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  1. The form has been removed, and replaced just with the email (that should always work).
  2. We don't have any reasonable way to restore the points (the data may be logged but it would take a significant effort to determine what points weren't counted and it still might not be fully accurate). We feel that resources are better spent trying to get the new 5.90 version out as soon as possible. Given that all three factions were relatively close in score when the fix went in, and given this is still pre-alpha, we made the call to allow the campaign to continue to completion rather than reset it completely (which was our other choice). We felt like this approach was the "lesser of the evils". It's not a lot of comfort right this minute, but every bug that we find now is another one we are much less likely face after the game launches, and for that we are grateful to all the backers who participate the tests. We couldn't make this game to the quality level we all want without you!
  3. Folks this was an unsigned file within the download that was being flagged as a trojan by Defender (though it wasn't a virus or trojan). It was up for a brief time over a week ago. If you get this when trying to install please delete that file and re-download the installer from crowfall.com/en/client. If you get this bad file from a new downlaod now, I'd love to get an email from you at support@crowfall.com as maybe one node of our CDN downloader didn't get the correct download file! Gordon
  4. The support team does use that, it sends emails to support@crowfall.com but we have seen intermittent failures for the email to go through when using the web form rather than emailing directly. Anyone who doesn't hear from support within a day should get back us, as most tickets are answered within a hour.
  5. Effective communication can be a talent some have, but for most people it's a learned skill. Study the mechanics (from professionals, reading, even school), and practice it a lot! Design is, at its core, 99% communication to 1% inspiration. Design (IMO) is about mental models that the players will enjoy discovering, along with the interactivity, timing, pacing, presentation and rewards that make up what we call game play. Start with the outcomes you want from those you are communicating to, get into the head of the receiver of your communication and deliver communication that works for them to lead them where you want them to go. Communication effectiveness is in the mind of the receiver of that communication. A designer has to communicate with their leadership, with their peers, with other disciplines in development and with the players. You don't get to the players unless you can effectively communicate to all those other constituencies. Over time you may realize that the best communicators are often story tellers. They find a way to impart information or change minds through entertaining/engaging narrative. People have been telling stories since we could only grunt and gesture, it's an innately human activity, central to who we are. Good luck to you on your journey! Try to enjoy the ride!
  6. These early backer players don't have to choose, they'll get to play on *both* services if they want. And get their full backer rewards on both services. Early backers get the best rewards.
  7. We are working on the exception to redirection for our previous backers, and will update this thread when it's working. All previous Crowfall backers in Russia/CIS can still play the game as before, but are currently being redirected on the website (until we have this fixed). All previous Crowfall backers in Russia/CIS will get their rewards on the combined US/EU service *and* get them on the Innova service if they create an account there too. We'll be emailing them all directly soon as we get this process worked out with Innova. Thanks and sorry for this interruption!
  8. The Russian company has the exclusive right to all Russian/CIS customers, with the exception of the customers who purchased from ArtCraft before they bring up their website and registration. Those early customers get their rewards on both services and access to both services (subject to accepting the terms and conditions for the services). This option that we offer the prior Russian/CIS ArtCraft customers is not transferable to other accounts. It is normal and reasonable for a distributor/publisher to get exclusive rights to specific territories for games. We don't have issues with sharing servers between regions *except when the pricing is dramatically different or business models vary*, as it causes issues with the level playing field we want for the in-game environment, given our game has a player driven economy. On top of that there are server, bandwidth and customer service cost allocation issues that have to be worked out. We went through extra effort jointly with Travian for the EU and North American to be a combined service, and that worked because the prices are equivalent. Even though only a minority of customers likely will take advantage of the cross-Atlantic play, we wanted this option and it worked for us so long as we had equivalent pricing and business model. I hope this clarifies things.
  9. We do expect regional locks for this territory, as is common for almost all MMOs where the pricing levels for access and/or business model deviates significantly from our combined North American/EU service. Given we have a player-driven economy, allowing people to buy in at different pricing levels will unbalance the game and lead to undesirable behaviors that will hurt the level playing field we've promised for Crowfall. That said, anyone who backed us early in Russia will still be able to play in the North American/EU service as promised, and they will also get their backer rewards on an account in the Russian service if the player chooses to accept that. This access change for Russia won't happen immediately of course, but it will come later this year.
  10. We'll get he fractional crowns fixed (in your favor). The guild discount applies to your first purchase after guilding.
  11. We don't have a current plan to offer items for both currency and crowns. We have packages of crowns but there is always a likelihood you'll have some left over. This is standard for microtransaction currency implementations. Our minimum Crown purchase is $10 and I don't think we have anything in our store under $10. That said, we are not against experimenting with other models, though in general we stick with tried and true unless it's an area we specifically want to innovate in. Do you have example games that allow "buy the exact amount of tokens"?
  12. I think this covers most of what we are doing and why we're doing it. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-more-on-crowns-and-guilds/ We simply can't have a currency bank in the EU and that drove us to an actual MTX currency, but we had this in our plans at some level from the beginning. https://imgur.com/a/KfS5TEl We simply aren't going to sell high dollar items for the EK's moving forward and we aren't going to sell power in the campaigns (period). We're certainly aiming to be a "good guy" given we want our competitive PvP game to have as level a playing field as possible.
  13. Tyrant

    Murder of Crows AMA

    Best Podcasts: No Agenda, Massively Op Podcast, the AIAS Game Makers Notebook, The Way I Heard It, Spam Spam Humbug, The Tom Woods Show, The Survival Podcast Never got into MUDs much, when I joined Kesmai in 1995 all the games we had were graphical, and my earliest online game experiences were on the Plato system (1977) which were also graphical.
  14. No problem, now you folks need that EU fill it up! Somewhere between 50-60 simultaneous people the server starts to feel "alive" in my play. Based on last nights scale test we can support a multiple of that so come and break it please! We've got some interesting hot fixes coming this week too.
  15. Except we had to wipe skills too. But skill training will speed up with an upcoming hotfix. A lot.
  16. It will happen as soon as we stomp a few more bugs in 5.4!
  17. 1) no idea yet, though I hope Todd and Blair will let us know soon 2) no plans to "buff" old packages That was a wall-o-text!
  18. Contract support@crowfall.com since you did purchase in 2017.
  19. This is good stuff, we totally missed the real bug (relogging disconnects) while looking at the crazy routing going on. Thanks folks!
  20. Most people are not going to be affected by this, as there are <600 people with <$190k in outstanding layaways, in total <5% of our crowdfunding to date. That said, we were happy to offer this (nearly unique at the time) option to our backers as we know it helped some people get access to the package/item they wanted by spreading out the payments. We'll switch all remaining layaway balances to Crowns when the Crown store launches. The Crowns owed will be equivalent to what you could purchase the product for if you paid the cash balance left (people won't get any additional discount for paying in Crowns on your balance, that wouldn't be fair to the people who already purchased items just like the ones in layaway). So if you owe $25 the Crowns needed will be what you would purchase for $25, if you owe $100 or more the balance will be the Crowns you could purchase at the $100 level. Layaway will be retired at the end of the year, since no item in our store will exceed $200/Euros then.
  21. It's a byproduct of making the creation of guilds/early reservation of guild names a Kickstarter/crowdfunding reward. Just like our early testing is backer-only, creating guilds before the game is launched and persistent is something we want to limit to the committed folks who are helping us get the game created. The idea, just like testing the game itself, is for the entry-level price to continue going down over time... in this case, it will eventually go from real world to in-game currency. This was also one of the reasons that we decided to do that Guild Promotion; it gives the early guilds back a significant amount of Crowns to offset these costs after recruiting a few new players (or existing members of our community). We do want our early backers to start and run effective guilds. If we weren't and independent company and a crowdfunded game, it's very likely we'd have approached this differently. And you do make an excellent point; guilds are great for the game so eventually we want to remove barriers to new guilds being formed!
  22. We will transfer all wallet credits at the highest bonus rate we offer for Crowns which is 35% extra crowns, regardless of wallet size. So if you had $1 of wallet credit you get 135 Crowns, $10 becomes 1,350 Crowns, $100 results 13,500 Crowns, etc... Your $325 x 135 = 43,875 Crowns
  23. We'll be firing up the Sydney server again soon. I know the latency sucks when it's not live but we've been trying to concentrate folks for testing recently as we work on scaling up. I always directly email every backer in AUS/NZ and the rest of the Pacific Rim when we are bringing up the Australian server.
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