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  1. Thanks for attending our 12 hour God's Reach Test! PLEASE put your impressions and bugs on the Testing forums. We need this feedback to help us work on the most important issues (to you) first. Back sometime on Monday! Thanks!
  2. We thought we'd get an updated version up tonight but it had a new exciting issue that stopped us from pushing this to TEST. So it's likely we won't have testing this weekend but will be back on Monday with a new version. Sorry folks, not the outcome we wanted the development Gods didn't favor us today. Thanks! UPDATE: we're up for a few more hours tonight, not a new version though.
  3. Tyrant


    Thank you for your patience. All issues are resolved and the LIVE service is now Live! When you run the patcher the first time please click on the repair icon (the wrench next to the green button), so that your installation will be completely verified. Thanks and sorry for the unexpected down time!
  4. Thank you for your patience. All issues are resolved and the LIVE service is now Live! When you run the patcher the first time please click on the repair icon (the wrench next to the green button), so that your installation will be completely verified. Thanks and sorry for the unexpected down time!
  5. We took someone's advice and jiggled the cord and look what happened! 😵 Seriously though, the LIVE issue is being worked on until we get it fixed again. We'll communicate as we know more.
  6. All the buildings and parcels we've described or have in packages are either done or in progress, and you'll see more of them coming in the next update. The imperial palace and mountain citadel will be coming sometime during the beta testing. We haven't forgotten anything (I hope!) but I'm sure you guys will keep on us until everything is delivered.
  7. We're not going to be able to change the resources in the near term, as they are baked into the maps. We'll work on this over time. Our goal is to ensure that the campaign worlds end up being a level playing field for incoming players who meet the criteria for entry.
  8. Our inventory comes up as it is the indicator that you have switched to mouse cursor mode (which is why it's open any time you can use the mouse). When we didn't have this early on it was even more confusing being in or out of the mouse cursor mode. Not arguing this is ideal, more explaining how we got to this!
  9. Lots of great feedback in this thread folks, thanks! We appreciate it! Much of it we can't address until the next major version but we are recording it all and tasking folks appropriately.
  10. It is a common practice for MMO companies to look for support and service in regions outside of their home territories. This is because it is often difficult, complicated and prohibitively expensive to start a local company to accomplish servicing a regional market. Speaking to Russia/CIS specifically many different MMO's are made available locally by Russian-based companies such as Innova, 101xp, gamenet, mail.ru and several others. As part of these deals, the company licensing the MMO normally gets the exclusive rights to benefit economically from that arrangement within their territory. They in turn agree to promote, host and service the MMO within the territory. When done well, the customers and both parties all benefit. In our case, AWS, which runs our servers is not available in Russia, and our action combat gameplay is much better with the lower latency that local servers provides. Also the market pricing differential is substantial. We believed a local company would make Crowfall more successful than we would on our own without help. Licensing fees from the partnership also contributed to the overall development of the game. Today new Russian backers are logging in through 4game and are playing on the EU servers in pre-alpha testing, while we work with Innova to bring up local Russian servers. We expect this to happen during Alpha testing. Our game is unusual in the MMO world in that we've been doing open testing throughout development cycle unlike most games that launch in their home market and only then start the process to moving to regions outside their home market by going to local beta testing with a game that was complete. Last but certainly not least, we've been impressed with our partners at Innova as we've worked with them over the last year+, and we're confident they will do their best to help Crowfall be successful in the Russia/CIS region.
  11. The form has been removed, and replaced just with the email (that should always work).
  12. We don't have any reasonable way to restore the points (the data may be logged but it would take a significant effort to determine what points weren't counted and it still might not be fully accurate). We feel that resources are better spent trying to get the new 5.90 version out as soon as possible. Given that all three factions were relatively close in score when the fix went in, and given this is still pre-alpha, we made the call to allow the campaign to continue to completion rather than reset it completely (which was our other choice). We felt like this approach was the "lesser of the evils". It's not a lot of comfort right this minute, but every bug that we find now is another one we are much less likely face after the game launches, and for that we are grateful to all the backers who participate the tests. We couldn't make this game to the quality level we all want without you!
  13. Folks this was an unsigned file within the download that was being flagged as a trojan by Defender (though it wasn't a virus or trojan). It was up for a brief time over a week ago. If you get this when trying to install please delete that file and re-download the installer from crowfall.com/en/client. If you get this bad file from a new downlaod now, I'd love to get an email from you at support@crowfall.com as maybe one node of our CDN downloader didn't get the correct download file! Gordon
  14. The support team does use that, it sends emails to support@crowfall.com but we have seen intermittent failures for the email to go through when using the web form rather than emailing directly. Anyone who doesn't hear from support within a day should get back us, as most tickets are answered within a hour.
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