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  1. Seems there is a bit of confusion on what I meant; only the commander is able to see the map, and only if he is in the commanders tent. Scouts in the field automatically relay player locations to the commander, but outside of their vision you'll only see landmarks. It's similar to the way the marine commander works in Natural Selection, but with more limited information. Though this is a form of localised "perfect" knowledge as Angelmar described above, it can be countered by taking out the scouts. This is the part I like best about this all, both the scouts and the commander tent beco
  2. During the Siege Perilous tests it became apparent that the compas is pretty useless once there are too many people in the field. But a full minimap/radar is not very fun, and takes away a lot of interesting tactics, like scouting and ambushing. Instead I had an interesting idea: a collaboration between a scouting and commanding skill. The commander can use a special construction, the command tent, to go into a rts like view of the surrounding area. In my head this looks like a moving parchment map. However the map itself does not present you with all the information, just the terrain i
  3. You won't be able to download the game until you have access. If you want to play in the current test you'll need at least Alpha 2 access, which is in the Gold Bundle and the Collectors Edition. Otherwise you'll have to wait till the beta starts, which will be a while from now, as we're still in pre-alpha now.
  4. Last night was a tiny bit lopsided, as it seemed that we were the only premade group around for the EU test. However later it got a bit more interesting when everyone else started focussing on us, good job everyone ^^ Also we had this hilarious little bug happen, a hellcat had enough of it all and made a kamikaze attack against IamMe XD (Thanks to Miown for recording that)
  5. Thanks for the Fort, and I hope NocturnalDemise will be able to pull through with the help of this awesome community
  6. I also like that this causes that a battle commander is actually needed for large scale battles. Imagine the commander standing on top of a hill to get an overview and direct the troops. This is already the case somewhat during the Hungerdome tests where it really pays of to have someone on the lookout while you fight a monster.
  7. Blade and Soul uses this type of combo's a lot. And the abilities on your hotbar change depending on the circumstances. Well worth a look to see if Crowfall can "borrow" some of those mechanics
  8. That's because you need to log in through the crowfall main page, there is no separate login for the forums.
  9. Runestones coming from player kills? I guess we can start the Game of Rampant Speculation all over again And thanks for posting this here Fenris!
  10. Also not listed here are the archtype specific skills, for example Knight Proficiency. Those were in a separate tab.
  11. Converted from CST (-6 UTC) to CET (+1 UTC): Monday, Nov 23 no test Tuesday, Nov. 24 no test Wednesday, Nov 25 2:00-5:00 /USA server 14:00-15:30 /EU server (for Russia) 13:00-14:30 /AUS server (for Asia/Pac) 21:00-22:00 /EU server Thursday, Nov 26 (US Thanksgiving holiday) 00:00-2:00 /USA servers Friday, Nov. 27 no tests Saturday, Nov. 28 1:00-3:00 /USA servers 20:00-22:00 /EU servers Sunday, Nov. 29 2:00-4:00 /USA servers (Keep in mind some tests shifted past a date from pm -> am for EU) EDIT: Adjusted the AUS server slot on Wedn
  12. Jup, I played as a knight this weekend, and once you learn the animation tells (not just the red eye attacks) they hardly deal any damage at all. Well apart from the buggy velocity damage when chain pulled that is
  13. And yet again Horsie sacrificed himself for the greater good!
  14. It's been fun so far to hang out on Discord with these silly fellow Europeans, and can't wait till we can kick some butt in Hungerdome 1.1 together!
  15. Apart from the incorrect link on the forum page it seems that the dev tracker is working again, thanks
  16. Got the same problem tested it on: Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m on Windows 10 Home 64bit Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m on Windows 7 SP1 Profesional 64bit Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.18059 on Windows 7 SP1 Profesional 64bit
  17. Got the EU version of the shirt today, and it's quality is pretty good Here's a crappy webcam picture of it:
  18. This is probably the best course of action yeah, but I do have one question; Will the EU/CA folk get another chance at the limited edition tshirts? I'm affraid they'll be out of stock by the time you get a new vendor :S
  19. How does this work if I already backed on Kickstarter? Is international shipping already included in the pledge tiers?
  20. Another vote for Tera style animation locks from me. When I initially started playing Tera it felt a bit clunky I admit, but the long term engagement is way, waaay better. There has been no other MMO or action RPG where tanking and blocking felt so satisfying to me.
  21. Eric Hart, the character artist just tweeted this: https://twitter.com/EricHart3d/status/569878275469631489 It's not 100% sure if this is for Crowfall, but it looks suspiciously much like a female centaur with that roman style helmet eh?
  22. Heh, I've been wondering why everyone was suddenly so into poorly made socks and custard. It makes these posts pretty interesting to read at times
  23. It's already confirmed that all archetypes can choose to become a crafter in the economy faq: http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54ca4682bffce6644cb3380a But perhaps the forgemaster starts out with a few more recipes or runestones in that case? LIke a bit of a headstart, but not a permanent bonus.
  24. Cyneric already touched on this, but I just want to point out a big difference between buying a direct advantage from a cash shop and trading a vip ticket for resources. In the former case, this " power", whether it's a currency, item or buff, is created out of thin air. You could buy this at the start of the campaign to have a head start on others. This obviously becomes p2w in a lot of peoples opinion. However, with the vip tickets you can only trade them for resources other players already obtained. So in other words, player A plays a lot and becomes very powerful with his own effor
  25. Awesome news! However, please please please do not region lock the US version if you're getting a separate publishers so that at least we can choose between lag and possibly crappy eu versions (like we can with Tera atm). Other then that I love the payment model and the new archtype, keep it up ^^
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