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  1. A game like this, where you use an avatar to carve your way into the world to achieve fame and dominance REALLY needs to have the option to design how your avatar looks. The lack of character customization is what will REALLY kill this game for me right now. We've been given so many interesting options, but as far as we know there will be very little in the way of representing how you (or for roleplayers, how your character) might look.
  2. I want the option to choose my race and archetype separately. I want a warrior-like elken and roguish elves, as well as stoneborn who champion polearms. The variety is very important to me and as it is this restriction will diminish my enjoyment.
  3. I would like this! But like someone else said, it's generally a bit harder when the model is completely different from other races. The best compromise would be a humanoid wolf of some sort, I'd think!
  4. Races I'd like to see: - Something feline - Something canine - Dragonesque - A bit demony Whatever they are, I'm really wanting to see less sexual dimorphism. So far with the models, the guys are a bit bulky and square-jawed while females are lithe and doe-eyed. Both looks are great, but I'm always disappointed when I can't make my characters a little more androgynous. Males and females look like separate RACES so far. Archetypes I'd like to see: - Healing priest - Healing templar - Tanking assassin From what I can tell, there's no evasive tank or healer so far.
  5. I would love a cat race - of any sort. I AM a bit tired of seeing just humans with cat ears/tail, though, and would love to see more feline features on a race like this. What I ABSOLUTELY do not want to see is a human female with cat ears/tail and a male that's rugged and bestial. If one looks bestial, the other must too. If one is very humanoid, the other must be too. I'm very tired of the sexual dimorphism in this respect.
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