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  1. For some reason it feels like i've seen your handle somewhere at some point in time... So hello there and welcome to the forums!
  2. Hmm im just going to say this; Dont focus on selective languages(abandon all idea about it please), would rather see progress towards an EU server. Many years down the road mby(but even then it feels like a waste), but not now, doesnt feel important.
  3. Ctrl+f on kickstarter page for this line: * The core module is estimated to be delivered by Winter 2016. First release (with partial functionality) will begin alpha testing in late Summer 2015.
  4. I would prefer having the same combat without telegraphs, but if im left with telegraphs or......tab targeting Telegraphs everyday.
  5. Need a countdown to the kickstarter aswell(The hype is too strong within me)
  6. Quipster

    Whatchu Drivin

    Sold my 1961 Volvo duett pickup recently, so im riding a bike! God I loved that car, will probably get one again.
  7. RIP ebondrake I was abit unsure so ive been waiting and didint sign up til now, after reading latest news post. So #6 team ftw!
  8. Quipster


    Wolf could be nice, tho I guess this is more of a werewolf. Looks pretty badass, tho I wonder if its a good idea with animalistic characters. Interesting thought tho. *Hope this pic aint huge
  9. I would be suprised if there was one guild to conquer all. Afterall I understood it as it being "new" servers/campaigns and a lobby, meaning ppl could join X sever/campaigns somewhat seamlessly if they are in the lobby? Or are the ppl in the lobby locked to one certain server/campaign? If I understood it correctly, meaning; ppl can join the X guild dominated server/campaign as they please, it will instead bring about great battles about who's the best imo, afterall dont we all want to be the head honcho?
  10. New overkill build: Intel i7 5820K @ 4GHz DDR4 2666MHz 780 Samsung 850 250gb Now just gotta get a screen which works well with 2650x1440 then upgrade gpu.
  11. As fun it would be seeing the swedish translation
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