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  1. The primary concern is not about spying, my first post was just copypasta from another thread. I went on to mention that Jihan's point is rather valid and powerful. I will say this, thankfully this is not real life!
  2. We have some good stuff in the works to be revealed shortly! I would say within the next we will have an announcment for everyone. In the meantime, feel free to stop by and take in the random banter or contribute to a number of current conversations on the game!
  3. I don't think anyone is arguing for multiple guilds per character. That is a bad move. I just want to have my Shadowclan zerg guild character and then my main character in my main guild without spanning multiple accounts. One guild per character has worked in almost every other game politically, guilds still mattered in those games. They wont matter more because of this decision, they will just force multiple accounts to participate in espionage and to play with multiple groups across campaigns. To those saying you can play with others without a guild, stop. You can play with others, but your odds of winning a campaign as a tag along solo player with a random guild in another campaign is going to be rather low. This again forces alternate characters who would like to win to ensure they join campaigns where their alliance has a good presense (unlikely unless you want to see all guilds as part of some super alliance Uncle Bob crap) or the faction campaigns.
  4. Most of us already do know this, you can and will lose everything you worked for in the campaign worlds if you lose, and throughout the process of winning as well.
  5. Last I checked Todd is into paganism, so the equinox would be a great time to launch!
  6. Glad you got it up valor, good luck with your site!
  7. Never once did I say I spoke for the entire community. Get off your high horse Canth... Jihan has the best point against this by the way everyone. The entire nature of alternate characters is broken unless you plan on playing in the faction worlds only with your alts. Considering we only have one character per campaign world per account, if I want to play in another non-faction campaign with an alternate character, I am stuck in the massive hierarcy of guilds and sub-guilds and can only hope that the shadow or dregs world that I choose has enough members to hold significant influence over that campaign world. If not, there is no point to playing outside the faction worlds with alternate characters. This is a bad move for the free social aspect of the game. Due to the fact that the work around is only to buy another account, I will continue to call them greedy bastards.
  8. Currently only one for the core module. Perhaps more later on down the road when the game makes some cash.
  9. For Jihan! Todd, What the custard? Why would you create this massive hierarchy system (trees on trees on trees... word) and then not leave room for one of the aspects of the game you are designing for and are also seemingly promoting; espionage. How is it that you have taken one of the most basic pieces of older games, the ability to join any guild with any character, and turned it into something more complex than it really is? What kind of failure is this? Obviously it is a failure that is all too common today in gaming, and it is one that stems directly from greed. Sorry, I don't buy it that allowing each individual character to be in whatever guild that character chooses to be in is too difficult, too convoluted, for your game's standards. If you have cluttered up the database that much, remove some of the other things people honestly don't give a custard about... like these world trees and campaign trees (or expand on those and make us care). To force players to purchase multiple accounts to spy with in an appropriate way (directly lodging a character in a guild and posing as a legitimate member) just screams give us more money! I will say there is nothing wrong with your decision to do this if you would just come out and be honest about it. Consider rethinking this one. ~ Adall
  10. Eh, I don't agree with you. Typically if there is criticism to be had, there is a reason for it, and those who are being poorly made socksty just to be poorly made socksty... well they are obvious and their comments easily ignored. I just disagree with the principle of thread ownership.
  11. So you made a mistake out of ignorance with regards to your audience and then needed to run to the moderation staff to have your thread closed? This is exactly why I don't like these types of things... that thread is forever part of this community's history... and you just shut it down and disperse the fun everyone was having building the community in it. Rules like these don't allow the community to grow, please stop with them. I do believe there is one, and only one, acceptable clause to this... duplicate posts/threads. They are more clutter than anything else and don't have any intrinsic value.
  12. The EKs are not important beyond some very minor buffs, see you in the dregs!
  13. I agree with you 100% courant, and that is why we are slowly moving off to develop the community. We cannot rely on these forums for a quality community experience anymore. Mostly for the random fun responses though, topic wandering as you stated, probably wont be frowned upon... though Aggraven did attempt to monitor that for a while.
  14. Competitively it doesn't make any sense to play on a game pad vs. keyboard and mouse. There have been a few experiments (and a couple of game failures) that have shown keyboard and mouse to be superior when top players in each style of control are pitched against each other.
  15. I want to ask you all the question, why does it matter if a guild does this? What real benefit do they get? Currently all we have to go on for imports are a couple of things: Note the import rules for the most relaxed world. Also, from EK FAQ #20 Obviously all of this is subject to change, but currently this seems to be the mindset around EK to CW imports.
  16. Guilds don't own eternal kingdoms under the current model. Perhaps each guild can select an EK from among their membership? Still not sure why people are so desperate to have EKs be so valuable to the campaign worlds...
  17. Perhaps your slaves... err... Thralls that you place, other than that no.
  18. LG, I still have no idea why you were disabled
  19. We did add a bunch of new stuff to the store as well. I am sure a few people pick them up. Could be fuelling this one as well... you know... for the context. Personally I don't care about it.
  20. I would agree that it doesn't show that. I will say that we do have the large castle sale going on right now though and that is rather important.
  21. Why don't we leaves some facts for people: Kickstarter ended March 26th at $1,783,796. On June 16th, we passed the $2mm mark. It took 82 days to gather $216,204 at a rate of $2636.63 per day. The bane circle goal was reached on June 27th ($2,050,000) only 11 days later at a rate of $4545.45 per day. We have moved another $144,195 to $2,194,195 as of right now. This is 40 days after the last stretch goal and has a rate of $3604.88 per day. Use those numbers as you will, but it is a slower stretch goal than the bane circle. Generally faster than the post-Kickstarter funding up to $2,000,000 however.
  22. Not this time, maybe closer to $3mm! I like the big round numbers, not the little stretch goals
  23. Popularity almost never equates to difficulty.
  24. All you ever do is talk out of your ass, you really should try harder one of these days. This slack has never advertised itself as anything but what Fenrial posted. Sorry you broke the rules and someone actually cared to enforce them.
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