PvP we need better ways to see debuffs and buffs, right now only while directly aiming at their character do we get but a glimps of what buffs or debuffs they may or may not have, and most the time in the heat of battle its just not really possible to really tell.
  17. All i gotta say after todays stream with Mark Jacobs, and the recent PvP news with New World is i appreciate CF so much more. Really hope CF gets the amount of polish it deserves, I think that will be key in attracting and keeping new players.
  18. Will we be seeing some kind of dodge bar or timer, so its more obvious when the dodge power will be up again?
  19. The tray is definitely looking alot cleaner, and im glad the survival tray has been removed, the Survival tray just made everything feel so much more clunky. A suggestion which i think will make the tray swap feel even smoother is using a single keybind for weapon swap instead of the current 2 keys required, by default U and Z. A example i can use is GW2 and how it uses a single keybind to weapon swap (~) and a weapon sheath button(X). Also something needs to be figured out for stealth classes.
  20. Coolwaters was always really helpful and willing to assist any time i had a question, real nice of him to help me out. Very sad news indeed. Thanks for your help bro and thoughtfulness and thanks for helping shape CF.
  21. If they fixed this games combat it would truely be amazing. But as it stands lol parry is awful and cause health lost on block wtf and its just pure run in and swing and take turns jousting each other.
  22. Time is ticking and game still utterly broken, its clear summer soft launch wont be a thing and i still doubt the end of the year will see a stable and polished enough game worthy of a soft launch. They are the ones who put forward these time lines and saying they gonna start just dumping out content and features which still really havnt yet, so expectations are to be had.
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