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  1. Haha, this emote is an absolute necessity.
  2. Yes, everything is going to be deleted. Characters, cities, and the current world the game is set in. The devs have also said they plan to implement a new mapset that has never been seen before. For more clarification follow the link below to the original post. http://shadowbaneemulator.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=22398#p328006
  3. Within the next two weeks the servers are going to be wiped, so that would be a good time to really get into it and experience it for what it is. Especially since everyone is going to be scrambling to level, farm gold, and plant trees for cities. Seeing what it is like would be a great for any one who has never seen or played Shadowbane.
  4. I really honestly hope to not see CN in this community mainly because that's another factor that went into Shadowbane's demise (loss of player interest). I don't want to see the community dwindle because of them. Granted yes, it did make things more interesting and fun, to a degree, but I would prefer to not see the silly zerginess that follows them where ever they go. At the very least, separate CN from everyone else. I enjoy playing with Europeans but having a CN presence does not make the game more enjoyable.
  5. I would definitely love to see that sort of customization, and would fully support it if it were that in depth. No matter what the symbols goes on. I hope to see gear customization as well. Maybe to the extent of being able to customize your character to look like a pirate or ninja or something along those lines.
  6. Antler or "yellow tree", just because I like being different
  7. Add a none to the options! I do my own thing and make my own cosmetics because I'm awesome. A big fat seal on my forehead. The only thing about my own cosmetics is that no one else can see them. It's strange! Some people have told me I'm hallucinating, but meh! Alas, I digress. I think all of the ones you have listed above are definitely a good start. Perhaps symbols on armor as well, not just the cape. Tabards would be an interesting addition. The only thing I wouldn't like about having guild cosmetics on things is it shows that you're "owned" by some particular guild or faction.
  8. New game, new community. Lets not bring the SB attitude (or darkfall, Darkfall community was far more toxic in some regards) to something that has potential to create a great community for both sides of the spectrum. For all we know, there could be some heavy elements from Wizard/Pirate101 that could be distasteful to SB players, and we assume the vice versa has taken place with PvP. When the game starts and everyone is in the nitty gritty, there is a good chance that both sides will have something to offer each other.
  9. Hi Ben! Long time SB player here.
  10. I'd like to see a zero tolerance policy.
  11. Thanks for this, I have been curious about W101 and P101 myself. I've watched a few videos on the game play of Wizards but I was lost.
  12. I don't think there's a very large player base from Darkfall here at the moment. However, I do intend on informing some old friends like Lars Conwall, John, and Grom, as well as the absolution guys, but that's only a small portion. I'd love to see some things separated, but I don't even see a Wizards or Pirate forum and this community is just as much theirs as it is ours. [EDIT] I know this post was directed at the devs, but I just wanted to say hi in my own way
  13. Is it too early to be stoked about this project? :D

  14. I don't think that statement is referring to a specific age group so much as it is people's play styles.
  15. **IF THERE ARE MOUNTS, I WANT TURTLES, AND UNICORNS, AND FLUFFY DRAGONS LIKE FALKOR!** But no seriously, if there are mounts I'd like to see some sort of customization of what ever "types" of mounts they have. Such as color or armor.
  16. A nourishment system! Something similar to those found in Minecraft and DayZ, except maybe not playing as major a role. It would give players something to do besides killing other players, haha.
  17. I've seen PG-13 a few times around the forums. That's what I'm going to stick with until the official word comes out.
  18. I answered this on another post. If this is something the devs are considering, I do not think that leveling should be a feature in the game. It is time consuming and has potential to discourage players from ever reaching end game content. A leveling system that takes a long time (such as that in Darkfall) is very discouraging and promotes macroing so people can stay on top of the game by having the most advanced character with the best, and most powerful, skills. However, with that said, I do think that some sort of "leveling" system should be in place for secondary factors such as crafting or gear (or for combat purposes, I may make a post on this later). This could give players more things to do, other than kill each other, and allow players to feel accomplished in working towards something.
  19. Very nice points, I definitely agree with the no leveling aspect. It's too time consuming and has the potential to discourage players from reaching end game content. That being said, there needs to be some form content to allow the player to feel like they're accomplishing something, maybe through crafting or something along those lines. This this happens to be the case, the crafting system (or what ever other system that may be implimented) should be detailed enough to keep the players entertained. Perhaps getting gear could be one of these elements.
  20. There *has* to be some form of balance in the game or it's going to scare many people off. I don't think that's what the devs want. However, I also don't think that this game is going to cater to a specific group of people like Shadowbane and Darkfall did, even though Darkfall did have most of the elements you were speaking of. If the game could have a skill cap that isn't too terribly high, it will help with that you're asking by allowing you to fully understand your character and be able use it to it's ultimate capacity without getting completely dumped on.
  21. Yes, but AV's poor customer service, among other things, is what caused the game to call to pieces. I very seriously doubt that the developers for this project will let that happen.
  22. Absolutely not, macroing in those regards creates an uneven playing field and should be strongly discouraged to keep the balance.
  23. Nice to see some DF players! Hey Marz it's been a while
  24. Perhaps for player built creations such as cities or player housing. Hire a guard to protect said assets while you're offline/away. Anything other than that I have to say no to because I think it would negatively effect the balance of things when it comes to PVPing open world or small skirmishes. OR Say there are "talent trees" or "skill trees" and a companion or pet is so far down the tree that the player has to invest a fair amount of points to get it to help the balance.
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