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  1. Wipes, like winter, are coming. We will wipe as needed for development purposes, and will have a final wipe before soft launch.
  2. We'll get the store fixed soon. Not every parcel we give out as part of a package is in the store yet. Thanks!
  3. We've committed that the Beta 1 backers will be in testing before the end of year. Beta 2 will get access sometime in early 2017 (1st quarter).
  4. Currently ~60 cells, target size ~400 cells. We'll see how it goes...
  5. VIP is just part of the value of the package. The stronghold in Gold provides most of the value, so much that we didn't include 2 VIP in the package. Gordon
  6. We hadn't gotten around to adding $2m in licensing and we raised another $500k in capital last month. it will be up on the site tomorrow.
  7. We are in a transition currently from Emergent Payments for the EU to Travian. We are showing all-in pricing now per EU regulations, but Emergent is still showing dollar totals so you get a mixed message there. In about a month we will be on a new system that is local currencies end-to-end. Sorry for the confusion, and it you believe you have be charged incorrectly we'd love to work with you at support@crowfall.com.
  8. And when we do video-only updates some people want the write-up only! It's a good suggestion, as people often absorb information better from one medium over another. I don't know that we have the bandwidth to always do this but we are aware of the issue.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me the conclusions people draw reading between the lines of what we say. (rather than just the things we say) VIP won't be right for everyone, we never expected it would be. Some people will get multiple accounts, because that is conducive to their play style. Some people will play one archetype, because that is their play style. One size does not fit all.
  10. OK Will do. P.S. NetEase is (IMO) the most experienced and highest quality MMO developer in China. I'm not surprised Blizzard chose to work with them based on my own due diligence.
  11. This livestream is not for everyone! (sorry, couldn't resist)
  12. We don't have a firm plan beyond PC currently. We hope to do console at some point post-launch of the PC if the demand is there.
  13. Please contact support@crowfall.com with download issues.
  14. Since that system design hasn't been rolled out, this won't be the place to get those answers. I like the idea of a thread about all the ideas, but that belongs in the suggestions forum.
  15. This is not the place for date announcements (unless it's repeating one that has already been made). There will be announcement on this when it's ready.
  16. The answer to most problems is email support@crowfall.com. We try to help people!
  17. You'll definitely get email from us (and it will be in the weekly newsletter and on the website) when we open beta testing.
  18. I don't think we have a fixed plan for launch already in mind. We'll be very agile about the process rather than have some monolithic plan that will never survive contact with reality. As the game comes together we'll all see how it plays and we're going to be fine with pure organic growth in the beginning. We don't actually want to grow crazy fast, until we have the game in a great state. For most large multiplayer games like this that takes at least a few months after launch, and often several months. If anything, I worry about people piling in too fast before the game experience is where we'd like it to be. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Almost every recent major MMO has ended up with a million+ people piling in at launch (often driven my launch marketing hoping for that outcome of course). Only to lose most of them within a few months. I'm sure many people here have that experience. Our game is targeted at a specific subset of MMO players. So we don't expect (or want) really giant numbers in the beginning, and we encourage you as our backers to only introduce us to the players who are going to be right for Crowfall, rather than every possible player out there. Longer term, of course we want our game to be appreciated by as many people as possible, but not at the expense of trying to make it a game that appeals to every possible player. We want players who want to affect the world they play in and are willing to accept the consequences of that type of environment. We want players that don't need every hand-holding, on-the-rails option in their game feature set, but in instead want consequences in their gaming experience. You, our early believers and backers, will help us stay on target to build that game vision through your feedback. We appreciate this more than you probably know! Thanks!
  19. This was reported early on which is why we were limiting thing. The ways to do it were blocked. The people that took advantage of it did lose any ill-gotten gains (still a few in progress).
  20. This has and is being addressed. If you have issue about any cheat you should bring it to customer service directly at support@crowfall.com. The forums are not for discussing cheats.
  21. We are going to revisit the title system given the changes to the new modular parcel/stronghold system. Todd assures me if you would have gotten a title before based on the combination of parcel/stronghold/vassal system you'll still get it under the new system, though it's not ready to talk about publicly yet. I hope this helps!
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