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  1. I love all the speculative fear long before release.
  2. I would like a Peasant archtype. Pitchfork and torch like a boss.
  3. It would be awesome to know how many people have registered for the #bata so far. Also would be good to know the size of each group. Perhaps 6 is the most recent, but it could be early and small compared to group 20 in a few months as more register!
  4. UO was a great PvP game and you could teleport anywhere in the world...
  5. I'd rather a corpse to rummage through (one item on screen) vs. the entire contents of a dead man's inventory (most likely at least ten items on screen). Imagine after a big battle all that rendering of items everywhere.
  6. Just need ranged projectiles anyone can use, like explosion potions from UO!
  7. So my wife and I are learning about the game here, and we are both Chrome users. I effectively removed internet explorer from my system, but she still has it on hers. Both of us are having difficulty getting any information on the website to show up. Any links from the forums to website pages work, but navigated through in the Chrome browser yields no results. My wife pulled up IE and the site seems to work. Is this a current web build issue or has this been a problem for a while? Please note this issue or advise on any fixes, thank you!
  8. I bet group 6 goes second in the #bata
  9. Hey #bata bata bata bata bata! They will announce Crowfund, an in-house, crowd-source specific, big data analytics team set to find alternate strategies to kickstarter for funding development. (Insert more business/tech buzzwords here)
  10. BATA GROUP 6 is going to take down Osata Bata Latan
  11. Hello everyone! I have been playing MMO's since Ultima Online. It ranks as my favorite, with DAoC and Shadowbane as close followers with the PvP they allowed. WoW was also a blast, but on another level. Looking forward to what this game can be, so far the early looks are amazing!
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