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  1. Love it! But it's going to be a balancing act with the heal & power trays. edit; and how is ACE going to differ the Druid from the Legionnaire. Aside from that, I really love the "helms" design!
  2. Aw- I didn't realize there might be a replacement. I CASH-ED them all T-T
  3. Welcome Shadowmant to the Lantern Watch, we burn in the brightest flames.
  4. Dear Lantern Watchers, hope all is well! Working full-time really take a toll on me.
  5. Sorry watchers for the inactivity, just gotten a full-time job and still trying to balance my life out. Hopefully everyone is doing well!
  6. I'm a little late but Happy 4th of July to all the Americans guildies!
  7. [Hijacking] is there any released information on whether Fort can be upgraded to Keep at some point in-game without spending cash, if the FAQ mentioned the stronghold as a kind of "progression." The progression is: Estate, Fort, Keep, Castle, Fortress, Citadel and Palace." Edited to hijack better. :x
  8. A warm welcome to all the newly lit Lanterns, Watchers!
  9. Great work karetyr! really looking forward to see how it's like!!
  10. *relaxes. welcome to the watch mates these guys here are really awesome, enjoy your stay! I'm heading off for more adventure. see y'all in a little
  11. That's great news, congratulations bradicus magnus! It was nice talking to you the other time.
  12. I'm back! for a while that is. so much had happened since I was away, hope everyone is doing well!!
  13. I'm not exactly sure what are the limits of creating a design system that is gameplay emergent. But what if the bloodstone don't generate victory points since that might turn into a huge factor in the "core" gameplay of a particular world. Instead having it fortify (let's say) the bloodstone tree(or other important structure) in the fortress that somehow resulted to winning or losing. Or it could give the particular group or faction within an area a limited time buff straight after they obtained it, which will then be indicated through either visual or sound that the bloodstone has been obtained and allow the opposition teams to decided whether to retreat and re-strategize or keep fighting on.(?) Though it must be worth it for faction/guild to send people out to fight for it. not sure about points though, point system is a really iffy thing. Just an idea.
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