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  1. Faction lock its a good idea. But also they should not reward any players who swap during an ongoing campaign. So you won. All you can do is brag about cause u got nothing.
  2. If you all don't like it. Then move on and be done with it. Go play NW your new themepark MMO. NW was supposed to be a sandbox pvp game and its not. It will never be. The few pvp options is what you will have to settle for. Thats good if you prefer that type of games. Its just a matter of taste.
  3. Its sad that a player need to do this to try and get kills. Seems like he lack skill to do it the right way.
  4. @Exiled: Thats a great document taking for sharing.
  5. Excellent Idea ShuaiGe. This should be a priority.
  6. It seems you have a problem with everything. When you leave can I have your stuff.
  7. You should say add gold sellers. Because that will be the outcome once they implement an auction house or player market.
  8. Hi Lumiya, Come join Conflict. I will dedicate the time and you can be casual. GL whatever your choice
  9. There is something call discord, teamspeak etc. This is a guild game with organized group best way to communicate is by voice not chat.
  10. I quit the Druid (sad). I want it to play Archdruid. But I have to be honest with myself. I suck at it. The way I want to play. I need to be switching between life and death. There are two scenarios. I end up without any essence or I end up without any HP.
  11. Servers up. Five mins later servers down. I guess we have to wait until the end of the week. Then we all fall behind to the people that are able to play and get rekt.
  12. I see you kill the stormcaller. Good PVP
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