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    stardust got a reaction from ForeverBurning in Levelling   
    I answered this on another post.  If this is something the devs are considering, I do not think that leveling should be a feature in the game.  It is time consuming and has potential to discourage players from ever reaching end game content.  A leveling system that takes a long time (such as that in Darkfall) is very discouraging and promotes macroing so people can stay on top of the game by having the most advanced character with the best, and most powerful, skills.
    However, with that said, I do think that some sort of "leveling" system should be in place for secondary factors such as crafting or gear (or for combat purposes, I may make a post on this later).  This could give players more things to do, other than kill each other, and allow players to feel accomplished in working towards something.
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    stardust got a reaction from dawgs4ever in What Combat System Do You Prefer?   
    First person or over the shoulder with tab targeting elements.  This type of combat system would have be tweaked pretty hard though as it only caters to specific group of people, hence why the Darkfall community was so small.  But if a better system could be created and the tempo set at an even pace (say similar to Chivalry?) I think it would be fairly solid.
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    stardust got a reaction from Tyrant in Should this game allow macroing with the developers blessings?   
    Absolutely not, macroing in those regards creates an uneven playing field and should be strongly discouraged to keep the balance.
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    stardust got a reaction from baerin in Should this game allow macroing with the developers blessings?   
    Absolutely not, macroing in those regards creates an uneven playing field and should be strongly discouraged to keep the balance.
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    stardust reacted to Iridian ShadowWeaver in 02/02/15 - Hunger Week... It's About Time.   
    "What if characters are persistent/permanent – but the Worlds are not?"
    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 
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    stardust reacted to hillbilly in PvP... With Official Dev Response   
    we had bounties in sb
    whatever was in their inventory when you killed em...was yer bounty
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    stardust reacted to Cash in shadowbane players will agree   
    That in order for crowfall to succeed there absolutely MUST be a crotch chop taunt for our characters to use.
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    stardust got a reaction from chancellor in What Payment Model Would You Like To See?   
    I whole heartedly support the subscription model as I feel it gives the dev's more initiative to make sure the customers are getting what they pay for.  I'm not a business person, nor will I claim to understand business models so I can't really say if my statement even works, lol.  Just my thoughts
    I also believe that a subscription model helps weed out cheating/hacking to a degree.  I feel that pay to win models are not very welcoming to newer players who are wanting to come in and experience the game without getting completely obliterated.
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    stardust got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Journal of an Intrepid Exlorer   
    Yes, everything is going to be deleted. Characters, cities, and the current world the game is set in. The devs have also said they plan to implement a new mapset that has never been seen before. For more clarification follow the link below to the original post.
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    stardust reacted to checkyotrack in Journal of an Intrepid Exlorer   
    The new mapset is essentially the current mapaet cut in half.
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    stardust got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Journal of an Intrepid Exlorer   
    Within the next two weeks the servers are going to be wiped, so that would be a good time to really get into it and experience it for what it is.  Especially since everyone is going to be scrambling to level, farm gold, and plant trees for cities.  Seeing what it is like would be a great for any one who has never seen or played Shadowbane.
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    stardust reacted to checkyotrack in Journal of an Intrepid Exlorer   
    Let me know what zone you're in. I'll come help you level.
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    stardust reacted to Iridian ShadowWeaver in Journal of an Intrepid Exlorer   
    I had a fantastic day! A lovely SB player was kind enough to walk me through downloading and setting up the Shadowbane emulator, AND generous with the time and expertise in helping me build a perfect starter character, a healer of course. I am grateful for the informative tour and help with learning how to train and use powers and training points, not to mention the excellent company.
    It was the strangest experience. I immediately felt right at home in the game environment. There are so many ways in which I see subtle reminders of the Great Spiral. The world is a very familiar place, right down to the style of the art of trees, architecture, statues, etc. I felt like I was traveling in a merged world of  Wizard City and Grizzleheim with all the forests and stone walls. The lighting and mood are similar to Grizzleheim, reminiscent of Mirkholm Keep and Ravenscar. Regardless of the tooniness of W101 and the realism in SB, the resemblance was uncanny.
    The character development system blew me away, mainly because I already knew what to do to maximize my build. Any wizard or pirate who can gear up with competitive stats will find this system intuitive; you already know what to do. The difference is that the starter stats are customizable, unlike the starter builds in W101 & P101, which makes playing a noob so much more fun! No waiting to level up to get better gear, because you start with inherently good stats. Think universal resist, heal boosts, accuracy, damage, etc. Like that WW gear in Wizzie? Build a character with similar stats in SB and you’ll find the performance is pleasing to your magical gamer soul.
    Leveling up to 20’ish was practically instantaneous; I think it took all of an hour and a half, including my wild gallops into the woods and subsequent rescue by my guide. In that time, I became comfortable with choosing powers, equipping gear, scavenging loot, and killing mobs. Plus, I did master the click/travel thing, sort of. I did accidentally run right into a camp of giants there at the end. I did not die.
    I really like the customizable screen with all the widgets for various systems. I noticed that gameplay takes very little viewable space on the screen, which leaves lots of options for how to set up a personalized set of tools. Wizards and Pirates, we aren’t familiar with this option, as our items are locked in place on the screen; think friend list, power/skill bar, spellbook, mana/health, etc. Now think of how you might choose to lay out that screen. Yeah, it’s cool.
    I had a hard time conceptualizing the single player travel system. I didn't anticipate the click n walk/run/gallop method because I’ve been navigating with arrow keys for so long. LOL, I kept galloping around and getting lost in the woods until I understood how to walk in an organized fashion. Fortunately, my guide chose to drag me along with him as we traveled. I love the ability to add 10 people in a group driven by one player. Very efficient, especially when dealing with the directionally impaired, such as myself.
    The necessity for a mouse caught me by surprise. I play Skyrim, Tera, W101, P101, etc. with my track pad and arrow keys. Fortunately, Surly Teen found a wireless mouse for me to use. Heh, Idk why I was so surprised. Surly Teen has been griping at me for years to get a mouse. Fine, I now have a mouse. Score one for Surly Teen.
    My next lesson will include traveling in PvP areas and fighting other players. I’ll write about that when the time comes.
    Here’s a very clumsy comparison and list of elements I like in all three games, and what I’d like to see in Crowfall:  ( I know full well that I don’t speak for anyone other than myself.)
    Shadowbane -- Skills training system, generous training points and gold, character customization for stats and skills. This seems to be the superior character creation system.
    What I want to see in Crowfall:
    I like the intricate character customization.
    I like that some characters can fly
    I like the speed of my centaur.
    I like the range of healing talents.
    I like the target and attack mechanism.
    I like the travel options, including teleportation and group travel.
    I like the ability to share gear items between players.
    I like the fact that my new SB centaur is a millionairess. Give us the monies, lots of the monies!
    I like the lack of a skill/powers bar at the bottom of the screen. Instead, the ability to drag specific powers onto the screen is appealing.
    Pirate 101 -- The skills training is very similar to that of SB, companions in P101 are trained like playable characters in SB.  The best way to describe it is that the P101 training system splits the SB system into two parts: 1) Character, 2) Companions. Not exactly, but close enough for example.
    What I want to see in Crowfall:
    Pet training system like that in P101
    I’d like to see the SB training/powers system put back together for our characters in Crowfall.
    More  generous allocation of training points for characters.
    W101 -- The environment is very similar in look and with notably similar structures, including trees, architecture, statuary, and pets. It’s downright odd, really. I feel like I’ve traveled through SOMEONE’s visually artistic mental space. Did I mention TREES. We wizards know a thing or two about sacred trees…
    About combat, using powers and skills: Wizards, think deck build. Instead of setting up a deck for battle, you drag choice powers onto the game window so that they are ready at hand.
    What I want to see in Crowfall:
    Pet genetics and talents. NOT the W101 training system.
    Protected gardening for crafting materials and other loot
    Crafting, of course! BUT crafted gear items must be clearly superior to dropped items
    Share items with others.
    Travel system; I don't mind using a mouse, but I’d like an unobtrusive quest helper to keep me from wandering off into the woods so much, especially when the world map is new. Getting lost over and over sucks. I hate the map and quest helper systems in Skyrim and Tera. Gimme a little tiny arrow at the bottom of the screen, plz.
    My personal little dream: I want to build a sacred space in the woods, a protected space for my Green Lady to practice her white magic. If summoned to protect the guild, she will teleport into battle, heal, spread the light, and then retreat to her secret haven.
    I’m sure this will come as a surprise to a lot of peeps, but Shadowbane, Wizard 101, and Pirate 101 carry a distinctive shared set of various mechanics, character abilities, and styles of art in architecture, setting, etc. The adjustments to be made aren't so much gamer skills but instead lay in the interpretation of powers, stats, and training pathways. I fully expect Crowfall to carry forward a blend of all three systems, hopefully the best of all of them. This could be an amazing game. I just can’t wait for beta!
    Warmest Regards from Aerynth,
    Io Sophia Moon
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    stardust reacted to jtoddcoleman in 01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview   
    01/13/15 - Character Creation Preview
    Screenshot #1: Character Creation 

    Since this is the first screenshot we're releasing of the game, we thought it would be fitting to make it a preview of character creation -- the first thing most players will encounter when playing the game.     Why show character creation first?  A few reasons:   - This a functional prototype of character creation (with actual 2D and 3D game assets), not just a mockup. The character (the Knight archetype) is a fully modeled and animated avatar.     - That character will give you a small taste of the Character art style.  Compare this character to our concepts, you can see that we're shooting for a fairly literal translation of the style.   - This shot shows off the initial class (archetype) selection options, exposing the wide array of base characters (archetypes)   - It also provides solid hints at the inner working of a handful of core systems: Combat, movement, skills, advancement and (of course) character creation / customization   - It showcases the user interface style.  As you can see, we're going for a streamlined and modern look -- emphasizing quick access to game information over the standard "parchment and leather" fare.   There is more to this one than meets the eye... the clues are there, for those with a solid design instinct and an eye for detail.      
    Happy hunting,   Todd ACE   P.S. btw, don't take any of these numbers as gospel.  Many of these values will change (probably have already) -- and in fact, the scale will even change -- as the various systems snap into focus.
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    stardust got a reaction from blaze duskdreamer in Rating? Family or mature?   
    I don't think that statement is referring to a specific age group so much as it is people's play styles.
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    stardust reacted to checkyotrack in Should NA/EU/CN/etc be segregated (ip blocked)?   
    Anyone who says were racist never played Shadowbane.
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    stardust got a reaction from Vaeryx in Which clan cosmetic item do you want the most?   
    Add a none to the options!  I do my own thing and make my own cosmetics because I'm awesome.   A big fat seal on my forehead.  The only thing about my own cosmetics is that no one else can see them.  It's strange!  Some people have told me I'm hallucinating, but meh!  Alas, I digress.
    I think all of the ones you have listed above are definitely a good start. Perhaps symbols on armor as well, not just the cape.  Tabards would be an interesting addition.  The only thing I wouldn't like about having guild cosmetics on things is it shows that you're "owned" by some particular guild or faction.
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    stardust reacted to cret92 in After the "us v them" thread lock...   
    If you discourage other people who are interested in trying something like this, then it will quickly become a dead genre. Scaring off new players before the game is even released is not in anyone's best interests.
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    stardust reacted to dead sparrow in After the "us v them" thread lock...   
    it's gonna work itself out, some new ecosystems will form, it'll be a good thing. 
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    stardust got a reaction from izyon in Class or Classless System?   
    I personally think that a skill point based system would work the best as it allows players to customize and create their own templates, and come up with new and more effective builds. Autonomy at it's finest.
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    stardust got a reaction from rs_navlaan in Which clan cosmetic item do you want the most?   
    I would definitely love to see that sort of customization, and would fully support it if it were that in depth.  No matter what the symbols goes on.  I hope to see gear customization as well.  Maybe to the extent of being able to customize your character to look like a pirate or ninja or something along those lines.
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    stardust reacted to Iridian ShadowWeaver in After the "us v them" thread lock...   
    Yes! Fast forward to 2015, and look! An enormous number of gamers are lady gamers. Lady gamers generally love collaboration and cooperation, but we don't enjoy misogyny or other forms of harassment that foul the community. The times, they are a changin'. Hope this community can change with the times
    In the Spiral, we are accustomed to civility. I hope to see that here as well.
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    stardust got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in After the "us v them" thread lock...   
    New game, new community.  Lets not bring the SB attitude (or darkfall, Darkfall community was far more toxic in some regards) to something that has potential to create a great community for both sides of the spectrum.  For all we know, there could be some heavy elements from Wizard/Pirate101 that could be distasteful to SB players, and we assume the vice versa has taken place with PvP.
    When the game starts and everyone is in the nitty gritty, there is a good chance that both sides will have something to offer each other.
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    stardust reacted to ria in After the "us v them" thread lock...   
    It seems odd to me that people defend blatantly rude treatment of others as something that improved the community.  Maybe that's just me.  Then again, we're in the early days where we have absolutely no idea what the game holds.  We can only base assumptions on what we hear "SB players tend to be aggressive" "Wiz/Pirate players don't know how to PvP/aren't ready for the cutthroat game this will be" when the reality is we have no idea what's in store for another 46 days.
    Once the game is out, I suspect a lot of this will work itself out as people who weren't cut out for this game will most likely fume and leave, returning to steam or wiz or whathaveyou. The people left will learn to coexist and figure out, hopefully, that saying you're the biggest baddest thing walking is either redundant or false
    Until then, I suspect many people will just sit back and eat popcorn as we watch the way it unfolds.
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    stardust got a reaction from Iridian ShadowWeaver in Shadowbane player here curious about YOUR game   
    Thanks for this, I have been curious about W101 and P101 myself.  I've watched a few videos on the game play of Wizards but I was lost.
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