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  1. Not to disagree completely, but I don't think you thoroughly read what I suggested. The temple is a protective zone, yes. If you allow that to be the place where everyone restarts, then yes, it will (and should) be camped to prevent returning to sieges quickly. The last step is to have a random spawn generator "RSG" (circle) inside the temple that places you somewhere randomly on the map once you trigger it. SO - if the map is say 20k tiles by 20k tiles. = 400,000,000 tiles The area surrounding a temple of 500 tiles by 500 tiles where you can potentially be deposited on activation = 250,000 tiles. No guild, no matter how large, can cover ALL of that area. AND, the fact that it is completely random, means the chances of a large group being put together will be slim, still giving the attackers the edge in a siege. With the last step being no temple is within say 2000 tiles of the RADIUS of the RSG to ensure there is still the chance of interception by attackers. Now I know I used extreme numbers there. I doubt maps will be much larger than say 5k by 5k tiles (which is still 25 million tiles) but you can still extrapolate from that.
  2. Without reading all of the other posts, a simple "temple Camping" fix. -Temple is set as an invulmerable area with a protective shield around it. This shield prevents any attack types from coming into or out of the Temple. - Once the player has chosen a new vessel and is ready to go out into the world, they step on a teleporter circle somewhere in the Temple. This teleporter then randomly selects an x,y,z coordinate to drop them (within "min X range" to "max X range" of the specific temple) This method could also be used when the campaign first starts to drop players all over the world, instead of at specific temples/ spawn points. Making it all that more difficult to group up.
  3. I was wondering if ACE uses a Unity5 asset for thier patcher, or if they built one from scratch.
  4. I saw a few things while watching. 1. The camera seems too fluid for me. It is too fast maybe? That could just be my old eyes getting worse though. I am sure there will be a mouse sensitivity adjustment bar at some time in the future that might adjust camera speed as well. 2. Talk about key binds. Are they implemented yet? What options are there for them so far and if so what configurations? Ask more!
  5. Think you can make the chat window phase in and out when there is text entered. Just give it some alpha to make it transparent, and remove it when someone types to see the chat, then fade back to transparent after 3 seconds or so?
  6. Awesome chat! Can't wait to see some footage.. On a side note - I am super sad to hear that there are "spawn points". That means my vision of "randomly spawning" at the beginning of the campaign "somewhere in the world" isn't true. Which means, after many campaigns, people will be able to start predicting where they will spawn in, and plans can be made. I really wanted to see the ability to truly randomly spawn anywhere in the map, so long as the terrain allows it. Spawn Points tend to follow the traditional game rules and lead to spawn camping. True randomness would eliminate that!
  7. If you want to implement an "in campaign" ONLY type skill loss system, where you lose X amount of skill points for X amount of time (logged in or out) during the campaign, then I would go for that. However, if you want to permanently remove passively gained skill point, that I have to go back and spend more time training then I have to agree with Jihan here. If I am paying money to passively level skill points, and you lose skill points every time you die, then you are essentially throwing away money. I am all for harsh penalties for dying. I was a PK in UO, so I know the pain of skill loss while dying red without afk macroing my 8 hours per kill off (800 hours worth at one point). There it was easy to get the skills back because they were ACTIVE. That type of system would have failed miserably in say EVE and Crowfall. OTOH, I really hope they are true to their "Randomly Spawn in the Map" system. If I don't know where I have respawned, I have to figure out where I am, run to my cache to re-equip, then run back to the fight. That should be punishment enough for dying. Whether doing something stupid, or just being overrun.
  8. More of the animation mumbo jumbo please! it fascinates me. I want a direct line to the Animation team!
  9. Bah! I fail due to post count. Must.... I ..... Troll!!... lol
  10. IMO, you don't need it. The forums are pretty good at sorting themselves out. One way or another.
  11. don't see anything wrong with this one either. Totally missed it before.
  12. don't suppose you could break that up into a few separate posts within this thread? Trying to read it all at once is daunting .
  13. Making real-world threats of any kind, against others, may lead to disciplinary action. Something about this line just doesn't "feel" right. Try: -Making real-world threats against other may lead to disciplinary actions and notification of proper authorities. -Making real-world threats against others may lead to the notification of proper authorities and a criminal investigation. -Temporary suspension of your account, pending an investigation by authorities, will be put into place for any real-world threats against others. Some too hard, some not hard enough. It is a fine line between what you want to do and what you can do with this statement.
  14. Exploit the game or any of the other Art+Craft Services, for any commercial purpose, including without limitation (a) commercial use at a cyber cafe, computer gaming center or any other commercial location-based site, without an explicit license from Art+Craft. ( For acquiring in-game virtual items or resources for sale outside of the game, other than as allowed by Art+Craft. Or © performing in-game services in exchange for payment outside the game. Not sure why there is a smiley face for B and a copyright symbol for C in this paragraph. Also, may want to go back through and make sure all of the underlines are taken out, and alternate font is changed unless you mean for them to be there.
  15. I made a few grammatical changes that I thought made more sense. I am not perfect of course, so don't judge too harshly.
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