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    I have been a huge fan of MMORPGs for years. In my opinion no other game type ever comes close to the satisfaction of completing goals or having fights in a world with thousands of other players around you. I am also a huge fan of tabletop RPGs so i am very familiar with many different lore and rule systems that most mmos derive from. I am also a very dedicated Game of Thrones fan so a MMO with a major AGOT theme sounds great! Looking forward to season 5 and the beta release of Crowfall!
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  1. The one thing that I have a problem with is that it seems to me like guns are only usable by this archetype. I am always agains class locked items since every archetype has the phisical capability to pull a trigger I really hope a knight could potentially weird a pistol, even if they aren't naturaly good at it. This goes for the frost weaver weapon as well since I have no idea what that is
  2. They could also let us customize flags I would really like to brand what is mine on the map
  3. I want to build walls right in front of peoples doors making their castles obsolete
  4. If there are more of them than of you > Make allies Solved
  5. The more that is permanent , the better. You can always delete and make a new character lol I think everyone should learn the long and hard way to make exactly what they want
  6. A centaur who can "Lead" a group of players into battle and easily run across the field. I am defiantly going to try and make a centaur leader (As tanky as possible) for my main character
  7. I love the dwarf at the end who was thrown off the bridge!
  8. Just remember that tunneling to enemy groups could easily backfire if they decide to use it to get behind your own forces
  9. I wanna see some great large scale strategy warfare. Marching Formations Strategic Structures Archetype Combinations Running supplies through warfare (grunt work if features like limited ammo or instant building are available in the game) I would also really like to stalk other battles I'm not involved in and try to steal from either side.
  10. I think this is an awesome way to progress in the game through multiple campaigns. I think the game could be a little dull if after the first campaign your main character is completely built and finished.
  11. I want to marry off my friends to make alliances!
  12. As long as they break the stigma of WOW clones being the only new MMOs out there, I am going to be a full supporter of Crowfall
  13. I don't think in a open world game I would EVER go hands free I think the Dreggs will have enough murderers to get people looking for routes far away from roads
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