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  1. Cernunnos should be working again, sorry it took us a while to find the issue!
  2. While we don't have a Brazilian server for testing we plan to have one at Launch.
  3. Cernunnos does have an issue and we're working on it. Sorry guys!
  4. We'd like to get more info from you at support@crowfall.com please
  5. Unfortunately localization often lags development by a milestone. I'll make sure our localization producer sees this.
  6. Need more info please, can you send that to support@crowfall.com with a screenshot of the error you are seeing please?
  7. We think we got this issue fixed, it was network related
  8. We aren't planning an open Beta test. We define open beta testing as sign up and come in immediately like a free to play game, and we're not a free to play game. Sign up and you'll get in before launch as long as we have sign ups open.
  9. We got your ticket at support@crowfall.com just need some info from you as requested! Also need to know which EK were you in?
  10. We're going to need to dialog with you at support@crowfall.com please, this is a new one. Thanks!
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