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  1. Good idea Theneb. I hope there is flexibility.
  2. Need to get a 4k monitor by then! Or I could run a cable to my 65" 4k TV.
  3. Very interesting write up, I would almost think they have other classes in mind already though.
  4. Could be a stretch goal! Settle down during the kickstarter people! Tons of new info coming.
  5. Sam da man death walker... Anyone play EQ on Sullon Zek? Haha.
  6. They may be zero value to you, but funding the team, the titles, the VIP is all something that adds up quickly.
  7. Someone brought this up in the suggestion forum and I really liked the idea. I like that it still makes you play the game to offline train, unlike eve where you log in, pick an item to train and log off. The only downside I can see to this is the random, temporary worlds, that would make the books VERY rng and potentially very expensive, which could drive large guilds to have advantages over others.
  8. I like it that you can change the type of game your playing to fit your current play style. Do I want to dedicate a lot of time to dregs this month? Maybe I don't have the time the following month so I can dedicate myself to a longer campaign that requires less daily time. Just nice having options.
  9. Yeah, all of that stuff will be when the kickstarter ends, since technically none of us have donated anything yet.
  10. I wouldn't mind a little beheading dev action.
  11. I'm sure there will be a lot more ground covered once they start going over the specialization for every archetype.
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