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  1. You're forgetting The Infected. This means 3 out 5 bands (if you count the EK's as a band) will have rare resources. The quote from Zinnie still holds true with the quality and quantity improving towards the higher difficulty with God's Reach that won't have them and The Infected that will have. But I don't interpret that the higher difficulty bands will have exclusive rare resources that the lower bands won't have.


    But, the 'so called evidence' that people have provided can clearly be interpreted in different ways. That should be clear by now with the back and forth between me and several others. So until we (officially) can get things cleared up it's pointless to keep discussing this and thus I said lets agree to disagree. This has nothing to do with me being a "Classic Canth". I said also that if I'm proven wrong on this I would acknowledge that. But so far, I have not.


    I didn't leave out a band... we have five bands. Two of them are outer bands, two of them are inner bands. One is right smack in the middle. Perhaps this is your problem? I am sure it will be a gradual increase in quality and quantity by the way. The Dregs will have stuff Shadow does not (most likely), and then on down (or out) the line.


    Calling the information provided by others "so called evidence" is akin to being a climate denier or an intelligent design supporter. Belief thankfully has no bearing on truth. You and Urahara should get together and talk about how strong your sides arguments are. It should make for a very quality interaction.

  2. I understand that in the way that Jihan says that there wont be higher tier ressources at the Dregs than in the Infected. He says only the quantity gets higher, but not the quality.

    Thats how I understand Jihan.

    And the pictures from the Kickstarter which I posted above are saying so as well.

    You understand him wrong, and those pictures. Outer bands = EK and Gods Reach. Those will not have the best resources.


    The Shadows and The Dregs will.

  3. Its fine, I knew I wasn't going to be able to convince you anyways, since you have had 4-5 different people in this thread telling you how it is, and you still wont believe it.

    I bet if GW came in here and confirmed it, you would disagree with him as well?


    How do I turn it off?

    Press the button.

  4. Hello new Crowfall members!


    We at The Dregs really want to know what you are looking forward to the most when it comes to Crowfall! We ask the question to help you get involved in the community and potentially win the ability to post on the main forums without spending your hard earned dollars! We have a little contest going, and we are focused on getting you active here on the official forums. We will be giving away 5x 2015 Supporter Packages to those Guests whose names are drawn. While the contest linked above does end, we hope you continue to contribute to this vibrant community!


    So please tell us...


    What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?

  5. giveaway_720.jpg


    Greetings all Crowfall members!

    We at The Dregs are looking forward to the opening of pre-alpha for our testing pleasure! We understand that the streams and videos posted around the internet will spark some more discussion than normal and we wanted to give you a chance to get in on the action! Given that these forums require a pledge package in order to post and share your thoughts and feedback, we are going to open up the gates and give away a few packages to our new Crowfall members!

    In order to qualify for the package we only ask that you post your answer to the title question in this thread, "What do you look forward to most in Crowfall?" An answer from an individual without a package (Guests) will enter them into the contest for a chance to win one of the packages we have reserved. If they also register at The Dregs under the same user name and contributes to the forums, they will earn an additional entry. Each individual can only receive a maximum of two entries for the contest. At the end of the entry period we will be randomly pulling names for whom to give the packages.

    In addition to the main contest, we are also hosting a caption contest for everyone (INCLUDING CURRENT BACKERS) to join in on. The best caption as voted on by the development team at The Dregs will receive a 2015 Backer bundle which includes a variety of great perks!

    In total we are giving away:

    Main Contest (Guests)
    - 5x 2015 Supporter Packages

    Caption Contest (Everyone)
    - 1x 2015 Backer Package - 1st Prize
    - 1x 2015 Contributor Package - Runner Up

    Our goal is to get you up and running in this amazing community and hopefully provide wonderful feedback on what you see so we can all assist in making Crowfall a great game!

    Main Contest Thread

    Caption Contest Thread


    Good luck!

    Contestants are limited to one prize per person. Entries will be drawn through the use of a random number generator. If a duplicate name is drawn, the generator will be ran again until a new name is pulled. All 2015 Supporter Package prizes are reserved for the Official Forum newly registered users without a package. 2015 Backer and 2015 Contributor Packages will be gifted to the winner and runner up (respectively) of the caption contest located at www.thedregs.net. Contest ends 9.30.2015 and winners will be drawn and announced by 10.10.2015.

  6. Used to abbreviating queue to "que" from years of WoW arena. Made a bit of a mistake there.


    Guess you wouldn't know about those from all those years of writing absolutely flawless code lmao.

    The reason for the cap is to get everyone in. This obviously means that there will be a very limited amount of tests and their math said on average that is 25 matches per player. For fairness and diversity of testing feedback they want players to have a maximum number of experiences to allow everyone a similar scope in that limited window.


    A 'que' wouldn't really allow them that goal.

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