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  1. Its smug unpleasant people like you that ruin communities. Think of how much internet you wasted but posting all that rather than just saying: "You will be able to soon. Its in the FAQ".
  2. Oh just to throw my moan into the thread. I hate physical crap. Why there is only a $250 level pledge that must have physical crap I then need to pay freight for later, or even to bother have it cluttering up my house is kinda short sighted. Same level, less physical items. You're up there on gameplay innovation for MMOs, but way behind the curve on thinking people care abotu physical crap that is worthless a month after the game is released. I'd prefer to pay slightly less (exclude the actual costs for the physical crap) and get the same perks.
  3. Well timezone wise maybe, but not geographically. If you say Oceanics its just us Aussies, those dirty Kiwis and the Pacific island group. Better saying GMT+6 - GMT+12 friendly heh
  4. Would be interesting to see a breakdown of pledges per region once the KS campaign is finished hmm...
  5. This. @OP - If you want to be a carebear, then don't try to modify the gameplay of a PVP focused game to suit yourself. Leave and find another game, or harden up.
  6. There are no original MMO ideas (or many other games for that matter). What is important is content, community and customer support post launch. Gameplay that doesn't use tab targeting is already a huge plus. Anything on top of that is a win. Will it reach the subs levels WoW did? Doubtful. Will it last more than 2-3 years with a large, active community? Doubtful. It's PVP focused, WoW spawned too many carebear gamers.
  7. A little tongue in cheek As soon as I saw Tim and magic in the same sentence - Holy Grail, Scene 24
  8. Yea I switched off about here... Perception: Reality:
  9. And there you have it... I heard there was cake?
  10. Please oh economic wizard of business, show us how your freeloader model creates an income to run the servers and ongoing development. You're also the first to complain when there are issues as well because you might have to go face the real world. Typical moan of the social leech on society.
  11. Nielsen is well known for its inaccuracy in properly tracking game use figures let along financial metrics. Most MMOs got F2P because the NA publisher botched the launch and disgruntled off the excited customer base (NCSoft West, Trion, Enmasse, etc). Raising the prices to match WoW? Again, showing your very limited knowledge of the topic at hand. There were many successful MMOs before WoW that charged $14.95/month. WoW went F2P because they'd already made a shirtload of $ and were not going to continue development or expansion of their infrastructure. They are the largest MMO not because t
  12. Aww...aww! *Valor uses basket of kittens psychological warfare technique. It was super effective!*
  13. I'm blessed to work in the industry, and on telecommunications (OTT and mobile broadband). It's not about the cost of the server, its about the cost of maintain PCU to keep people happy. Servers (blades) are cheap. Adding NICs and SSD blow the cost up, then the network and remaining infrastructure to support an MMO with thousands of players in one instance is not. It's not just about adding a server and everything works. Far more complicated than that.
  14. No instances usually means limited population per server, or horrible server lag during masspvp. If you want no instances, then your server HW will cost a fortune, and that means you need revenue to pay for operation as well as development/support costs. Please find a balance, and don't just cave to the ignorant masses with blanket statements such as "no instances". Qualify it further please.
  15. It's not fair that I have a job and have to compete with people who have no life and live in the game leeching off those of us that keep the servers running. These type of whiny threads are always poorly thought out and basically aimed at you not wanting to have to put any effort in against people who dont play 40hrs a week farming for materials. It's called balance. It keeps casual players happy who have a job and a life, and keeps the servers running for the freeloader breed who just want everything to be f2p.
  16. However there are no females centaurs - so that dream is crushed for you!
  17. Please provide links to your broad statisticalassumptions please. You stats are totally off for Asia. And I'm sure for Europe as well. America isnt the center of the gaming world. Oh and for the record, $15 has been the standard for MMOs for over a decade. So lets not make a post talking about lowering VIP figures to suit your own budget. I'd pay double for a good quality game with active developer community and quality infrastructure.
  18. Yea but you only win in zerg pvp /discuss
  19. This is generally overcome by cast speed and "squishiness" The term DPS exists for a reason. It accounts for many factors, but is ultimately the ability of a class to burn through it's base stam/mana assuming no limitations. Making a successful PVP class is factored around how long you can sustain high dps without ending up having to ooom your mana/stam making you basically useless on the battlefield. As I mentioned, it's effectively a pointless endeavour unless you factor in the overall impact on all classes. Otherwise you've just super nerfed mages into a useless play class because a
  20. This will not work due to melee and range (kinetic) dps classes not being restricted the same way mages are. You'd need to elaborate on this system to incorporate all classes (stamina burn vs mana). Using the model above. There isn't stamina floating around in the air. It's something you train for. Speed of mana regen could be improved based on training. Ultimately. It's pretty much the same vanilla system implemented, but I don't see how having more players in the generate area would impact your stamina regen, other than maybe the horrible sweaty smell effecting your breathing...
  21. Man...this really was ahead of it's time. Mana can also play a part, maybe more on a skills usage side, but having to use reagents is actually a good idea You'd want to wind down melee dps damage though with stam (No, you can't wield that fkn huge bottom sword for 30 minutes non-stop, only to rest to slurp down your Mountain Dew!) In a game where you can drop poorly made socks, I hope inventory and ability to carry only so much weight plays a huge part... Practical example of reagent management of mages http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ04mfAY2BU
  22. OP forgot to include link to Kickstarter campaign!!
  23. Yep, it's a game with great potential, but they screwed it up last minute. That being said, it's a big success from launch and generated nearly US$2mil in the first week since launch in vanity items and other stuff. Beautiful game, but it went the way of the money farm. Really heavily marketed in Korea...don't know if it's going to recover to realise its potential. Anyway, thanks for the info - happy with the direction, just hard to find a nice consolidated archetype post from searching. The main site links are story telling narratives Appreciate your time to reply!
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