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  1. Its simply an impossibility for me to put them in order. You could say they all do so well in their own areas (albeit some have a higher quality to them than others). For example, EVE is a wonderful game in the sandbox world, but then on the other end of the spectrum World of Warcraft is (or was in the past) a great game too when it came to PVE gameplay. The problem is that while the MMORPG is considered one genre, it has these weird subgenres of it's own that are so far away from each other and do such completely different things that naming the best MMORPG feels like naming the best car - the thing is, a truck is good for transportation and a sportscar is good for having fun, and neither is better than the other.
  2. Just thought I'd drop by and say that hearing about Raph Koster being with the project just made my excitement levels about tenfold from what they were before. Great stuff.
  3. This is something I agree with. Low level spells or spells you use casually don't need to look impressive. A problem I've run into with many games, including some very popular ones, has been that even spells you frequently use in your rotation, so to speak, look as if an atomic bomb just exploded. I'd rather see moderation in this regard, to emphasize the powerfulness of the really powerful spells.
  4. Cannot say yet, but to voice my opinion, I strongly hope the inventory system is nothing like that of UO. While having some positives, the negatives in my opinion outweight them. The negatives being mainly carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. I like cartoony, but I think the current one may be a little too much of it. Anyhow, it isn't the worst of directions to go for. What it ensures at least is that the game can still look good on low-end systems, and that it should age relatively well.
  6. Honestly, I am not expecting MOBA style race- or genderlocked classes or archetypes - instead I'm expecting the fairly standard fantasy RPG fare. The former approach would not sit well with the playerbase they're aiming for, I'm quite sure.
  7. It looks very... Team Fortress 2, to be honest. Maybe it's the font. I do like the fact the art style is somewhat stylized however.
  8. How about a dwarf in plate or mail armour, with a shield and axe in hand fending off an attacker from a clan banner. Maybe with a couple of crows circling around the background.
  9. As long as minotaurs or centaur cannot stealth, I'm fine.
  10. Dungeons finders and other lobby-type features in games that are about open, persistent worlds.
  11. I think I would like to play a powerful wizard of some sort, but a halfling (or another small race) rogue or a shielded dwarven warrior would be the secondary options. Anyways, its all standard fantasy stuff.
  12. I didn't come to think of the fact the topic might seem like a call for a mobile port. While making it, I was mainly thinking about other computer operating systems, obviously mainly Linux and OSX.
  13. The problem I can see with B2P is I am not sure if it will provide the developer with enough income to keep on developing the game. And not necessarily just income, but motivation - when your users can stop your cashflow on demand, you are more motivated to provide quality updates. GW2 for example has no subscription, sure, but the content additions aren't great either. Nor is the game, in my personal opinion. B2P with a cash shop also sounds worrying. I wouldn't have such a big problem with LOTRO's F2P model if it didn't constantly attempt to shove the cash shop in my face, even though I am a lifetime subscriber. Now, if the cash shop is limited to cosmetic items and is only available through the website (instead of the client program), I would not have a big problem. Overall, the traditional sub model is totally my favourite.
  14. Recently I've mainly been playing EVE Online and WoW's The Burning Crusade expansion on a private server. Haven't been putting much time into MMOs lately though.
  15. Honestly, early access packages make games feel like cashgrabs and I especially despise the now-standard paid beta keys model where the beta is considered nothing more but a marketing period. The players shouldn't have to pay for an unfinished product, and they most certainly shouldn't be paying to test the game. So, at least personally I am against any sort of early access stuff. And I would not pay for an unfinished game. Giving out betakeys to preorderers before others is of course OK though.
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