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  1. Can't help but notice all the chest puffing ego maniacs who go on about their pvp skills and how great their guild were are also all the same ones who cheated, duped and exploited. Unlimited stam....yah...elite pvp skills.
  2. And here I thought you meant if you have more than 2k posts it just kicks you to force you to experience sunlight and life.
  3. NERF SCOUTS! In before this turns into the same discussion on the SBE forums (except about a game 2 years away).
  4. You have to love how passionately people defend "how this game works" when no one know what it is going to look like in two year. Continue pointless "theoryfalling" now.
  5. Yeah I can't decide if I am proud or embarrassed.
  6. What the hell is an "Uncle Bob"?
  7. The only "leveling" I could ever stand was just last year in the Shadowbane Emulator where there was experience given for pvp kills.
  8. What the hell is wrong with you people? You know NOTHING about what this game will be and thus nothing about how much you will or will not like it. Are we going to have to listen to and endless bombardment of why this can't be more like other games for the next two years? FFS if it doesn't suit you there are a bazillion others that may. Don't come here where you have a bunch of people who have been looking for something WITHOUT what you are asking for and tell them it is doomed to fail. You can call that fanboi's if you want but I just see a complainer who wants everything ever made to be exactly what works for them. This one is ours...go bugger off.
  9. He is now officially the fattest troll ever. You guys fed him until he burst.
  10. Holy trolls Batman! FFS. Works over....going to do something to make up for the 10 minutes of my life lost reading this BS.
  11. I guess watching all the Downton Abbey (thanks wife!) has me used to the old English where the titles were "lord" and "lady". Sir was used for those knighted AFAIK while Lord/Lady were used to describe a social standing much like the rest of the titles that kuwani mentions above. I still vote Lord/Lady.
  12. Dunno ... not a fan of knights and "sir". It always reminds me of Monty Python.
  13. See below. There is already a knight archetype and all the other titles were male/female versions of the same thing. Just curious why this one was different AMBER PATRON: + Physical Collectors Edition of Crowfall + 5 Years of VIP ("veteran") Membership (6 Total) + Reserve Guild Name + Access to expanded colors for Guild Heraldry creator + 5 bonus tax-free parcels for your personal Kingdom (5 total), starting title Knight/Lady + Upgrade (to medium fortification) your personal Kingdom's Kickstarter stronghold + Additional Cottage for your personal Kingdom (2 total) + 1 additional character slot (6 total) + Name-A-Fallen-Monarch (subject to approval) + Amber Avatar Frame + Amber Forum Badge
  14. Yah can't wait to hear all the crying from all the kids who aren't getting exactly what they wanted for Xmas.
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