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  1. Actually yeah, it is order of backing all the way... I had to read that again... I am fine with that.
  2. Adall

    I'm Back

    I honestly noticed you were gone. Thought we scared you away
  3. First come first served. Besides, none of this matters until release unless they allow us to keep alpha/beta characters/guilds.
  4. Thanks for the handout! Not sure my top hat gets one of these though
  5. I always felt Tony had more pipe skills than Mike, but Mike was a better freeskate especially riding the rails.
  6. Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Unfortunately not yet. Depending on how much you can afford, you could be playing very soon though!
  7. We just hit 100 members! Wow! Thank you to all of you who have come to enjoy the real talk so far. I hope more of you join us soon! Special thanks to Wormboy for being the big 100! You get a hug from all of us, a big ol' fat hug from a bunch of dirty, sweaty centaurs and their toothpicks.
  8. We already know FF is disabled in God's Reach. I do get what Hamo is saying though... If you have an ability that is balanced around friendly fire being a thing... and you allow it to have the same level of power in non-friendly fire worlds... that could create issues.
  9. Welcome sir! We might kill you before Beta2, but it is all in good fun right? Right...? No.......? Damn :/
  10. Join us on thedregs.net for a good time ;)

  11. Good luck around here partner.
  12. Join us at thedregs.net! I'll show you a good time ;)

  13. There is a reason very small companies don't go public...
  14. I agree with you, my concern is the urgency to reach out to a capital raising company. Obviously this has felt slow to them and they expected more or need more. I do believe the other $125k backed out as well. That is why I feel something is just a bit off here. If this was a publically traded company these would be very concerning items. So why the urgency? My guess is they feel they are behind and need those resources now to hire who they need to meet the deadlines they have in place from kickstarter and their investor promise of December 31st, 2016.
  15. No we just read it differently, I would see this as not good in terms of a company releasing a financial statement. They were already at 70% of their goal as of July 22nd. They haven't budged at all and found a company to lower the bar for them. This tells me they were struggling to get any additional individuals to pony up at the current thresholds. 60% as of June 17th and 50% as of June 3rd when they announced it to us. The going is slow which shows they are struggling. They are reaching out to a capital partner for the last $300,000.00, which tells me they need help. Regardless, I wished them luck.
  16. Sounds like you are struggling to get anyone to invest. Hopefully you can find a few more willing to dump the lesser amount. Lykke til!
  17. You can always e-mail support@artcraftent.com and find out!
  18. If I am following you correctly, no. You can sell anything to anyone else inside the same CW, once you are in however... that is it. You don't get to take anything out until you win (or in some cases lose) and you cannot add more items in (all imports will be severely limited as well). Once that happens the item is in the EK, you can sell it or trade it there. If someone wants to bring it into a CW they will have to do so on their first entry into the CW. I hope that makes sense.
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