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    I love playing with others. Anything from competitive multiplayer games to co-op adventures. PC is my home. I'd give up TV before I did the PC lol

    I also enjoy playing Tabletop RPGs whether as a player or a GM. It's something I recommend everyone try playing them. It's one of the best social experiences you'll have!

    As for the rest lets meet up in a game and talk :)
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  1. I get the sentiment of wanting it. It does change how we play a game. The more we have to "aim" or increase our mechanical skills effect gameplay heavily. Even impacting our personal fun. Crowfall was made with a certain design philosophy where skilled targeting matters to the overall experience. To turn away from that now so close to launch isn't something I see happening. Maybe some skills or disciplines could be added later.
  2. Where's the link to @jtoddcoleman announcing it? He was quoted but I can't find where that was. 🤨😨
  3. I'll never understand choosing to forsake the original GR idea. A "safer" PvP experience with 3 factions so you don't need a guild right away to PvP. Strongholds have some basic capture and fix up mechanics. Resources are limited to a basic tier. It could even be called "casual PvP friendly." CWs end just like every other CW. The rewards are tempered compared to the Dregs. It was a perfect complement to Dregs. It's like the bronze/silver leagues in other PvPing games. Not everyone can be hardcore or wants to but they do still want to PvP. It made sense from a business standpoint too. Gat
  4. Appreciate the uptick of communication going on in recent threads so please forgive the next part. I might sound a bit like a 4 year old with so many questions but I feel some things are still very unclear. Maybe you can help us understand where you are coming from. Since this isn't a game yet and the population is very low why are there still two builds? If Live is for "new players" then what is GR for? Isn't GR designed to be the funnel for new players? Will this pattern continue in Beta? If so how do you plan on continuing to incentivize players to play on th
  5. Love seeing all of you and the teams hard working paying off! Can you shed some light on what these "final elements" are? We know some goals are getting pushed to post launch.
  6. Fetch quest stations....er....statues. Cool!
  7. Hello Friends & Enemies! Winter is coming....and it is bringing Hungercast with it. We are returning tonight Dec. 26th @ 8pm CST for another season full of everything Crowfall. To include more of the community this season we are adding a "call in" feature via the [un]Officiall Crowfall Discord. Join the Hungercast Waiting Room and we will bring you in so you can voice your opinion on any topic of ask questions for guests we have. See you all tonight! -Keaggan & Noc Join us on Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/crowfallcommunity
  8. This thread here has some fantastic ideas on how to make EKs matter more while building a deeper and richer relationship with the CWs. It has great game loop ideas!
  9. Dude I get it. Right now PvP is like a death match without any winners. And death match is the most bland version of PvP there is. Then you dump on the lack of consequences, no impactful game loop, minimal mob variation, harvesting seems to be the only thing you can do that feels like you are progressing. Because of this and that CF has opened it's doors YEARS earlier than any other MMO so crazy fan can test lots of broken incomplete systems it is easy to feel like it's a boring game.... BECAUSE IT IS. Lol It won't stay that way and most of the hype people feel is we can see how it
  10. One thing to remember is this passive skill system was based on a game that had equal parts PvP AND PvE so it's implementation is always going to feel weird and strange to a purely player driven PvP game. They are trying to take steps to add in more active progression like vessels and the sacrifice system. There are also some other ideas coming down the pipe but we must wait to see those ideas. Be assured that Todd has said they want more minute to minute game play features.
  11. I had to log back in just to reply here...so no, it's not fixed lol
  12. Welcome in @DebySue! Market this game right so we can get every PvPer, crafter, community oriented player out there Also feel free to accepting an invitation to the largest Crowfall Community.
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