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  1. Design of outer walls looks nice , im making a suggestion for the ramp and stairs . Its to chunky and takes more space , you can add pillars as support so there is space under,we might be able to put storage boxes with items for siege defense there , there is more possibilities to use that space.
  2. Hell noo!! there goes my pizza from my inventory
  3. I want my EK!! where is my EK!!We all want to talk about EK's,you know what we want is EK's Yesss!!
  4. Im all into fishing hell yeaa!! I loved fishing in Lineage,Archage has a very good fishing system also,i do hope they implement this
  5. Archage has a combat combo system put in place thats pretty decent, one skil activates a debuf while another does extra dmg if the target has that specific debuf on him. Most of the skills have around 3 combos for each, example is i stun with shield then do another skill that blocks the target skills and trips him, after i use one more that has more dmg on triped targets One more game that has a very nice combo system is C9, even if its more fighting game
  6. i get this error when i try upgrade and chosing VISA to pay with ErrorWe're sorry. There was an unexpected error. 2015-05-09, 22:05:53 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:37.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/37.0
  7. female champion mmmm
  8. This is my face when i see a zerg nation coming to a fight at mines with 2 fg or more And to say that in this times large guilds or nations will most likely dominate because its all about the numbers and small guilds will most be noticed if they are real good in pvp fights
  9. Can we cant recipes in the game shop for the roman legionare,praetorian armor just to change the look of the armor we are wearing
  10. Making awesome loking house that evreybody wants and can't get
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