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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAiOAert8us I've never thrown money at Riot so fast in my life. Sona was a support I've been on the fence about for ever. Leona was my first support and has been my go to girl as long as I can remember. I've been slowly learning Jana.. As soon as I saw the DJ Sona release, I logged in, cursed at how long it was taking LoL to update, when to the store and spent $50 on Riot Points, purchased Sona, and followed with the skin purchase. I've been playing her non-stop ever since in team builder trying to get her patterns down. I've always used /toggle in game to g
  2. Same thing I thought when looking at all of the tiers. All of that stuff is neat! What would I do with all of it though, I don't plan on running a guild in this game. That being said, could I even play this game outside of a guild? ie: solo? Would this game be fun for me if I played by myself instead of on a team?
  3. Mmmm Look at the size of those beautiful skulls.. New favorite class! brb gotta go change my pants now.
  4. How about no more stretch goals that try to keep milking people of money like star citizen is doing. Or, for every X amount of dollars donated, you finish the game one month sooner than anticipated. I like that stretch goal.
  5. My finger hovered over the $215 Amber pledge and I almost clicked it.. so close.. but then I got to thinking.. Release isn't going to be until the end of the year at best for Alpha 2. I can't even commit to what I'm going to eat for lunch tomorrow. (This is probably why I'm still single after 39 years.) So I'm going to wait. I might go ahead and pledge the $250 later on since the $215 will be gone, but really, an extra $35 isn't really that much when considering. I've got 30 days to read and think before "investing" my money. Regardless, I'm still excited to play and I haven't been turned
  6. You're an unpleasant person lol. (edit: lol word filter.)
  7. I was going to donate $10,000.00, but kickstarter doesn't support paypal.
  8. I got up and came in to work early for this?! (Sits at desk reading, watching, and sipping $5.08 Venti Flat White.)
  9. I'm assuming you mean an in game white board like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMo_HcRBnUY
  10. I just registered on kickstarter. I donated a dollar to two different projects to make sure my card worked properly and it kept it. I didn't cancel my pledge and instead let them keep my money. I'm not a hooligan like some people.
  11. I've never reddited ever and I don't have an account. is that life facebook? I don't have an account their either. I hate social media.
  12. The same people that would ask for chicks for free.. Those custards..
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