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  1. Credit card is out! give me some options
  2. Welcome mate! The community so far is great on these forums!
  3. Working with Vulnerability Management, Secure DNS, and Malware Engines :-)
  4. Whats up guys! I have been playing UO and other games that these legendary developers have been a part of! And i cant wait to support and test this game! Gender: Male Age: 27 hobbies: Techno, Raves, MMORPGs, IT-Security Country: Denmark God Bless!
  5. heeso


    Groundhogs!!! Yes please lol
  6. heeso


    Hi Guys. I was thinking. Why not have Wolves in the game, that are playable. Or other animal types that can be outfitted with armor. Just like the char from final fantasy 7 Red XIII :-) Let me know what you think I have a few drawings
  7. heeso


    I am in group 6. Guess it will be a while before I can join. I cant wait for this game to be released and i am backing this game 100% Hopefully they will have an pre-alpha stage for premium backers.
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