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  1. I'm sure Europe will smash the $165k stretch goal... I know Gordon has already announced European servers for launch but European beta servers will be very nice.
  2. Where do we buy our Crowfall backer t-Shirts?! Google won't tell me!
  3. That's great news, I have some friends that missed out yesterday. I'll tell them to shift their asses.
  4. No seriously... Is there a Crowfall thread on YOUR guild site? Did you and your friends like Crowfall on facebook? Are you chatting about Crowfall in teamspeak/ventrilo/mumble/etc? If we want this game built, now is when WE can do our bit and spread the word. just sayin'
  5. Thank you for letting us be involved in the process and I'm looking forward to Meeting everyone in Alpha 1.
  6. I've been watching Crowfall from the sidelines the entire time. I'm in the UK sat at my keyboard ready, having taken the afternoon off work. There's a bottle of bud in the fridge with my name on it and in another hour from now it will be opened and enjoyed while I endure the final 5 minutes of anticipation. VERY EXCITED!
  7. My PvP experience in Shadowbane has not been matched by anything that I have played since. Play to crush and .!.. to the carebears.
  8. If I have the opportunity I would be delighted to share in the development of Crowfall. The development team pedigree is legendary.
  9. Oh Death server, you have so much to answer for. I had great times playing with Free Corps and eventually forming The Black Company (TBC) with some other centaur infatuated nuts and helping kick the remnants of Lords of Death (LoD) from the server before it was closed. I played as Nantglyn (Aelfborn Ranger) and Kiger (Centaur Prelate). Death server game me my very first PvP experience. Well actually I was ganked and robbed whilst leveling at bears by a guy I had spent the entire afternoon leveling with! I couldn't believe what had happened! Hi to anyone that might remember me.
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