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  1. ... the EKs were available during maintenance.
  2. I'm clearly not very bright and have found the packages I bought a bit confusing as to what rewards I've got. I originally bought a KS Backer and then upgraded it to an Amber 2015. I looked in my account under rewards and it says I have "One month VIP" with a quantity of 36. It also says "One month VIP - Bonus" with a quantity of 3. Does this mean I have 39 months VIP? Also, do we get Crowns for VIP and if so when? I noted that I currently have 3,000 crowns available at the Crowfall shop but I'm unsure why. Thanks to anyone with the patience to explain this too me.
  3. I signed up as a recruit for KDS a little over a week ago and I'm pleased I did. Friendly, welcoming and informative. This is an organised military style guild that hasn't lost sight of the fact we're playing a game to have fun! With a very active voice comms I have enjoyed coordinated guild PvP on several occasions and I have been incorporated in to longer term plans for the guild in game. Within such a short time feel I belong to a great community. Thanks for accepting my application.
  4. Very happy with my decision to apply to KDS! Very active, friendly and welcoming guild. I've been a recruit for a little over a week and have experienced PvP training with the guild almost every other day. The officers really know their stuff and have been very willing to help answer questions and offer guidance. Voice comms is very active and generally filled with laughter but there's no messing about when it comes to getting stuck in to PvP.
  5. I've yet to see a successful campaign group use melee
  6. I guess I'm currently looking a the current campaign meta and seeing melee classes fall by the wayside and left out. My thoughts on smaller groups is that there will be a limit to the number of players willing to play healer classes thereby increasing the need for more survivable melees.
  7. In my experience larger groups tend to lend themselves to a skillless AoE fest, whereas smaller groups are closer nit and can offer their own form of utility. I think 4 would be a good group size.
  8. ... the developers have a race/class balance patch update that they release with launch and decimated the current meta? 🤣
  9. This is has been my experience returning to the game and learning what I can ready for launch.
  10. I wanted Shadowbane 2, this feels like Shadowbane 2 and I'm happy. I played Shadowbane beta through to the servers closing... and beyond. The game at first release changed significantly before it closed and I don't doubt Crowfall will be the same.
  11. I'm sure Europe will smash the $165k stretch goal... I know Gordon has already announced European servers for launch but European beta servers will be very nice.
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