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  1. Wow...didn't realize it was 37 mins! Was having too much fun and ~ I see Anthrage's sneaky ways now (sitting up on top of that shrine)!
  2. You guys are awesome! Gordon keeping it real. Hope y'all have a great Turkey Day!
  3. Haven't finished the entire episode (whew its a long one)---great discussion so far: I'd like to add some post recording comments (sorry I missed the show I've been sick as a dog the last couple of days)- TTK vs. TTC should look more like ---- Resources Available vs. TTH vs. TTC vs. Automation. From my perspective this is the least developed Game Mechanic to date and one of the most vital. We can only see what they've show us in Test. In a game that has bag looting, item decay, building requirements and a decreasing availability of resources -- not to forget: competition for those r
  4. I second that recommendation. It wouldn't have to be "energetic harvesting" per se.....it could be "beneficial harvest" as a group buff for example. (or some other mechanic that gives a reward for grouping) BH 1 - for 1 extra member in group BH 2 - for 2 BH 3 - for 3...... I really believe there should be a distinct reason for grouping up as harvesters from Day 1 of a campaign. [I personally feel that reward should be quantity of doobers because 2+ harvesters may want to share the rewards]
  5. That was really great! Glad to see work being done on the LMB methods so all can enjoy energetic harvesting. Request for future info dumps on harvesting: Can you do a deep dive on what all the modifiers are and what they do? Beneficial Harvest Beneficial Harvest Chance Beneficial Harvest Effects Beneficial Harvest Lifetime Beneficial Harvest Power Harvest Critical Amount Harvest Critical Chance Harvest Weak Spot Chance Plentiful Harvest Plentiful Resources etc... Thanks for the great work on making harvesting more inte
  6. I'd like to piggyback on this and others comments above. I get it, I can see a need to keep exotics exclusive to Motherlodes and keeping rarer mats out of the hands of those who have not invested in harvesting ~i.e..getting those PH skill ups. As much as I don't like it, I can agree with the reasoning behind it. Node rank and Motherlodes control the loot tables ~i.e... quality of mats. But all kinds of obfuscation is going on when it comes to quantity - Critical Harvest Chance, Critical Harvest Amount Chance, Beneficial Harvest buff, harvesting potions, tools, crafting gear, runes, e
  7. Yeah, I'm sure its for testing. From what I remember from some of the initial concept video's was that POI's would be announced - possibly by a world "bell" or something similar. (things like mines, quarries, lumberyards, etc..) I posted some ideas in the 5.3 feedback section the day after posting this. I hope that scouting & maps are on the checklist prior to launch.
  8. I think its fine. Lots of the items being sold can be crafted in-game...parcels, buildings, etc... We will probably be able to get the other stuff like mounts, shrines, statues somewhere in the CW as well. (Shrines and the Merchant pack pigs seem to be the only things I think give in-game benefits.)
  9. Curious to know if the resource landmarks on the test map are just for testing? Or does ACE intend to make every resource node that isn't slag, cobblestone, knotwood a PvP hotspot? I can understand marking group nodes on a map that has been scouted post launch. And it gives scouts/cartographers things to do. Other games usually don't identify resource nodes on a map though. Anyone know?
  10. At a minimum - put Class in the Profession sphere and make Combat its own sphere. Disciplines give plenty of opportunity to postpone class training.
  11. Here's how I would tackle the VIP vs. Non-VIP / P2W argument: 1. Make every Tree independent (as of the moment that is 5 Trees) 2. Give Non-VIP's "3 trains" 3. Give VIP's "4 trains" ---as it is now in 5.3 VIP's are getting 6 trains vs. 3 trains (How is this less P2W?) 4. Allow double / triple dipping in a Tree. My philosophy on this is - its about choices. If you want to sacrifice a train in harvesting/crafting to double up on Combat - you better have some harvesting / crafting friends to supply you with equipment and weapons. (Or you are not training in Race or Class, etc.
  12. Here's the thing, they actually did something very similar to what I was describing above with 5.3 race/class split. Non-VIP has 1 "train" per sphere. VIP has 2 "trains" per sphere. ~Hence the incentive for purchasing VIP time. In my opinion there is a fundamental problem with this design in regards to Harvesting - read on. The argument for setting it up this way is that they don't want VIP to have a skills advantage vs. Non-VIP ---to remove the P2W conundrum---but they want VIP to be valuable. Its broken down into 3 spheres - the new spheres in 5.3 look like this: My grei
  13. Grey = Poor White = Common Green = Uncommon Blue = Rare Purple = Epic Orange = Legendary
  14. Oh man, hold the line was almost OP when you needed to block an entrance. It was a must have for defending keeps. Crowfall is a different game but with similar ideas. I haven't messed with the CF Knight so I can't contribute much to the thread. "Guard" would seem like a great addition though..maybe as a discipline. Would CF mechanics even accomodate a guard like ability (a single target buff/dmg split or is everything a group buff?)
  15. Ah man, I wish I could remember how the Warhammer Blackguard's played. I had a ton of fun pvp'ing with one. IIRC the Ironbreaker was the best flat out tank.
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