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  1. Formatting and links to specific parts of our community... Picture centered (not going to do that on mobile): The Dregs Crowfall Community Discussion - Live Chat - Wiki - Marketplace (Bottom four all links). Can you give me a reason why more than two URLs IS an issue? @tyrant because I love challenging authority on frivolous rules
  2. If they add taming like they plan to, everyone can be a pet class. I assume it will be discipline based, but also it could end up archetype based. The future has yet to be revealed to me...
  3. Thank you for working on this. Perhaps now there will be fewer Vikingnail posts as a result of him not being able to flood topics anymore. Oh wait...
  4. If 99% of all games after WoW are all about convenience, then I am glad I am advocating for a UO, DAoC, or SB system!
  5. Adall

    Skill Caps

    I think for a game like Crowfall you are already limited by your choices. In a game like UO, you could do anything you wanted with your avatar. He or she was a clean slate and you developed how you wanted. There were no classes, just optimal skill sets for combat. Here is is a bit different. You will be able to reach cap in all of your skills available for your class. Want to increase the cap for some of them? Pick the right promotiom class, but once you do you are stuck with it. Need a little more? Disciplines! Add the three you want and train up further. If by chance you want to change your disciplines, be prepared to have to skill up the replacement. Your choices will matter, and if you like your choices you will be able to hit the skill cap in all skills available for your character. This will take a while, but that is the design around passive training. You may be able to do everything under your umbrella of choices, but it will take you a while to get there.
  6. I do too. Sounds like they are looking to manage through convenience rather than hard work and true leadership. Why work hard to deal with spies when you are up against an already limited function? Why work hard to get your team to want to spend time in your campaign world and fighting for you when you can just boot those who show up on an alt in another campaign? Really it just sounds like guild leaders are getting a lot of convenience tools out of this. Hardcore the lot of them
  7. This thread made me look for my CS handle and I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzcqGkJYgsE I can't believe someone recorded it... Personally I hate frag videos, I prefer full match drops.
  8. That is a social flavor that I agree is completely lacking here. Rise up and change their minds!
  9. Decisions NEED to matter bud, sorry. Pick your archetype and stick with it across the game forever or reroll. That is a poor example, Rock Paper Scissors. That is a very defined closed game loop in which the options cannot be limited without breaking the game. This game is not being developed like Rock Paper Scissors and if it is we should all probably run to the hills. If ACE releases new archetypes that are only counter-able by the same archetype (or another new archetype if they release more than one at a time) then you will have an advantage to those who have early access. I do not think they would be so stupid as to do this. Counters are not hard to dream up though, and so as long as they are counter-able by other archetypes currently available then the system is balanced appropriately. The new options now just add flavor and not an advantage.
  10. Yes if end of campaign rewards (winning) are tied to a group relationship. If they can somehow ensure that indvidual contributors that are not tied directly to the winning group are able to be rewarded as though they were then there is no problem with this.
  11. Having more options does allow for different strategies yes, but different strategies are not necessarily advantageous. All strategiea have their counter and having early access to a new archetype does not provide a direct advantage. More options yes, advantage no.
  12. That isn't really an advantage rather than a nice to have perk for those who must have the new and shiny. Unless they plan on making new archetypes more powerful than the original ones...
  13. Thank you to purplestreak for editting the EK section last night, you rock!
  14. No pay to switch, you are stuck. Make it one character only. All facets are one. Choices NEED to matter.
  15. Yes, they could. Why doesn't everyone just form one giant guild conglomerate to the point where you just have one giant uncle bob zerg guild just so people can win together?
  16. Yes you are correct, you can play with your friends anywhere and anytime with an alternate character. How do you win though? Your main is tied to Guild A in Dregs 3. Your friend is over in Guild X in Dregs 1. You want to play an additional character with him or her and roll on your friend's campaign world. You cannot join their guild, and unless their are part of some mega alliance with your guild, you have no way of actually tying together with that group to reap the benefits of winning in Dregs 1. They may have other plans for identifying winners on an individual scale, but those have yet to be seen or mentioned. Really this is just a massive limitation and almost negates the point of having alternate characters outside of the two faction based bands.
  17. This website has got to be one of the best ideas out there. A database like this will surely be needed going forward!
  18. Your stretch goal has been achieved, please join us in the fun and I hope to kill you (and everyone else) in game!
  19. Can we please have more than 2 URLs per signature? I would say 10 is a good maximum.
  20. Hello Crowfall community! Today I am proud to announce Crowfall's first community driven wiki, powered by thedregs.net. This is the fourth installment from thedregs.net community for all Crowfall followers to take part of! Two of our members have been working diligently over the last week to compile a boat load of information for you into one location as well as set up access for the community at large to make necessary changes and updates to the content of the wiki. We have received a lot of positive feedback from those in the community and based on that feedback we have decided to release this wiki to you! We are truly excited to reveal what we hope will be an invaluable resource to the entire Crowfall user base and we welcome everyone to take part in building this wiki for the betterment of the community! The wiki we are presenting is currently the largest of all Crowfall wikis and is entirely advertisement free. There is plenty of information available right now with over 220 sub-articles and we look forward to working with all of you to ensure this is the most accurate source for all of the information that has been released about Crowfall. A big thank you to Primal and Jihan for working tirelessly on this over the last week and a special thanks to courant101 for allowing us to use some of his compilations to help flesh out some of the content we have. You three are major factors in the Crowfall community and have been for a very long time. We all appreciate the work you do for this community! If anyone has any questions or feedback, feel free to post here, message me here or stop by thedregs forums and join in on the discussion. Are you ready for some information on Crowfall? Jump right in! Tusen takk! ~ Adall Additional Resources for The Dregs Community Community Forums Community Marketplace Live Chat via Slack
  21. In what definition of hardcore is having more accounts listed? I can go buy as many accounts as I need... it doesn't make it a good design decision.
  22. All I meant was the information adds no actual subtance to the argument... that is all I meant by noise. It isn't a jab at you personally. You could have said carrots are gross and had the same effect on the conversation. Real life spying difficulty has no bearing on game spying difficulty and thus is not relevant information.
  23. Because objects that have more mass don't fall any faster than another in the real world... is that important that in game they do? Not really. All you are doing is adding noise to the argument.
  24. I think if you look at each character like an individual you have a point. Given your reasoning we should limit people to one character per account as well... because a person can not be both a massive horsemambeast and a coldwhiteelf all at the same time. Real life is not the best place to look for references for video game fun factors. This game needs to be fun, and this decision disables a lot of fun given that if you want to be successful you always have to play with your guild or join the faction servers. This is completely limiting for someone who wants to be in multiple dregs servers with multiple characters. Given the massive guild/sub-guild system... really this just creates one giant Uncle Bob that no one can break away from. Sub-guilds and alliances should be a facet of the current campaign world only. Characters should be able to join guilds individually, especially since they cannot be in the same world per account. There have been enough account level limitations that consistently push people to require alternate accounts. Want an alt in the same campaign world as your main? New account! Want to play in a different, maybe smaller guild of friends with one character? New account! Want to spy on ememy guilds in the same or other campaign worlds? New account! Want to use your guild name from your kickstarter package for personal reasons, but also want to participate in a larger group (not just affiliated through sub-guild stuff) to win campaigns? New account! I just want to know what is next that we will need more accounts for. They are here to make money, and they should... but they should be honest about the reasoning. This game won't be supported on just first box sales alone!
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