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  1. This is good stuff, we totally missed the real bug (relogging disconnects) while looking at the crazy routing going on. Thanks folks!
  2. Most people are not going to be affected by this, as there are <600 people with <$190k in outstanding layaways, in total <5% of our crowdfunding to date. That said, we were happy to offer this (nearly unique at the time) option to our backers as we know it helped some people get access to the package/item they wanted by spreading out the payments. We'll switch all remaining layaway balances to Crowns when the Crown store launches. The Crowns owed will be equivalent to what you could purchase the product for if you paid the cash balance left (people won't get any additional discount for paying in Crowns on your balance, that wouldn't be fair to the people who already purchased items just like the ones in layaway). So if you owe $25 the Crowns needed will be what you would purchase for $25, if you owe $100 or more the balance will be the Crowns you could purchase at the $100 level. Layaway will be retired at the end of the year, since no item in our store will exceed $200/Euros then.
  3. It's a byproduct of making the creation of guilds/early reservation of guild names a Kickstarter/crowdfunding reward. Just like our early testing is backer-only, creating guilds before the game is launched and persistent is something we want to limit to the committed folks who are helping us get the game created. The idea, just like testing the game itself, is for the entry-level price to continue going down over time... in this case, it will eventually go from real world to in-game currency. This was also one of the reasons that we decided to do that Guild Promotion; it gives the early guilds back a significant amount of Crowns to offset these costs after recruiting a few new players (or existing members of our community). We do want our early backers to start and run effective guilds. If we weren't and independent company and a crowdfunded game, it's very likely we'd have approached this differently. And you do make an excellent point; guilds are great for the game so eventually we want to remove barriers to new guilds being formed!
  4. We will transfer all wallet credits at the highest bonus rate we offer for Crowns which is 35% extra crowns, regardless of wallet size. So if you had $1 of wallet credit you get 135 Crowns, $10 becomes 1,350 Crowns, $100 results 13,500 Crowns, etc... Your $325 x 135 = 43,875 Crowns
  5. We'll be firing up the Sydney server again soon. I know the latency sucks when it's not live but we've been trying to concentrate folks for testing recently as we work on scaling up. I always directly email every backer in AUS/NZ and the rest of the Pacific Rim when we are bringing up the Australian server.
  6. On the day Beta and Softlaunch start, we'll put the money the current guild members that are backers and elgible in their guild bank. It's a one time thing. Every guild member that is a backer when we start Beta will generate 1k Crowns for the bank. At the start of Softlaunch, every guild member backer (who didn't already generate a reward at Beta) will generate 500 crowns for their guild bank. How guild members move is not relevant, it's which guild they are in on those two days, along their backer/non-backer status that matters.
  7. European backers with wallet credits should contact support@crowfall.com and we'll do the exchanges for them, since we're not allowed to give direct access until the wallets turn into crowns.
  8. Our rule of thumb was Layaways should be paid off within 15 months but we haven't held anyone to that deadline. We should do something about that, thanks for the reminder.
  9. We have no plans for Crowns to be earned via gameplay. Crowns will not be tradeable between players.
  10. We've done redemptions on certain items in the past. And we'll probably do so in the future. I can't speak to what items we will specifically allow in redemptions until we do them though.
  11. Right of Withdrawal is an EU legal construct, so it only applies to European customers. All inquiries about refunds should be routed to support@crowfall.com and handled there. Our Terms of Use (for your region) is linked at the bottom of every page of the crowfall.com website and section 24 relates to refunds. Thanks folks for chipping in, but I'm locking the thread as customer service interactions must be routed to email through support@crowfall.com.
  12. The answer to your "how the hell" questions can be found here: https://www.raphkoster.com/2017/09/28/ultima-onlines-influence/#more-31116 Also episode 90, 91 here: http://spamspamspamhumbug.com/ You'll probably be waiting quite a bit longer for UO2 (and UO2 was a subset of UO feature-wise btw). While I didn't kill UO2 personally, I did get to oversee the burial, as I was Exec Producer for the last 6-8 weeks. EA decided that Earth and Beyond, Sims Online and Motor City Online were better bets to continue funding at that time, even though UO2 had more experienced MMO developers than all the other games combined. They didn't want to wait for the time it needed to be completed. And frankly the EA/Origin Systems relationship was always chronically strained by the massive cultural differences, which didn't help anything. People from the UO2 team have worked on a lot of other MMO's since then though!
  13. Two things to try: 1) Run the launcher by right clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator" 2) If that doesn't work, put the Crowfall folder in your pre-existing Program Files x86 folder and run as Administrator again Thanks and sorry for the pre-installer issues like this!
  14. Yes, some of the team is attending Unite! It's here in Austin making that easy.
  15. Alpha 2 has been enabled for the new test environment so you can test the new 5.2.1 version. This requires a new installation, which you can download from crowfall.com/en/client. It will automatically give you the new version of the installer. This installer needs to be in a NEW FOLDER, call it Crowfall5 is our suggestion (do not overwrite your current test version) Once you run this new 5.2.1 version, if you want to run the older Crowfall test, you must go to Documents/Art+Craft/Crowfall and delete the settings file before running the older version. The new settings file is not compatible with the older version. You will get a black screen if you don't do this! Put bugs for 5.2.1 in the marked 5.2.1 bug threads please! Thanks! Gordon Walton
  16. We should have reset them with this patch, it was the plan but got missed when we ran late yesteday. We'll see if we can do this on Monday though.
  17. Every time we modify the contents of the strongholds, we'll need to wipe the EK's That will be happening with the next test, and is expected to happen a few more times this summer and fall. All your purchases get reset when we wipe the EK's so you can re-import them after the reset.
  18. When we are good and ready! (seriously when the final algorithmic maps are done) Location names are used for geographic features in the map Fallen Monarch names are used for both geographic features and for strongholds Fallen Hero names are used for Forts and Points of Interest Examples: "Pikes Peak", "Ralph's Keep", "Valor's Quarry" Fortunately the submitted names are much more creative than mine.
  19. Mistake! Fixed! Expect the test to start much earlier than the calendar though!
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