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  1. why can I only withdraw now?

    Right of Withdrawal is an EU legal construct, so it only applies to European customers. All inquiries about refunds should be routed to support@crowfall.com and handled there. Our Terms of Use (for your region) is linked at the bottom of every page of the crowfall.com website and section 24 relates to refunds. Thanks folks for chipping in, but I'm locking the thread as customer service interactions must be routed to email through support@crowfall.com.
  2. I hope you already contacted support@crowfall.com!
  3. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    The answer to your "how the hell" questions can be found here: https://www.raphkoster.com/2017/09/28/ultima-onlines-influence/#more-31116 Also episode 90, 91 here: http://spamspamspamhumbug.com/ You'll probably be waiting quite a bit longer for UO2 (and UO2 was a subset of UO feature-wise btw). While I didn't kill UO2 personally, I did get to oversee the burial, as I was Exec Producer for the last 6-8 weeks. EA decided that Earth and Beyond, Sims Online and Motor City Online were better bets to continue funding at that time, even though UO2 had more experienced MMO developers than all the other games combined. They didn't want to wait for the time it needed to be completed. And frankly the EA/Origin Systems relationship was always chronically strained by the massive cultural differences, which didn't help anything. People from the UO2 team have worked on a lot of other MMO's since then though!
  4. The quality of bugs being reported is really great folks. There are clearly too many bugs in this version to invite more people though (the other half of Alpha 2 backers will have to wait for the next build we put out). We'll work on the reported issues (worst first) on Monday-Tuesday and see how soon we can get a new build out. As always we really appreciate your help! Gordon
  5. Thanks for all the feedback folks, we've ended the test early. See the announcement in the testing section!
  6. We've had an AWS hardware issue (very unusual) which has brought down the TEST of 5.3. We aren't going to bring it back up though because of a few significant bugs that the early testers uncovered. We'll get our servers back working and a new version of 5.3 TEST that fixes the issues up for testing later this week. Those with access to the TEST 5.3 environment won't have a campaign to play in until we put out a new patch. Sorry for cutting the test short, but this is exactly why we test the newest versions with limited backers until we work out the biggest issues! Thanks as always for helping us make Crowfall!
  7. I'm taking down the EU server overnight. It seems to be crashing pretty regularly and we don't normally have crash problems. Good job on breaking it guys! I'll get some programming support tomorrow to look at it and hopefully we can bring it back up!
  8. We're particularly looking for new movement or stuck bugs this weekend, as our mini-patch was only directed to those bugs on Friday evening. If you get stuck please post a screenshot that shows the coordinates.
  9. If you want to get stuff off the old East campaign the server is up for an hour or so (and on demand if you email support@crowfall.com). We don't recommend you play on it but you can transfer items off through the spirit bank. Remember you have a limited number of item transfers on campaign worlds. Moving forward make sure your items are off before the date on the campaign (the last one didn't have a date). We'll have better systems for this in a few weeks.
  10. Two things to try: 1) Run the launcher by right clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator" 2) If that doesn't work, put the Crowfall folder in your pre-existing Program Files x86 folder and run as Administrator again Thanks and sorry for the pre-installer issues like this!
  11. No new patch tonight after all folks! It was close but didn't fix every issue we wanted. IMPORTS UPPED TO 40, EXPORTS TO 100. Currently planning to patch tomorrow morning if possible, so put your best items in your spirit bank when you log off please!
  12. Reminder: US East Siege Test and US East Siege3 going down at 5pm CST . Get you stuff off and move to US Test4 Siege4 US West Siege will be going down at 6pm (it has begun to lose siege mechanics) and is replace with US West Siege2 Please move from US West Siege before 6pm CST. Remember the Import/Export limits, they are listed at the bottom of your Spirit Bank. Move the most important items first. Thanks!
  13. Both US East Siege3 and US East Siege Test will come down Sunday at 5pm CST. Please get your items off of them and move to US East4 Seige4. If we need room to start another server we may have to bring one down earlier. Clearly we didn't nail this bug that breaks the sieges, which is something we'll be working on next week. Thanks as always for testing!
  14. You have a US East Siege4 now. I also just tested and found the same. Hope we get some steps to break this out of the testing!