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  1. Exactly this, i like to see different pros and cons for every race since they remove the class restriction, at least races should have different stats, size and hitbox. For example i like to see the hamster race with less reach and less hp but more speed, while centaurs with less magic power but more strenght and stamina, and so on. Diversity is the best, balance can be come along if a race/class combo result to be too overpowered. I think a 15% difference in stats between races is a good compromise. ps: personally, i will play the race i like more aestetically with my preferred class, and i will accept the unbalance caused by race diversity. Is my choice and my freedom.
  2. I guess gatherers, crafters, explorers, hunters, etc... are still under development. They clearly said that you can play this game as a pure crafter and support your own faction through selling your ores in the market place without touching a sword.
  3. Amazing update AC, removing class/race limitations is a great step in the right direction and the longevity of the whole game. Hope you don't push much the graphic, i've a 2012 rig (i7 2600k with a GTX 1070 and 8 Gb) and i don't have funds to upgrade further my pc again. I really hate graphic lag more than latency. For me gameplay > graphic, infact i'm a Darkfall proud player, a game that still have a 2008 graphic. Anyway thanks for this great update.
  4. Nope, because even with a 15% difference the hardcore pvpers will always use every little advantage possible to win a battle. Fairness is not an option is a pvp game, every tool in game is used to achieve the final victory. This is something i learn in all these years of hardcore mmorpg, from EVE, to UO to Darkfall, to LiF. See my previous reply. They shouldn't listen to these people then, because if you make gear too strong you create a huge gap between hardcore and casuals. Is not good that people who grind, farm and ammass ton of money 24/7 and so can buy the best gear from crafters should have an insane advantage. This is detrimental for the game maybe not immediately but in the long run and will kill it along with the economy. Any system that promote elitism should be limited. If you are good, then be good with your own skills not rely on gear. 15% for the best gear is enought, you have an advantage that isn't so devastating, but if you suck and your opponent move and evade better then you deserve to lose. Take in mind that i use just an example, the difference in gear can be tweaked a bit to give the best compromise, to not turn the game gear based but to not devalue too much end game gear.
  5. сказочная страна

  6. Excellent, is how it should be, if you want the best resources you have to risk and venture (and get full looted if you die) in the high contensted FFA pvp zones. Just a reminder: don't make this game too much GEAR BASED, in sandbox mmorpgs like UO gear don't give so much power but just an a slight advantage otherwise no lifers and people who can play 24/7 will always have the best gear and benefits over casuals. What's matter should be your personal skills, how you move and evade enemy shoots, and BASE stats and skills levels "naked", not because you wear the legenday armour and weapon. Don't make this mistake and turn this game into a endless gear grindfest and farmfest. Having dedicated crafters is nice and necessary to the game economy along with gear decay over use and death, but gear shouldn't never give you more than 15% overall protection and offense. Something along these values as example and compromise: Poor - Grey items / resources +1% Common – White items / resources +2% Uncommon – Green items / resources +5% Epic – Purple items / resources +10% Legendary – Orange items / resources +15%
  7. Probably yes, this is not a themepark but a ffa sandbox also, so pvp is the main feature of the game, if you don't accept this then ask a refund and play a mmo where there is consensual pvp or not pvp at all, easy and simple.
  8. Good, i like it, gj Artcraft, hopefully not everyone will be able to learn and raise everything, but you have limits on how much crafting professions you can specialize in, otherwise economy, trading, offer and demand will suffer a lot. This is a common mistake i see in other sandbox like Darkfall where the economy was pratically non existent since everyone craft themselves what they need and there is no need to rely on other people. Hope to see player vendors, auction house and market place hubs where people can sell or order what they need.
  9. I ask since i wont bother read 50+ threads, if they don't want then is fine, i accept this, anyway they made some combo with other races, also character customization is never a waste of time, people is very interested and attacked to their avatar, is a huge part of the appealing of a mmoRPG (roleplay).
  10. Add female counterpart, female guinecean pls. Not like much gender lock races.
  11. Indeed, but the punishemnt shouldn't be as harsh as BDO, just make you red and you can't enter to npc neutral town anymore if you kill your same allies and want to be a traitor or a lone wolf bandit. This will not stop pvp but let neutral people recognize allies and enemies much better.
  12. Diagree. As a player not interested on kill on sign everything/everywhere i find the alignment system a great feature to recognize better my foes and who i have to trust. Not everyone like join a clan, there are also people who like party and solo. The whole blue/rogue/red status like in UO was an amazing system in this sense. There is also wardec between clans and factions (alliances), so i don't see the issue to have a meaningfull alignment system, that do not prevent you to kos everyone. You can still do whatever you want in the end but you have to accept consequences on your actions.
  13. No, is necessary, otherwise you have a world where you kill on sign everything move, even your faction mates. If you want to kos everything so be it but accept consequences of your actions, turn RED, and live as a bandit. I'm for FFA pvp but based on risk vs reward, like in UO and EVE.
  14. I have high expectations for the dregs, this campaign should be FFA with friendly fire, full loot and collisions and a meaningfull alignment system, is the best challenge if you want good materials and let your crafters to make good gear fo you. Risk vs reward.
  15. Hopefully, if your aim suck you can accidentally heal enemies too, at least you don't just smash buttons and heals everything move in front of you, but you have to use your brain a bit before cast a spell (is because i support friendly fire). Apart this, good job, i like the animations.
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