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  1. I'm pretty sure that bit of heated metal is a heated poker or branding iron, not sure what the exact term is. It looks like there might be a religious symbol on it, proboably a torture advice. Would make sense, there's definitely a "inquisition" feel about these guys.
  2. I'd actually love to see this. Not played SB, never seen it in an MMO before but it sounds awesome. Could have some real tactical value as well, if you're going to be a tank you'd want to be big to be able to cover your friends if the attacks in this will be 'skillshots'.
  3. It'd be hard to find a good balance for stuff like this, and a lot of other implications that'll come with a system like this. I know the best thing is to wait for new announcements and some footage, but hey, I think its worthy of discussing. Whats this SB I hear referenced a lot? Earlier work by the devs? I'm fairly new to the game and the concept.
  4. While I absolutely adore the idea of sieges and big battles playing out in the name of conquest one thing that keeps entering my mind is this: what will happen if a large force of a guild gets together in the middle of the night during a time when the opposing guild's players are mostly away sleeping? Might there be some sort of system to prevent things like this, to force battles to play out when guilds are at their full strength without ruining the flow of the experience? Its begun nagging at me since it entered my mind.
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