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  1. We got your ticket at support@crowfall.com just need some info from you as requested! Also need to know which EK were you in?
  2. We're going to need to dialog with you at support@crowfall.com please, this is a new one. Thanks!
  3. We really need to see your DXDiag.txt file at support@crowfall.com please along with a client log. Thanks!
  4. Send screen shots and videos to support@crowfall.com if you can't post them here please.
  5. It takes a lot of points to do each of the 5 pips on each skill. It won't take more than it can fit in each node.
  6. You should dialog with us a support@crowfall.com. I'd like to get your client logs for when this is happening and any crash files so we can figure out what's going on. Thanks!
  7. Next time you see this please get us a screen shot or coordinates/zone info please.
  8. You can try that. We are working on the crash this weekend and sound is a contributor. We'll get a new TEST version up as quickly as we can next week.
  9. Just an FYI, these reports are super-valuable to us. They all get looked at by myself, Todd and QA (at a minimum, often design and development lurk here) and are moved to development if we can repro them. As usual in an MMO we have more bugs than we can do in any near term period, so a lot of issues we'd like to immediately fix have to be deferred to the future. Be patient with us please. You will be seeing a lot of fixes incoming just probably not all your pet peeves near-term. Thanks folks!
  10. I unlocked your buildings on your account so you can re-import them. Sorry for the issue!
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