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  1. Hello new Crowfall members! We at The Dregs really want to know what you are looking forward to the most when it comes to Crowfall! We ask the question to help you get involved in the community and potentially win the ability to post on the main forums without spending your hard earned dollars! We have a little contest going, and we are focused on getting you active here on the official forums. We will be giving away 5x 2015 Supporter Packages to those Guests whose names are drawn. While the contest linked above does end, we hope you continue to contribute to this vibrant community! So
  2. Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Unfortunately not yet. Depending on how much you can afford, you could be playing very soon though!
  3. Welcome sir! We might kill you before Beta2, but it is all in good fun right? Right...? No.......? Damn :/
  4. Join us on thedregs.net for a good time ;)

  5. Join us at thedregs.net! I'll show you a good time ;)

  6. Welcome Draco! Wish you some fun times here and good luck trying to bring more PvE to the game (because you will have one hell of a fight).
  7. He posted it over at thedregs.net, for what it is worth. I can see where he thought it was a joke, but I can also see why Ellie took it seriously.
  8. I suppose it is back now!

  9. Nothing missed at all. Most likey you will find small modifiers on gear or through promotion classes... also the advantage/disadvantages system. That will allow you to create good or bad stat builds as you try things out. Then you can maximize your potential and/or fill gaps with gear or other potential enhancement. They probably aren't 100% ready to discuss this, but I could be wrong.
  10. We don't really know at this time.
  11. I really wish people would stop looking at my profile. I don't need or want this many enemy stalkers!

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    2. Adall



    3. Altram
    4. Adall


      Powerbox, you have been reported for stalking.

  12. Going camping in Crowfall this weekend!

  13. DEATH TO TO!

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