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  1. If this is still happening it's always quickest to email support@crowfall.com to get help!
  2. And of course right as I posted we got it back up.
  3. When we reset the EAST server this morning (~11:05am CST) it failed to come back up and we're working the issue. I'll post here when we have it back up and fixed. As usual we're learning something new when something unexpected like this happens! Sorry for the interruption and we'll fix it as soon as possible.
  4. I don't see any server spikes, your highest msg time was 168 and most of the time it was in the 90-125ms range. There is plenty of client lag though. We're definitely working on all of it!
  5. We are working on it, sorry for the downtime! It's something new.
  6. US East test is down now and the EU test is up until 7pm tonight.
  7. Effective communication can be a talent some have, but for most people it's a learned skill. Study the mechanics (from professionals, reading, even school), and practice it a lot! Design is, at its core, 99% communication to 1% inspiration. Design (IMO) is about mental models that the players will enjoy discovering, along with the interactivity, timing, pacing, presentation and rewards that make up what we call game play. Start with the outcomes you want from those you are communicating to, get into the head of the receiver of your communication and deliver communication that works for them to lead them where you want them to go. Communication effectiveness is in the mind of the receiver of that communication. A designer has to communicate with their leadership, with their peers, with other disciplines in development and with the players. You don't get to the players unless you can effectively communicate to all those other constituencies. Over time you may realize that the best communicators are often story tellers. They find a way to impart information or change minds through entertaining/engaging narrative. People have been telling stories since we could only grunt and gesture, it's an innately human activity, central to who we are. Good luck to you on your journey! Try to enjoy the ride!
  8. I've added all of Beta 2 test group to the testing. Pass the word!
  9. Email us at support@crowfall.com if this is still happening please!
  10. Test Tonight? Nov 30th?

    Sorry about that guys, we had a misfire on the email going out because the build came in later Friday than we'd planned. You should have gotten notice of the test overnight if you are Beta1 or higher testing group.
  11. This is a newer version so a new thread was needed!
  12. You can download the TEST and LIVE patch client from https://crowfall.com/en/client/ 5.8 Patch Notes and Known Issues After your playtest session, please share your feedback here and tell us about any bugs or anomalies you encountered. If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to Support@Crowfall.com. *Client logs can be found under your game directory in the "Download" folder. Your client log should look something like this: CrowfallClient_26452_[Computer Name].log
  13. We believe we've deployed a fix that will allow everyone to log into the campaigns now. Please contact support@crowfall.com if you have trouble logging in or the server disconnects you. Nothing like a new problem on the weekend, but our folks seem to have it under control now!
  14. We've gone back to the original campaigns. It turns out there are some player characters that have a data problem that is crashing server zones. We'll be looking at this in depth on Monday to find the root cause and fix it. Sorry for the instability in the meantime! If you can't log into a server or crash when go to the Mainland Zone, your character may be the problem and you should send an email to support@crowfall.com so we can look at your data tomorrow. Thanks and sorry for this issue!
  15. Both the EU and East campaigns have a instability issue in their data. We've pulled them down temporarily to work on them tomorrow. We will bring them up as soon as we can, and increase the import/exports so you can pull off anything you create/gather/loot on the temporary campaigns. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for breaking the game! Testing helps us identify and fix problems earlier in the development cycle so the launched game will be more stable. We plan to work on the campaigns issue tomorrow and will bring up the old campaigns as soon as we can. If anything changes we will post it here. Thank you!