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  1. I still say capes are a good way to die. I mean one can grab a cape and pull the wearer onto ones sword or use the wearer's own cap to strangle them. But I guess that's just me and my devious mind.
  2. curiouser and curiouser The mystery is deepening.
  3. curiouser and curiouser the mystery is deepening

  4. MMMK interesting. The concept pic does give us a few clues. Not really into siege type combat but I can live with it. (Prefer Battle field type) The rebuilding is a pain.
  5. Overall I'm liking what I'm seeing. The colorization and graphic in pic are nicely done. Though the attribute/statistic thing has been done nearly to death there are some interesting elements thrown in to there mix that makes it fresh. These are the warmth conversion and hunger resist as seen in the photo. These elude to there being a necessity to carry food and possibly a need have warmer clothing for differing climates and/or elemental attacks. I also noticed what I think is critical hit and damage stats but the exact wording was partially covered by the knight. I'm glad to see that t
  6. Only if you put them in loin cloths too because without that they'd still be better armored than the norm for female characters sadly. Could never understand the less is more mentality where female character armor is concerned in gaming. Only thing I could ever come up with is games are mainly made by males who are too some degree pervs.
  7. This is pretty much my thoughts too. I do like the idea that you may need to eat meaning you'd have to carry food with you. And the warmth conversion thing makes me think thee may be weather/environmental zones that affect our toons in some way. These 2 things bring more depth to a game and make it a bit more real.
  8. I'm wondering this too. It would be pretty messed up if we couldn't be a female knight or a male elf (am guessing that the pointy eared character is an elf).
  9. I'm with you on this one. I want to be able to pick myself out of the crowd. Not be one of many clones. Give me hairstyle and clothing choices or give me death!!! LOL
  10. I personally feel a good storyline adds depth to a game. Well thought out storylines draw you into a game, at least they do me. They give me a purpose and a motivation to play a game, to see where it goes. So yes please, a great storyline to intrigue us and trigger our imaginations.
  11. I'd just like to see out of the norm non-run of the mill races that you see in every MMO out there. Like how about a race of gorgon like beings. (think Medusa). Or maybe a sphinx race. I don't just some races the puts the unique stamp on Crowfall.
  12. I'd have to go with mounts, flying only if it's done by some sort of mount and limited teleportation. Walking everywhere would be annoying but teleporting everywhere would make the world seem small. So small in fact as to make it seem only a tiny portion of a complete world and this would have an adverse affect on the feeling of immersion into the game. However, if teleporting was restricted to just taking you to a general area of where you wanted to go then it would be a good thing.
  13. Allies, enemies, alliances, betrayal, risk and conquest can take many forms not just that of PVP/shadowbane varieties. WE may face dungeon instances were you need to form alliances with other players or have allies help to fight through them only to get to treasure rooms were only 1 or 2 can leave with any loot so you have to betray those you came in with which adds risk and a conquest element.
  14. I don't think you can safely assume anything about the game for all we know J Todd could simply mean Some players will devote their game time to the PVP arena while others will devote that time elsewhere. After all an activity can be a "major" focus without being a "main" or "only major" focus. I feel J. Todd's statment basically said yes PVP will be in game and important to a portion of the player population but it will be balanced with other activities as well.
  15. I got to say that if this ends up as a F2P I won't be playing much or at all because of all the problems F2P brings with it. Only thing that would make me stick around if it were a F2P would if it was done in an extremely exceptional executed way. Though I live on a tiny fixed income I rather pay for a good quality game than deal with the bull pucky that F2P MMOs bring with them. Hackers, bots, P2W, etc. all ruin a game for those who play honestly and really earn our game stats and accomplishments.
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