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  1. I think the meaningful way will be to use those items in the campaigns to your advantage. You really shouldn't be stockpiling your winnings until you have already won. After that, real money transactions or general trade for those who want to make pretty EK worlds will be a source of wealth generation in game or out of game for the winners of the campaign who don't care to create their own worlds. Also guilds will be able to take advantage to help bolster recruitment (hey look, we won a bunch of campaigns and have a stellar EK now, come play with us if you can pass our massive vetting process).
  2. With the ability to toggle PvP and only invite certain people, most of what was mentioned above will certainly be able to exist as it is too.
  3. EKs are the cash crop design, this is quite obvious when you consider they are attempting to ensure campaigns cannot be pay to win and yet they need to have a cash shop. EKs will sort of be the social fiber, but in reality the first interactions and social networking that happens will take place in the campaign worlds entirely. These are the meaty interactions, the ones that really matter. The EKs are the bar after the game so to speak (I believe Todd put it that way after clarifying that it wasn't the soccer season) and will certainly contain social aspects... but if the majority of the game play is in the campaigns, that will also be the majority of socializing.
  4. They stated they wanted about 20 sub guilds total, not sure if each of those are capable of having a full 300 members as well. The maximum cap for that will end up at 6280 if subguilds are required to take up a membership slot in the primary guild (which I believe they stated was how it worked).
  5. Firstly, do you have proof of being able to subscribe to another guilds chat? I haven't see that as an option and I would love to snag a quote. Second, you fail to recognize that if you want to play with an alternate character in another campaign that you have no chance of winning or contributing directly to a team unless they have something else planned. I think one account per guild is perfectly fine if we can find a solution for others to take a meaningful part in additional campaigns with alternate characters among different social groups and styles.
  6. Welcome Draco! Wish you some fun times here and good luck trying to bring more PvE to the game (because you will have one hell of a fight).
  7. Guilds have maximum caps of around 300 folks... you cannot just have one mega guild. Still not sure why my solution doesn't work.
  8. This isn't the carebearization of Crowfall... With this decision there is almost no reason to play an alternate character on any other server except for the faction servers as you have no direct access to the winnings of the Shadow or the Dregs servers without being able to band together. The compromise I am asking for is for someway to affiliate yourself with a group of people, even if you are still tied to your guild for all intents and purposes, for multiple reasons. Those reasons include but are not limited to: Friend groups. Roleplay guilds. Playing on a server entirely away from your guild and needing a group to roll with. My compromise is to allow people to still have access to a teams winning potential in other campaigns even if not directly tied to a guild. This is a problem they can solve and it truly is the only compromise that would be needed. It keeps the accounts tied to guilds and it allows players who would like other affiliations the ability to group up for fun. This game isn't going to be serious business 24/7 to but a very small minority of players. Not sure why the above is a bad idea, please feel free to digest and dissect.
  9. They will maintain enough to keep buffs and sell the rest for in game or real life cash.
  10. Given almost half of this thread is VN and he does not quantify as an overwhelming majority for this decision, I will state that there are enough people who care or are indifferent and would prefer others have options to note that there needs to be a compromise somewhere. You need the ability to play in campaigns with alts and still function as a contributor to the cause even if your guild has no presence. If they have one in the works... awesome. If they don't, let's come up with one.
  11. Perhaps not that due to the homophobic slur... but I am sure you can get pretty roudy with your guild names. I do like how quoting the filter shows the word though, that is a neat bug.
  12. Knulle deg og dine stereotypier. Du vil være noe mer enn den dritt på skoene mine.
  13. You come up with a new one or pay the person who stole it?
  14. What a naive statement. Not sure why just because you didn't think of it, you don't believe others had.
  15. Armor type, dye and a few different character creation options.
  16. You really don't think people have not had the idea to guild name camp/player name camp?
  17. No because that system isn't open yet.
  18. I would say spell "y'all" appropriately. Other than that, the game is mostly fine so far and nothing else really stands out as bad from what we currently know about gameplay. Other facets have some issues, but gameplay looks good!
  19. Anonadall ready for action Ma'am!
  20. Right, most people wanted no text... I see text. Perhaps I misinterpreted that...
  21. I see you went with the original design for the t-poorly made sockss... Why do we give feedback again? I think a Monday newsletter is a better idea, but overall I don't think it will matter that much. More package upgrades are cool. Time to pick up that 2015 bloodstone!
  22. You are saying MF/Sheen/Vikingnail is Donald Trump? I guess that makes sense now...
  23. There is some good progress here. Loving the simplicity of the UI and yet it also seems customizable. It is a nice combination of new and old values in UI development. The knight video wasn't really anything special. I assume the ripple from the shield slam and the leap swirls are both placeholders for some dust stuff? We do seem a long way from that physics-based weighty combat... I wish you luck getting there!
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