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  1. So this is how bad it has become, huh? I go away for a few months and Panncakes is still at the helm slipping further into psychopathy. Yeesh. Good luck with your game there boys and girls... it's going to be horrible at this rate.
  2. I think the only issue with the current system is latency. A free aim system is ideal under quality conditions. The testing so far has not provided quality conditions.
  3. I didn't leave out a band... we have five bands. Two of them are outer bands, two of them are inner bands. One is right smack in the middle. Perhaps this is your problem? I am sure it will be a gradual increase in quality and quantity by the way. The Dregs will have stuff Shadow does not (most likely), and then on down (or out) the line. Calling the information provided by others "so called evidence" is akin to being a climate denier or an intelligent design supporter. Belief thankfully has no bearing on truth. You and Urahara should get together and talk about how strong your sides argume
  4. You understand him wrong, and those pictures. Outer bands = EK and Gods Reach. Those will not have the best resources. The Shadows and The Dregs will.
  5. Classic Canth... gets proven wrong and then decides to agree to disagree... I am shocked at how little understanding there is about EKs and their relationship to the campaign worlds. I find them pretty straight foward myself. If you have any questions you can ask me.
  6. Fine print is awesome, look at how quickly people don't read it...
  7. You should like it, it is your image! Nice work on it Noc
  8. Hello new Crowfall members! We at The Dregs really want to know what you are looking forward to the most when it comes to Crowfall! We ask the question to help you get involved in the community and potentially win the ability to post on the main forums without spending your hard earned dollars! We have a little contest going, and we are focused on getting you active here on the official forums. We will be giving away 5x 2015 Supporter Packages to those Guests whose names are drawn. While the contest linked above does end, we hope you continue to contribute to this vibrant community! So
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings all Crowfall members! We at The Dregs are looking forward to the opening of pre-alpha for our testing pleasure! We understand that the streams and videos posted around the internet will spark some more discussion than normal and we wanted to give you a chance to get in on the action! Given that these forums require a pledge package in order to post and share your thoughts and feedback, we are going to open up the gates and give away a few packages to our new Crowfall members! In order to qualify for the packag
  10. We will be hosting a video platform for all streamers and video makers to get involved with. Feel free to check it out now before the flood of videos arrive! http://www.thedregs.net/video/
  11. I really thought this thread was about an an entirely different set of toys...
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