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    MalkavianPrince reacted to tepid in Concerning Character Creation Customization (Alliteration Ftw)   
    Something I haven't seen here is discussion on the character creation visuals (please feel free to link if there is a large thread I missed).  It sounds like ACE is really limiting the facial/body customization at the character creation stage.  I really hope they address this more than they have to this point.  I was hoping they'd clarify with this reveal, but it still seems like a footnote.
    One of the biggest draws to having a persistent character in MMOs is that it's yours--you've created it, and it's unique.  I'd be really disappointed if the customization extends to selecting from a group of 5 different faces and 10 different hairstyles.   This is what it sounds like they're going for right now though.
    Suggestion: ACE - please elaborate on your plans for character creation.
    Thank you!
    Tepid (Backer)
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    MalkavianPrince reacted to bleakraven in Concerning Character Creation Customization (Alliteration Ftw)   
    If classes are race (and gender, for the beast races) locked, then I definitely want more customization options, especially face, hairstyle and makeup/features/warpaint/beards. I really hate finding someone else looking exactly like me in an MMO. If my character can feel unique skillwise, why not visually too?
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