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  1. P2W games have been around for a while. But, it seems like every TV channel (including the Super Bowl and the NBA playoffs) is advertising Game of War. They have to be making serious change to afford that kind of media coverage. I'm just wondering how the financial success of a game like that has impacted the industry as a whole. If you're a money-person looking to back development of a new game, are you pretty much looking for P2W opportunities only? Are the big game studios going to go the way of Hollywood and only make sequels (like GTA) while the only 'new' games are either investor-backed P2W or indie games?
  2. It wasn't that long ago that Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton made a tour to different cities imploring the grocery store chains and others to put shops in poor neighborhoods. Even more recently, Michelle Obama bewailed the "food desert" in the inner city because there weren't enough shops there providing affordable, quality food. As a business owner, if I'm going to put a shop in a PvP environment, the reward better be pretty high. Burning down shops in your own neighborhood is beyond stupid and has nothing to do with police brutality. It's just exploiting a situation and ruining a neighborhood. The reason this wouldn't happen in Texas is that we have guns. Even if the police are going to stand there and do nothing but watch, there is a good chance you're gonna get shot if you try burning someone's car, home, or business.
  3. That is so true. The only rough launch I've been through where the game has held onto a large amount of its early players is EverQuest. People would sit in the log-in "lobbies" for hours ,day after day, waiting for the servers to come back up while misspelled messages from Verant scrolled across the screen. But, there weren't many MMO options in 1999. Those early days were rough.
  4. Jonzun

    Civ 3

    You can get Civ3 downloadable for $5 on Steam
  5. Hell... why stop at killing people in the "lobby"? If I can't gank people while they're in the log-in queue this game ain't hardcore enough. Heck... if I can't reach through the screen and pimp slap people while they're booting up their computer, this game ain't hardcore enough. If you're spending so much time in EK that you actually feel shorted on PvP, you're spending WAY too much time in EK.
  6. THAT is going to be the interesting thing to see. I hadn't thought about that but I've experienced it too where people just don't show up if they feel like they're going to lose. If a players believes that their side has no chance of winning, why not just play an alt until that campaign is done? They may think it more fun than being PvP fodder for a couple months. Once that happens, the strong side has no one to fight and the game turns into PvTime until the campaign is over. To avoid that, they'll have to set it so only one character can be in a campaign at one time. Of course, if the option is to be PvP fodder or hang in happy shiny people land for a few months, they may just quit.
  7. The difficulty is allowing people to skill up and gear up in a "safe" environment then going to PvP. I think the game will already be set up that way to allow for "PvP only when you want it." We didn't have enemies pounding on the gates (or even deep in our territory) every day in Shadowbane. If you wanted to PvP, you went out to the 'borders' and hunted around. If you just felt like chillaxin' that night, you could go camp some PvE mobs and shoot the breeze with your friends. A couple times a week one side or the other would make a deeper raid (sometimes with siege equipment)... like a game of RISK. It will probably be a bit different in CF because the SB/tree model focused the players in a relatively small area. Players spreading out and building their own facilities makes things much more attackable.
  8. That's so not true. MMO's are kinda like virtual bars... I go to bars to hang with other people and do fun things. Personally, I prefer darts. If I go to a new bar and everyone there has their nose stuck in their phones, I'm probably not going back there. PEOPLE are what ultimately make MMO's enjoyable (and thus successful).
  9. Jonzun

    Civ 3

    Civ 3 is an OLD title by this point yet it's still one of my favorite games. For $5, it's probably the best value in games out there.
  10. It makes sense from an economic standpoint - shooters have a much larger market share than RPGs in the game market. Done properly, CF could steal players from the shooter genre. But, if that's the case, they should focus on one group of players, twitch shooters, and design the game around that style of game play. Simplify the economy and all trade skills so that shooters can do what they really want to do -- shoot. Add things like statistics so players can track their damage and kills and other features my nephews enjoy from their console shooters. Add auction houses so shooters can restock and get back to shooting as quickly as possible. The concept of Shadowbane with a SWG economy is hugely appealing to me. But, I think the extremes at either end (PvP/crafting) might be frustrated in this model... which could be why it's not for everyone. Going to have to get extra Ritalin for the PvPers who have to run around from shop to shop to find a new sword and extra Prozac for the crafters who get ganked while schlepping back to their house after gathering resources for a couple hours.
  11. I can't imagine than export from the Embargo vault will be random. It would violate one of the core rules of game design regarding creating traps/penalties that are unavoidable by the player regardless of their actions.
  12. From the FAQs -- How long will last? As long as the game is still fun! And they don’t all have to be the same duration. Some Campaigns could last 1 month, or 3 months. or 6 months. or 1 year. But, even if campaigns were only one and three months. Most of the hardcore PvP guilds are not going to be spending many days sitting in EK between campaigns. I'd imagine that most of the active guilds will be discussing the next campaign before the current campaign is over (on their message boards).
  13. Question: If you're involved in campaigns 11.5 months of the year, aren't you pretty much FORCED to ignore them by the game rules?
  14. I just don't know how EK can be made "meaningful" from a PvP perspective. There have been some great suggestions on conflicts and events that are possible in EK. But, how can they be administered when many of the top PvP guilds are locked into multi-month campaigns most of the year? Is an EK event where four of the top six guilds aren't participating truly meaningful? Any event would have to be scheduled WAY (longer than the longest available campaign) in advance so that everyone who wanted to participate would have the character they want available and not stuck on a campaign world or change the rules that would allow players to leave the campaign worlds. Of course, do you then "suspend" the campaign if a guild leaves to participate in an EK event or let whomever stays behind level whatever is left behind by said guild? Personal opinion, social hubs are OK. If EK is only a market for import-available campaigns and a trophy shelf/housing for players, that's ok. There's a place for that too.
  15. There's a happy medium between the charge of the light brigade and Sir Robin.
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