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  1. That sounds like it was allot of fun. Also, in case you or anyone else were wondering about the Stealth mode that I mentioned, basically it's a 30 second mode that changes your colors to look like the enemy team's colors instead there (i.e. red if you're blue, blue if you're red). Handy for sneaking past enemy lines and into their base to shoot the main target there. Of course shooting an enemy pretty much cancels the stealth mode entirely there but still though for those people who like the run-and-gun technique it's a very handy mode to use there, that's for sure there now.
  2. Well the final score at the end there was 3-1 in favor of us. The enemy team managed to make good use of Stealth mode to run-and-gun us at our base (it didn't help that I was the only main defender and that I got 4v1'd at one time there either), so props to them. It was fun though, and he had a good time at the party as well, which is all that really matters in the end there I suppose. Also, I didn't really have much of a choice in who got paired up with who, so our team was outnumbered by 2 the whole time in both games (I was the blue team, he was the red team), but still we had more experience and communication overall which allowed us and helped us to win the first 3 games (there was 2 games a sessions mind you there) as well despite that numbers disadvantage there also, so there's that at least.
  3. I actually haven't decided yet on whether or not that I'm gonna team up with him or not. I might, but still we'll just wait and see how it goes tomorrow right then and there.
  4. Yesterday was my younger brother Nathan's birthday. He's now 12 years old. Tomorrow we're going to do laser tag. Happy birthday Nathan.
  5. Hello everyone. My question is that when the game goes live will there be any sort of rewards for the people who play in alpha and/or beta? Now I'm not talking about the Kickstarter rewards at all whatsoever here mind you, so please don't tell me that those are the so-called "alpha/beta rewards". Also, I know that Wizard101 had a reward for the first 100 or so players who reached the max level in the game first (lv.50 at the time of release). Will there be a similar system in place for this game as well or not? Thanks in advance and as always thank you for your time.
  6. Beta tester of games.

  7. I'm in beta group number 1 myself there.
  8. I say that we should have a nice fresh balance of both honestly.
  9. I'm sure that in time all of the kinks will be ironed out between the different communities so-to-speak there.
  10. Hey flash33! It's Orpheus/Thorin. My user on this site is Bilbo lol, for some reason it has made the Bs lowercase.

    1. flash33


      Huh, weird. You might want to get that checked out to see if you can get that changed if you can do so.

  11. As soon as I saw the title there was no surprise or doubt in my mind that it was you who made it Stephen (or should I say ironpoint now, hint hint). Hopefully I remember to tune into that podcast as well if I can do so that is.
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