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  1. We hope we won't have a lot of downtime but it could happen. The lobby and EK's are up for people with BETA 1 and higher. We'll be testing again soon.
  2. We're going to run the Spot test until 9pm tonight. We're gathering performance numbers along with your bug reports to the bug / feedback thread under testing. Thanks!
  3. You need to re-install from scratch. crowfall.com/en/client
  4. Alpha 1 has been added to the Snap Test.
  5. Please contact support@crowfall.com if you have an issue!
  6. Always contact support@crowfall.com if you have a problem getting into the game!
  7. The design of the change is not yet complete. Once that is complete it will go into the web development queue, but behind the upcoming guild system. Wish I had more definitive news!
  8. We've had them before, and will have them again. Sydney is the location.
  9. Your system is probably OK, but send your dxdiag to support@crowfall.com to be sure.
  10. Seriously folks, if the testing gets you torqued up, take a break! We love hearing the feedback and suggestions, but if you find yourself getting burnt out or frustrated, please step away for a bit. You can make suggestions about a 1,000x faster than we can absorb your feedback and implement any changes. We've got a very full plate of things to develop yet, but you've seen more than once that we will slow down our progress to address serious issues that affect everyone. That said, we aren't focused on making everything in the game perfectly polished and fun right this moment. We're working to get enough of the game systems in place so that what Crowfall will become is more apparent to you and everyone else! Up until we get the full game loop of Crowfall in place, in most cases we're only iterating enough to get the systems to be representative. After then, and through launch and beyond we'll be iterating on most of the systems and content to make them more fun and engaging to play. We are only testing pieces of Crowfall in pre-alpha, and alpha will come when we have the majority of systems in place so that you are testing something that truly represents Crowfall! Thanks for bearing with the process of exposing our early development (this process is not for everyone!)! We think it's helping us make a better game though it is high friction on you and on us. We're constantly frustrated that we can't give you more and better Crowfall stuff soonest! But we love hearing what you think, particularly constructive criticism focused on making the experience better for current testers and future players.
  11. This was committed to a long time ago and is coming! Gordon
  12. Be sure and reach out to us at support@crowfall.com if you still have issues!
  13. This was fixed before the test started, sorry for the issue!
  14. A few things that could cause this: 1) make sure your Crowfall folder is either in Program Files x86 (or similar name, different in some versions of Windows) -or- on the desktop 2) run CrowfallUpdate as Administrator by right clicking on the program and selecting that option 3) Your firewall or anti-virus are either blocking the communication or the ability to write to your hard drive as it patches You can always reach out to support@crowfall.com for direct help!
  15. Slow framerate with a great card and two monitors - right-click your desktop; - select "Screen Resolution" (which apparently jumps to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Screen Resolution); - highlight the desired display in the interface; and - select the check-box for "Make this my main display." with the 3D card I hope this helps! Gordon
  16. Anyone with an ongoing patching issue should email us at support@crowfall.com. Thanks!
  17. For your situation, please check 1,3 and 4. I can use your dxdiag, a screen shot of the error if it is still failing the same way. If you can launch the client and it fails, I'll need a client log too! A few things to try: 1) Run crowfallupdate.exe as administrator by right clicking on the program and choosing the "Run as Administrator" option. 2) right click on Crowfallupdate.exe. Is there a menu item for graphics (normally 4th menu item)? Make sure you are set to a 3D card if so 3) Make sure your crowfall folder is in your Program Files x86 folder (and that you start by running crowfallupdate.exe) <== note, for most, but not all people this folder works on the Desktop, but these are the only two places for it to reside until we build an installer 4) Check that Windows Firewall (or other anti-virus and/or firewall software) is turned off for Crowfall so it can communicate with our servers (we need ports 80, 443 and 6900-6970 open bi-directionally) If it still doesn't work please send me the following 1) a screen shot of the screen you are on with the error 2) Run the system utility Dxdiag, (enter dxdiag on the search box from the Windows home page) then output the file and send us the dxdiag.txt file 3) (if they client is launching from the updater) Send me your latest Client log (client logs are in the CFTest folder and start with a date, these files look something like this: 2016-12-16_CrowfallClient_21932_MSI) Thanks! And sorry for the problem! Gordon
  18. The Contributor level folks aren't in testing yet. We'll get you in before the end of March though!
  19. We weren't that happy with last week's version, and got a lot of feedback on that versions performance issues. The things we were working on this week to improve it didn't pan out, so we made the hard call to forego this test. As those of you who test continuously know, we aren't afraid to show the warts that come along with rapid development, but when the movement/combat fun factor is degraded by performance problems, it's time for us to step back and concentrate on fixing these issues! Thanks for understanding!
  20. Been working on this all weekend (got the list of investors who'd cleared so far late Friday evening). Everyone with a crowfall.com account associated with their email is done, now I'm working on people who invested with a different email or had not created a crowfall.com account yet.
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