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  1. Habrá servidores Europeos cuando salga el juego. "We'll have European servers at launch. And I'm working to make sure they are localized too." http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3299-022715-distributionhosting-outside-of-north-america-for-crowfall/?p=90384
  2. What about a mix of those two concepts, Overtime and people being able to travel to that world. When a team/guild meets the victory conditions the campaign does not automatically end. A sort of countdown starts before the world is destroyed. During this period players from other worlds can travel to this world if they desire so. This way maybe allies can be called in to help and change the situation, there is rivalry with the team that is going to win from other campaigns, or whatever the reason it is to join. If the team that was winning is still winning at the end of this period, the world is destroyed. If not, it means that there is action again in that world so the campaign continues.
  3. The answer from JToddColeman there: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3101-question-about-the-scope-of-the-kickstarter-campaign/?p=77717
  4. So far the only way I can think of for the dregs to not become another GvG is the rewards of winning the campaign not to be worth it for Guilds. A guild that wins a campaign in the sadow can take back X% of the resources, rewards, items, whatever. Even though the stuff in the drags should be better to compensate for the more difficult world, the fact that only one or a very limited number of players can win the campaign and profit from it should make it more beneficial for a big guild to participate and put their efforts in GvG.
  5. Regarding point C. Ok so you leveled up your character the usualy grind way. You are done with your progression, what motivation do you have for doing stuff now? To me the answer in both cases, the motivation to do stuff in the game should be because you have fun playing it.
  6. What will be the difference between the Dregs and GvG? The way to score and win the campaign? Also I'm reading many people saying that they will play in the Dregs looking for smaller scale combat but will be there something actually stoping huge guilds from rolling all over the Dregs? Or is it that the Shadow will be more beneficial to guilds due to the rewards of a guild win vs an individual win?
  7. I quoted that because I think this is what they are trying to avoid with the pasive training system. This is a game and it is supposed to be fun. They are focusing the satisfaction of the "hard work" to come in the form of campaign victories, team work within guilds/alliances and personal skill improvement instead of in enduring tasks that until somebody comes with a different formula end up being monotonous most of the time. We've all played many many mmos and most of them feel like a chore at one point or another, something to "grind", filled with tedious tasks that you have to survive to get to the fun part. Obviously different people has different tastes but since I can remember, the repetition of leveling skills has been so tedious for so many people that running macros AFK turned to the norm to actually get to enjoy the game cause nobody likes to get their butt kicked just because of the level of their character. I think in Crowfall they are trying that the people actually plays the game from the beggining because it is fun instead of focusing on repeating the same thing over and over and find the ways to deal with the grind faster to be done with it and actually enjoy the game. And let's be honest. if there is a 0.0005 of a skill that can be higher everybody will focus on getting that cause that will be the reason I die and not that I am really bad player. After my character is maxed it will be lag or people cheating
  8. Bards suck http://youtu.be/5KVy73OR3XY Sorry, could not help it, bards always remind me of that movie
  9. I'm really intrigued by this archetype. So far we can see them using three different kinds of "weapons". There is the ice blade tied with some sort of chain or rope. we can see them using magic and in the kickstarter video at around 3:50 there is one with a bow. So far I would say they won't be ideal tanks due to the low strength on the stats displayed. Maybe something like ranged DPS physical and magical, shorter range DPS but not exactly melee (wonder how long that chain goes), support with CC skills ice related? So many possibilities, for all we know they could make an ice shield and smack people in the face or be a really fast dps dual wielding ice weapons
  10. Como dice zarhen, no contaría con ello al menos para el lanzamiento. Localizar un juego es un proceso bastante caro y no es para nada prioritario en un juego de estas características y con una financiación limitada. La mayor posibilidad de que se traduzca sería en el caso de que dejen el juego en manos de publishers en ciertas regiones, una idea que me aterroriza por el mal que le podría hacer eso al juego. Si el juego despierta mucho interés en la comunidad hispanohablante, siempre queda la posibilidad de una traducción mediante "crowdsourcing" aunque la calidad de las traducciones en principio no sería la ideal. Depende del número de personas involucradas y la cantidad de líneas de texto del juego tardaría bastante con el reto añadido de tener español de Latinoamérica y de España. Aunque no lo traduzcan, este juego va a estar bastante centrado en PVP así que no creo que no entender muy bien inglés sea un problema y si tienes dudas para eso está la comunidad o si te unes a un clan alguien te echará una mano seguro.
  11. Acabaré probando muchos de ellos. Nunca había tenido tanto problema para decidirme pero con la información que hay por ahora, de 12 arquetipos al menos la mitad me parecen muy interesantes.
  12. inako

    Mortal Online

    Might give it another chance. Last time I played it didn't have that many features in and the performance was horrible for me. Edit: Just logged in the website, account created on July 2009. Wow I didn't know if had been these many years.
  13. Any major differences with other MOBA games? In general I'm not a big fan of the clickfest, guess that's why Smite is the only one that kept me playing for a little bit.
  14. I am really surprised. I have to say the bits that have been shown look really good for a pre-alpha.
  15. Every time I read about Shadowbane I die inside a little. Looks like I missed something great on that game. Hopefully Crowfall will have all the good things from Shadowbane and eve improve on it.
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