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  1. I was just taking a jab at Canth and Ziz for their manta about how conversations such as these are complaining. I figured the excessive '?!?!?!' would come off as sarcasm.
  2. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8400-crowd-control-and-resolve/ My thoughts are in this thread.
  3. Adall


    I have a pies across from my house... that is dangerous.
  4. I will really need to see what path I want to take and which archetype is the most viable. Basic lore and discussion currently point to the asexual stone midgets.
  5. I belive thet mentioned the attacks have to connect... that would be insane if you could combo spam with no risk.
  6. Why can't you just wait and let the devs work without all this complaining?!?!!?!?! P.S. I think your request is reasonable! This is not a good idea. The more visible this mechanic is the more advantage each layer gets. If it is visible to the player only, he has an advantages knowing exactly when his immunity timer will pop. If to enemies as well, they will know when not to cast CC abilities that will end up null. This is one item that should follow a true player skill line, a bullet count if you will. Through play experience and being aware of what has happened to you the player will better understand his own mechanics through the CC he has suffered, but nothing will tell him directly.
  7. Adall

    Who Is The Red Head?

    @headlight you have competition...
  8. Because you can't assess anything on paper, at all, ever... nope, not once has anything ever been figured out to be flawed or wrong without direct hands on experience. Plenty of people here have tested games before, and I am sure most are clear that the 15 second timer is subject to change. That doesn't mean you just sit back and wait for it to change... you recognize it as flawed based on prior testing and game experience. What about the above is so hard for you to understand? Every thread you come out swinging against those who are actually testing what we know and providing meaningful feedback. I would say that the only one not testing is you, everyone else is number crunching and applying experience to their aruguments. That is called constructve criticism, and that is testing feedback. It is valuable, even on a theoretical paper scale... you need to stop denouncing it as a bad thing.
  9. I strongly agree with this. You can also take it a step further and have hard and soft CC operate differently. A root or a snare still allows people to act... allow for some sort of cleansing from these rather than CC immunities.
  10. That is a great info dump on CC. Most of this we have in buts and pieces already, but having a consolidated source with new info is great! Thanks, time to go update the community wiki!
  11. I agree, Crowfall needs some serious work in the security apartment. They can't even stop spambots from accessing the forum...
  12. I believe the term is "creative accounting."
  13. Yeah I am kind of shocked this is still a thing. Imagine if they had duping bugs at hedgefunds...
  14. Adall


    Oh cool, fresh meat!
  15. That is verbal abuse... no matter how you want to spin it. We all know how your IRC channel is, your guys would love that prison server.
  16. Right, so if you are horrible at the game and act like a piece of poorly made socks... we can call you on that all day long... so long as it is in game and isn't related to anything outside of the game.
  17. You should have been more specific then.
  18. Pretty sure verbal abuse is allowed in game. Secondary accounts much?
  19. Mr. Hawk was a real head strong kinda guy. You guys really added a filter for that? Jesus...
  20. This idea doesn't really work and Uya detailed it well. Canth really just wants this so all the people she hates here can't pester her anymore. You will have to do some pretty stupid poorly made socks to get banned from CF in game. This server will be a ghost town.
  21. I agree. I worry about account security due to this and that recent e-mail slip up. Tragic...
  22. A real suggestion from a real community member.
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